Beast Wars Transformers Amazon Two Pack Toy Review

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Beast Wars Transformers

Amazon Convoy vs. Megatron two pack review

Screen shot from CD-ROM of MegatronScreen shot from CD-ROM of Optimus PrimalMegatron in Robot Mode
  |  Convoy in Robot Mode

As part of the first run of Japanese Beast Wars Transformers toys, the two pack of Megatron and Optimus Primal originally released in the U.S. with a comic book was repainted and repackaged with a CD-ROM. Both toys were repainted and the comic book was not included with the toy.

The bat was repainted from its original grey blue, dark blue and red color scheme to a blue, white and red scheme. The toy is meant to be the same character as the grey blue, dark blue and red version however.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Convoy is a red bat. The eyes are orange and the bat's legs are white and red. The right wing has a silver Maximal symbol painted onto it with the letters "C-ROM" printed on it, most likely the "C" stands for "Cybertron" (the faction Convoy leads) and "ROM" is for the fact this toy comes with the CD-ROM. The only poseability in the beast mode are the legs which have four points of articulation altogether. The mouth of the beast mode can open and close but the jaw joint is rather loose so the mouth hangs open most of the time.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Pulling the tail of the bat flips the beast mode head down to form the robot mode chest. Straightening out the arms and the feet completes the transformation into robot mode. One sword may be detached from the underside of each wing and placed in his hands as weapons.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Convoy looks rather sleek with the wings hanging on the back and a fairly slim form. His colors are primarily white and red in this mode with some blue accents on his arms legs, and head. He has eleven points of articulation. The twin swords add a lot of aesthetic value as Convoy may be put into many cool poses where he appears to be fighting or preparing to fight with the swords.

This is a nice toy to get, but rather pricey since it is a Japanese exclusive. B+

The crocodile Megatron was repainted from the original gold and green colors into purple, silver and black which results in a dark yet striking combination of colors.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Megatron is primarily purple with black on the back of the main body and upper forearms. The teeth of the crocodile mode are white and his beast mode eyes are orange. A Predacon symbol is painted on the head above the eyes with the letters "D-ROM". The "D" most likely stands for "Destron" and the "ROM" portion refers to the CD-ROM included with this set. As a crocodile,
Megatron is limited to six points of articulation, focused on his forelegs which can move at three different points.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Pulling up Megatron's tail causes the beast mode head to fold down and form the main body of the robot mode. The tail detaches and flips to form the hand held cannon for the robot. Straightening
out the legs and arms completes the transformation to robot mode.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Megatron shows off more silver than before, but the primary color scheme remains the same. The figure is rather well proportioned, and like the Convoy bat, can achieve some nifty
poses. The cannon is nice and large, looking rather ominous to enemies! In robot mode, he has eleven points of articulation. Overall, an very nice toy for a "regular" sized Beast Wars Transformers toy. A-.

The CD-ROM included with the two pack was made using Macromedia Director. It contains two main "options", one with short videos of the main characters of the show transforming and the other
allowing kids to "color" characters and then print them out. The CD-ROM is cute, and rather well done for something meant as an "add in" to a two pack of toys.