"Beast Wars Transformers" Transmetal Terrorsaur Toy Review

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Beast Wars Transformers

Terrorsaur was one of the featured characters in the first season of the Beast Wars Transformers television show. However, in the first episode of the second season, he was presumably destroyed when he fell into lava during a "quantum surge". Before his death however, he began to glow in the way that all the characters who became Transmetals did before their mutation. This has led many to wonder what a Transmetal Terrorsaur would have been like. They need look no further than this cool toy. Transmetal Terrorsaur is one nice piece of work.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Terrorsaur is a mechanical pterodactyl. Unlike his "Generation One" predecessor, Swoop, Terrorsaur's pterodactyl mode is nice and solid. The primary colors are vacuume metallized gold, purple, green and dark metallic brown. His colors are distributed nice and evenly over the beast mode body with purple dominating this form.
Terrorsaur's wingspan is about eleven inches in this mode, making this one threatening looking flyer. His detailing is done nicely with everything from molded "hover fans" on his wings, to sharp looking claws and small molded "rivets" on his body and wings.

In this mode, Terrorsaur has ten points of articulation. These include his beast mode beak being able to open and close, his claws (on his feet) being adjustable and his wings resting on a ball joint, allowing for a simulated "flapping motion".
This beast mode looks both sleek and slick all at once. The colors blend well despite being a major departure from the original toy's "red and black" scheme. It's poseability adds fun to this toy as well.

Transformation to vehicle mode:
Terrorsaur's transformation into his "Transportation Mode" is simpler than most Transmetals. First flip open the rear engine cover on his posterior. The two vacuume metallized gold pieces fold to the sides. Next his "engine covers" on his wings fold forward. This completes his turbo charged-pterodactyl mode.

Vehicle Mode:
More of an enhancement of his beast mode than an actual vehicle, Terrorsaur's vehicle mode is not quite as impressive as it could have been. The rear engine cover looks very much like a cockpit and it is easy for one to mistake this toy as being able to turn into a jet, which it doesn't. However, the idea of a turbo charged-pterodactyl is still pretty cool. Physically this mode looks almost just like the beast mode, except for the extra parts now being exposed including his thrusters in the rear and hover fans on his wings.

Transformation to Robot mode:
The transformation to robot mode begins with swinging the beast mode legs down and straightening them out. This forms the robot les. Next, detach the purple and reddish wing sections and set them aside. The gold vacuume metallized cover near the beast mode head flips up, allowing the front half of the beast mode to fold down. Next swing up the robot head. The beast mode head then folds up and into the hole in the center of the upper body. The beast mode beak folds down and his arms straighten out. Next attach his previously detached wing pieces to his hands to form his wing weapons. Terrorsaur is now ready for a fight!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Terrorsaur has the same color scheme as his beast mode, but more gold coloring shows up here and there. Certain parts of his body, especially thelegs and lower arms show his organic parts. His wide chest and large arms give a good powerful look while the wings on his shoulders and his wing weapons carry over the "sleek" look from the beast mode.
In robot mode Terrorsaur has forteen points of articulation. This includes the ability for his head to tilt forward and back and multiple points of articulation on the legs.

Transmetal Terrorsaur is an attractive toy both in the visual and play sense. Highly recommended. A