"Beast Wars Transformers" Transmetal 2 Iguanus Toy Review

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Beast Wars

Transmetal 2 Iguanus General Information:
Release Date: 1999
Price Point: $9.99 (Depending on retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, Target, K-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Missile

Tech Specs:
Name: Iguanus
Function: Demolitions, Artillery Expert
"The shortest path between two Maximal points is a heat seeking missile."
Iguanus is a master of combat calculations. Armed with long range tactical missiles capable of carrying a wide variety of warheads, his firepower rating is among the highest of the Predacons. Able to accurately calculate target position from incredible distances, he obliterates enemies from thousands of kilometers with cutthroat precision. Special titanium armor plating withstands even the most severe blasts.

Strength: 5.6  |  Intelligence: 8.1  |  Speed: 3.5  |  Endurance: 6.5
Rank: 4.5  |  Courage: 7.2  |  Firepower: 8.3  |  Skill: 7.3

Iguanus is back! The demolitions expert from the very first line of Beast Wars Transformers toys has returned in the form of a powerful Transmetal 2! Now bigger and badder than before, the Predacons have a powerful new ally in the fight against the Maximals.

The Gimmick:
So what separates a Transmetal II from a Transmetal? For one thing, the third "alternate" vehicle modes are gone. In their place, a more striking design style, special features in each toy and a "Spark Crystal". The Spark Crystals are small marble type balls embedded into the body of the toys, each with the symbol of the character's respective allegiance.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Iguanus is a lizard. Like other Transmetal 2 toys, this one is molded in a dynamic pose. However, instead of being curved at the middle of the body like Cybershark, Iguanus' tail is curved, as if he were thrashing it about. Although the rest of his body is in a very straight forward pose, the tail helps give the illusion that Iguanus is getting ready to strike.

Iguanus' primary color is blue, but with varying shades on his body. At some points on his tail and beast mode legs, he has a very light, metallic blue shine. On other parts, the blue is much darker, border lining on purple. Parts of his four legs are also orange. The frill around his beast mode head is vacuum metallized silver, with orange spray ops on it. A very nice blend of colors overall.

In lizard mode, Iguanus has nineteen points of articulation, five being the individual parts of the "frill" on his neck. By pushing a switch on the bottom of his beast mode lower jaw, he launches a missile from his mouth, which also raises the five frill pieces simultaneously, resulting in a nice action effect. Overall, this is one nicely made beast mode with good colors and a neat action feature.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Iguanus' transformation by removing the missile from his beast mode mouth. Continue by flipping out the two small hinged dark blue pieces towards the rear of the beast mode. Next, split the orange robot "hip halves" which are clearly visible when the beast is turned upside down. Now fold down the beast mode head until it is in the empty space on the back of the robot chest. Now swing the hip halves down and connect them. Straighten out the robot feet to form the robot legs. Now fold down the halves of the rear of the beast mode and straighten out the arms. Fold down the tail to reveal the robot head. Place the missile into Iguanus' hand and Iguanus is ready to demolish his foes!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Iguanus' color scheme is still mostly shades of blue, but his robot chest has a nice silver patch to it and his lower arms, hips and upper legs are orange. His Spark Crystal is revealed by opening the purple and orange panel on his chest. His face is blue as well, but his one eye and teeth are bright orange-red.

The details on Iguanus are very interesting. It appears he may have influences from uniforms of past human wars. His head very much looks like it has a helmet on it, and the beast mode frill pieces seem to form a "skirt", similar to those worn by Greek and Roman soldiers of long ago. His use of a club like weapon also enhances this image. Another interesting detail is Iguanus' face. He only has one eye showing, the other covered by what appears to be a visor. However, on closer inspection, there are little details which look more like screws or rivets. It's not a visor, it's an eyepatch! Finally, another very nice detail is the left side shoulder. He's got a five-missile loaded missile launcher. Details like this really enhance the toy.

As a robot, Iguanus has sixteen points of articulation. This includes thumb articulation and the ability of his "ponytail" to move up and down. His hands are on ball joints, which allows a great range of motion. Despite being mostly on ball joints, Iguanus is quite tightly put together and does not suffer the same problems as other releases such as Transmetal 2 Cybershark.

Overall, this is a nice toy for both aesthetic and play value. Highly recommended. A+

Updated Thoughts (February 5, 2018)
Decades after its release I still hold this figure in high regard. First, after many years the vacuum metallized parts have still not begun to flake (unlike many other Transmetal figures I have). All his joints are still nice and tight and his action feature still works just fine. I also still love the aesthetic. He is so very different than anything currently coming out of the Transformers toy line that I cannot help but admire the design and audacity in releasing this as a mainline figure back in the day.