Beast Wars Transformers Fox Kids! Transmetal Rhinox Toy Review

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Beast Wars Transformers

General Information:
Price Point/Size: Deluxeb
Retailers: General (K-Mart, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Kay Bee)
Release Date: 2000
Accessories: Horn weapon


Transmetal Rhinox gets the Fox Kids! repaint treatment and the result is a toy that could either be Rhinox or a totally different character, much like the Fox Kids! re-release of Transmetal Cheetor. Having been slightly more limited in number than the other Transmetals, this release gives fans a chance to get a Transmetal Rhinox if they never got one before.

Beast Mode:
Rhinox's beast mode is still that of a rhino. However, instead of a large, cute organic rhino, this time around he's a powerful, mechanical rhino. His colors are primarily blue, light metallic (vacume metallized) green, bright orange eyes and silver.

The detailing on this toy (like most Transmetals) is taken to the extreme. Tubes run across his sides. Rivets are molded in as if this was a large war machine just recently assembled. In this mode, he has eight points of articulation, concentrated in the legs.

Transformation to vehicle mode:
Transmetal Rhinox transforms from beast mode to vehicle mode through manipulation of his legs and posterior. His forelegs have skis which fold down under his feet. The "treads" on the rear legs fold up and the lower half of each leg folds into the upper leg, which the treads then close over. The leg itself swings down and Rhinox's snow ski mode is complete!

Vehicle Mode:
Rhinox's vehicle mode is that of a snow ski machine. The bulkiness of his character, combined with the speed of this mode no doubt makes Rhinox look like one powerful machine. The vehicle mode looks both powerful and fast.

Transformation to robot mode:
Rhinox's sides fold out and stick out. His robot chest halves (on the underbelly of the rhino) swing out in halves and his robot arms swing up. The rhino head folds out in half to form Rhinox's shoulders. The rhino horn detaches and forms his hand held blade weapon. The forward half of his rhino back swivels and Rhinox's head is revealed, along with his completed robot chest. The rear legs of the beast mode and the rhino posterior then fold up. Swinging around to form his robot legs are the sides of the rhino mode. This transformation is fairly complex, and took a bit of thinking to get right the first time.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Rhinox is primarily dark silver, blue and light red. The use of red on his face either looks like he's freezing cold or he's boiling angry. Either way, with the big "gritting teeth" look on his face, the red looks quite comical. Less comical are the paint details on his chest, which look like red paint sprayed across Rhinox's upper torso.

In this mode Rhinox has eleven points of articulation. Rhinox looks very bulky all around, from his thick chest to his broad shoulders. His face looks as if he has gained a ton of wrinkles and a bad case of constipation since his previous form. His hand held slashing weapon is not huge, but it looks dangerous enough for Predacon enemies! However, the toy is very nicely detailed and well balanced. If you're just a casual collector and have the original, you can skip this repaint. However, if you never got him before, here's your chance! Recommended. A

Additional Thoughts (January 2013):
Holding this figure again after so many years was an interesting experience. Times have changed quite a bit for "Transformers". A bad economy, the rising cost of plastics etc. have caused many Transformers to become lighter, more hollow and smaller. Compared to some current "Deluxe" class figures, Rhinox is positively heavy and the sheer amount of detail on the figure is very impressive. It's also a reminder of how experimental figures were in the "Beast Wars" and "Beast Machines" era. Transformers were not restricted to just a robot/vehicle or a beast/vehicle. Attempts were made to mash up the various modes while still providing some beautiful detailing. All that said, I do still feel that Rhinox looks rather constipated, and the red coloring on his face doesn't help. That aside, I'm still a big fan of this figure and appreciate how its design has held up over time.