Beast Wars Transformers Spittor Toy Review

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Beast Wars Transformers

Tech Specs:
Name: Spittor
Function: Surprise Attack
*Note: In the European release of Spittor, he was listed as a Maximal in order to "balance out" the toy assortment.

More poisonous than a Cybertron razor snake, Spittor can immobilize an enemy in less than seven seconds. Highly sensitive microchips exisitng just millimeters below his "skin" instantly releases venom upon contact with aggressors. When on the attack, his powerful legs allow him to leap in front of enemies over 100 yards away. After catching them off guard, he releases his head-butting poison tongue to knock'em out cold. Talk about tough, this guy doesn't feed on flies, he feeds on Maximals!

Strength: 2.0 Intelligence: 7.0 Speed: 5.0 Endurance: 6.0
Rank: 6.0 Courage: 9.0 Firepower: 4.0 Skill: 7.0


Spittor is one of third line of regular Beast Wars releases. Like many in this line he is given a mechanism to add play value. Spittor was first released in the United States and Canada as a Predacon. However, in order to "balance out" assortments overseas, he was changed to a Maximal in European releases. Spittor would later emerge as a "Transmetal" in a special European exclusive repaint where he was painted with metallic gold and red paint and packaged with a video.

Beast Mode:
Spittor's beast mode is a frog. Most of the plastic used to make this toy is a ransluscent blue. Bright orange spots are painted all over him and bumps and ridges are molded into the surface of this mode. Pressing a button on the back shoots out his "poison" tongue (really the head and part of the neck in robotmode) . This mode really looks good except for the robot legs which stick out a bit on the underside of the body.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
The robot legs on the underside of the beast mode fold down to form the robot legs. The forelegs of the beast mode fold back and the beast head folds down. The sides then swivel up to form the robot arms. Overall a nice multi-step transformation.

Robot Mode:
Spittor has rather odd proportions in robot mode. This is mainly due to the rear legs which become his rather long robot arms. Most of this form is the same transluscent blue seen in beast mode. The lower body, upper legs and upper arms are all black. His hands are molded to have suction cups at the ends of the fingers. The toy is well balanced however and is sturdy. In total it has ten points of articulation. Its head cannot turn since it is attached to the "tongue lashing" mechanism. B+

Additional Notes (June 2012):
Boy, sometimes I feel I really rushed these old reviews! Spittor is one of the most "organic" looking of the "Basic" class of Beast Wars toys. Many of the characters often had some indication that they were techno-organic, be it armor plating, a weapon etc. but with Spittor, the most obvious "mechanical" feature is his extending neck/tongue weapon. I give kudos to the designers for one of the most erm, unique beast mode attack features out there and truly this guy does look creepy. He may have been a Maximal in some parts of the world, but methinks he firmly belongs in Predacon territory!