Beast Wars Transformers Torca Toy Review

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Beast Wars Transformers


Tech Specs:
Name: Torca
Function: Infantry General

A grand and wise warrior, Torca commands immense respect from his fellow Maximals. Well versed in most combat techniques, Torca's agility is excellent both on land and in water, suprising considering his gigantic size and power. His massive tusks can be used to trap enemy Predacons, making close quarter combat against him practically futile. In both beast and robot mode Torca can access a dorsal gun which fires spark-diminishing spray, temporarily paralyzing enemy circuits. Impenetrable armor hide and unmatchable power sufficiently discourage Predacon poachers.

Strength: 10.0 Intelligence: 9.0 Speed: 4.0 Endurance: 6.0
Rank: 8.0 Courage: 9.0 Firepower: 6.0 Skill: 8.0

Torca is a deluxe Fuzor. Portrayed as a grand warrior in his tech specs. His beast mode fusion being that of a Killer Whale and Elephant certainly gives the impression of this grandeur. Although in some ways this toy is very odd (even for a Fuzor), it turns out to be a winner among Beast Wars Transformers toys.

Beast Mode:
Torca's beast mode is a fusion of a Killer Whale and an Elephant. This fusion looks both large and fierce simultaneously. The color scheme of this mode is primarily gold (for the elephant bits) and dark blue (for the killer whale parts). His beast mode mouth is a very formidable mix of a killer whale's mouth with large teeth ready to chomp down on Predacons. At certain points (such as on his back, head and forearms) where his killer whale parts merge with his elephant parts, the colors fade into each other nicely.

The top part of Torca's beast mode is where the killer whale parts primarily reside. On his head, elephant like ears swoop back from the head. The sides and legs of this mode are primarily elephant, although oddly enough the color of gold was chosen over the normal elephant grey. One could speculate that this is an elephant who has rolled around in the mud a bit, but that is more imagination on my part than the intention of the toy designers. The detail level on this toy is extraordinary. His elephant parts are nice and wrinkled and scarred. True signs of an age old warrior. His elephant ears have veins running through them and the two tusks that protrude from his mouth are not merely smooth, curved white bits of plastic. They actually have grooves and lines molded into them, showing a more "natural" and "worn down" set of tusks. Mechanical molding on his rear beast mode legs reveal a bit of his true robotic nature as well.

In beast mode, Torca's primary action feature is a mechanism activated by pushing the dorsal whale fin forwards and backwards. Doing so causes his tusks to move apart and together in a pincer movement. As the killer whale/elephant combination, Torca has eleven points of articuation.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Torca's killer whale back detaches to form his hand held weapon. His beast mode head splits apart, and his elephant sides fold back. His robot legs are formed by folding down his rear beast mode legs and swinging out the back foot supports under his rear beast mode feet. The front beast mode legs twist to form his robot arms. The lower part of the beast mode jaw lowers down on the robot chest, revealing his robot head. The dorsal weapon fits in his hand and Torca is in robot mode!

Robot Mode:
Torca's robot mode is just as detailed as his beast mode. The designers were definately going for a more bio-mechanical look in this mode. A lot of parts seem to show flesh and robot parts merging into one another seamlessly, including his chest, the sides of his head and his chest. His colors remain the same in this mode as his beast mode except for a creamy white which his elbow joints, hands, knee joints and hip are all colored. A splash of red adds an almost fierce emotion to the look of this robot, blazing across his chest and face. Torca's gun may be filled with water which squits out to spray enemies who dare cross his path!

Torca's robot mode has thirteen points of articulation, including wrist articulation. My only complaint is that the forefeet of the beast mode do not fold back, looking rather ungainly with the robot fists "inside" them.

Torca is a grand toy as well as a grand warrior. The two beast forms work well together. Highly recommended. A