Beast Machines Transformers Toy Review: Sonic Attack Jet

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Beast Machines Transformers

With Jetstorm

Name: Sonic Attack Jet
Function: Aerial Combat

Controlled by the Vehicon Aerial General, Jetstorm, or by Megatron himself, the Vehicon Sonic Attack Jet is a mindless automaton that relies on sheer numbers to overpower Maximal forces. Sonic Attack Jets attack with overwhelming speed and ammunition, strafing their enemy with lethal scatter bombs and plasma lasers. Equipped with an automatic evacuation command to rescue Jetstorm when he's taken out of battle, they are otherwise harmless without his or Megatron's leadership.

Strength: 7.7 Intelligence: 2.5  Speed: 8.8  Endurance: 7
Rank: 2.0 Courage: 6.5 Firepower: 6.9 Skill: 7

The Sonic Attack Jet (a.k.a. the Aerodrone) is the first release of a Vehicon drone from the television show in toy form. This toy is a repaint of the deluxe Jetstorm Beast Machines toy. For a complete review of the toy, please read the Jetstorm toy review. This review will cover the redeco on this toy as compared to the original.

In the Beast Machines television show, Jetstorm is a primarily dark blue with yellow and red detailing. His aerodrones were featured as having a duplicate body structure, but a light blue color. The Sonic Attack Jet is inspired by this color pattern, but has a unique scheme.

Sonic Attack Jet is primarily light blue and silver. The detailing is done in a very nice assortment of colors. Yellow detailing is used on his nosecone and wings. Bright red is used on his robot head crest. Perhaps the nicest detailing is the use of metallic, light green on the mechanical detailing on the arms and chest as well as the robot feet. Some dark blue is used to contrast with the light blue parts. Most of his arms and wings use this color.

For those curious, it seems that the recurring issue with deluxe Jetstorm's missiles misfiring or having very delicate missile firing mechanisms has been resolved. Also, despite being a supposed "Sparkless" drone, Sonic Attack Jet does indeed have a Spark crystal.

This is a nice repaint, but without significant tooling it is more an item for the completist collector than the average person just looking for a cool Transformers jet. A+