Beast Machines Transformers Toy Review: Dillo

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Beast Machines Transformers

In the deepest recessess of Cybertron, Nightscream discovers a band of automated mechanical beasts. Forged from ancient Transformer technology, these former task drones were protected from the ravages of time. Though small in stature and lacking sparks of their own, the Deployers use their firepower and rapid transformation abilities to combat the despotic rule of Megatron.

The struggle for the salvation of Cybertron continues...

Name: Dillo
Function: Forward Observer

Beneath his battle-hardened exterior resides a Maximal defender who's all talk and minimal do. His boastful attitude and swaggering tough guy style disguise a hero who, when the microchips are down, retreats in a klick. As a former apprentice to an ancient Autobot tracker, Dillo was taught how to use the mace bollo. The only drawback is that he usually uses it when he's retreating. Nightscream has every intention of changing that.

Strength: 4.6  Intelligence: 3.7  Speed: 4.5  Endurance: 4.8
Rank: 3  Courage: 4.5  Firepower: 7  Skill: 5.8

In a move to expand the range of the Transformers toy line (and amount of shelf space Transformers can have in a toy store), Hasbro has created a sub-line of Transformers known as the Deployers. Each of these Transformers transforms from a robotic animal to a weapon. In concept, Deployers are similar to the "parnters" of the Generation One Action Masters toys, some of which were animals who transformed into weapons. However, these are much larger and detailed than their Generation One predecessors.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Dillo is a robotic armadillo. It is interesting to note that like his fellow Deployers, Dillo is a completely technological Transformer, not a techno-organic like the other Maximals. His color scheme is a nice combination of blue, yellow and purple. His purple parts employ liberal use of translucent plastic. Blue is used on his forearms, forward body and tail. His paint details on his rear and forearms are yellow. The detailing on Dillo is well done. He has very obvious vents on either side of his body, and there are nice "chain" details on his bola weapon. Treads on his rear legs help add to the robotic look of this toy.

In armadillo mode, Dillo has six points of articulation. Two in each arm and one for the legs. This is fairly limited, but it is important to keep in mind this mode is his equivalent of a "robot mode" and he transforms into a weapon, a form not traditionally associated with poseability. It is best to say that although his poseability is not fantastic, it is sufficient for the purposes of the toy. Overall, Dillo has a cool looking beast mode that is full of detail.

Transformation to Weapon Mode:
Push Dillo's tail up and the sides of his body will swing out to the sides, and his center body will flip out, aiming his bola weapon forward. Move the little guns on his tail up. Now move the forward beast mode arms up so the blue missiles are pointing forward. Dillo is now in weapon mode!

Weapon Mode:
In weapon mode, Dillo is a standing gun emplacement. With six missiles, twin weapons on his tail and a bola weapon, Dillo is definitely well armed. His colors remain the same, although much more blue can be seen now at the base of his body. The missiles look great and his bola weapon looks fierce. You can fire the bola weapon by pressing the round, translucent purple button at the base of the launcher.

Dillo retains his points of poseabilit from the beast mode. What's nice about the poseability in this mode is that it serves a function. Need to shoot a Vehicon down from the sky? Aim the missiles up more. Want to knock down a tall Vehcion approaching from the ground? Use Dillo's legs to adjust the height of his bola weapon's launch area.

Added 2/14/01: As part of the effort to refresh the Beast Machines product line, Dillo was going to be given a new deco and released as a different character: Trench. However, because of time constraints, the redeco was done, but not the new packaging, thus Trench just became a redeco of Dillo on a Dillo card.

Dillo's new color scheme is primarily red. His bolo weapon, lower arms, legs and head are all translucent red. His upper arms, tail and junction between the body and legs are all solid red. The main body section is dark blue with silver patterns matching those of the original version. Silver details are also used on the head and the lower arms. In his weapon mode, more silver is seen on the main bolo launcher section, and the blue missiles become more obvious.

Dillo is what a toy should be - fun. He is a neat little Transformer in his own way, but as an accessory with the main Beast Machines toys, he adds a lot of play value and fun factor. I do not recommend this toy if you are looking for a fully poseable action figure. But as a Transformer accessory, this guy is cool. B+