"Beast Machines Transformers" Dinotron Toy Review

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Beast Machines Transformers

Dinotron Name: Dinotron
Function: Ground Infantry
Motto: "Never let down your defenses..."
Stubborn and surly, Dinotron is the most uncooperative of the Dinobots. Does not favor his new technorganic design but is disgusted by Megatron's "new order." Diamond plated "helmet" coupled with explosive speed send Vehicons flying. Giant tail can shattera 20 foot concrete cube while titanium hide makes him resistant to most attacks. Tail weapon deploys into spinning blade that immediately carbonizes and disintegrates all alloys with which it comes in contact.

Strength: 9  Intelligence: 10  Speed:Endurance: 9
Rank: 9.5  Courage: 10  Firepower: 10  Skill: 10

Dinobots Packaging Text
Call of the Primitives! In a desperate attempt to combat Megatron's technoorganic virus on Cybertron, the Oracle supercomputer reformats a group of surviving Transformers, rendering them immune to the plague and extremely powerful. Using the DNA schematics of former Maximal Dinobot, each warrior emerges as a hybrid of savage prehistoric power and advanced Cybertronian robotics...the result, the fearsome Dinobots are born!

Updated Note (4/2015)
Dinotron is a redeco of "Beast Wars Neo" Hardhead. At the time I wrote this review I did not own Hardhead yet, so it was from the perspective of only having owned variants on the original "Beast Wars" Dinobot sculpt. I will say after getting Hardhead the two decos are so different that it really gives you a nice choice. If you prefer lighter coloring, go for Hardhead. For a darker, more traditional dinosaur-like deco, Dinotron is the better choice. Either way, it's a strong redeco and retool of a cool base sculpt.

Beast Mode:
One look at Dinotron and you can tell he was a retooling of the original Dinobot toy. Instead of being a raptor, Dinotron is meant to be a pachycephalosaurus. In beast mode, Dinotron is primarily black, green and yellow. His beast mode head is the most obvious part of him that has been remolded. Open and close his beast mode mouth and his "head butt" part moves upward, presumably for ramming enemies while he is screaming. Dinotron does not have the "rub symbol" that the original Dinobot/Grimlock toys came with.
In beast mode, Dinotron has ten points of articulation. Unfortunately, this does not help to subtract from the odd looking robot mode legs in the front of the body. Dinotron is not a perfectly accurate resemblance to a "real" pachycephalosaurus because the mold was originally geared towards a raptor mode. However, it has enough resemblance to make it an acceptable toy.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Dinotron's transformation to robot mode by detaching his tail weapon. Now flip up the section that the tail weapon was attached to. Detach both robot legs and fold them down, then to the back. Now swing down the beast mode head to reveal the robot mode head. Be careful with the small tab on the beast mode head section. Always lift it before swinging down that piece. Now straighten out the feet of the robot legs and then rotate the lower legs around. Rotate the sides of the beast mode upwards and then rotate the robot arms so they face forward. Open up the tail weapon and remove the sword. Place each weapon in one of his hands and Dinotron is set to deliver some pain to the Vehicons!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Dinotron is mostly dark green with black and yellow shading. His robot head utilizes some metallic blue as well. As a robot, Dinotron has thirteen points of articulation. In case you're wondering, the parts changed from the original Dinobot mold are:

  • The robot legs have been remolded.
  • The robot mode head is completely different than Dinobot's original head.
  • The beast mode head is completely different.
  • The detailing on the new parts is nice, especially on the robot legs which now show a lot of mechanically oriented parts.

The original Dinobot was available for quite some time, but there were still some people who missed out on it. Then came Beast Wars Neo with Hardhead, and some people still missed it. Perhaps with this toy being readily available, many will be able to add the likes of Dinotron/Dinobot on toy store shelves. Recommended. B-