Beast Machines Transformers Toy Review: Mol

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Beast Machines Transformers

In the deepest recessess of Cybertron, Nightscream discovers a band of automated mechanical beasts. Forged from ancient Transformer technology, these former task drones were protected from the ravages of time. Though small in stature and lacking sparks of their own, the Deployers use their firepower and rapid transformation abilities to combat the despotic rule of Megatron.

The struggle for the salvation of Cybertron continues...

Name: Mol
Function: Demolitions

Determined...deliberate...and often depressed, this subterranean demolitions expert can bore his way into areas where no other ally would dare tread. Recently reformatted following eons of deactivation at the hands of the Decepticons, this always dutiful Mol is usually called to search for organic life or to plant sophisticated silicon-encased explosives near Vehicon emplacements. When in bore mode, he can fire his metal tearing, serrated circular blade at attacking Vehicons with circuit slicing accuracy. He projects a negative attitude that makes his fellow Maximals a bit uneasy. Not exactly "the life of the party," but reliable to a fault.

Strength: 6  Intelligence:Speed: 2.4  Endurance: 4.0
Rank: 2.7 Courage: 8.5 Firepower:Skill: 6.4

Mol is one of the Deployers, a sub-line of the main Beast Machines Transformers toy line. The Deployers each transform from a beast to a weapon.

Beast Mode:
Mol's beast mode is a robotic mole. His primary colors are yellow, gold, black and translucent red. Although Mol is intended to be a techno-organic Maximal, his form looks entirely robotic. He has some fantastic detailing however, making him look every bit like the tool/machine he once was. Twin tubes are on either side of his neck and all along his front legs are screws and his rear legs have tread detailing on them.

In this form, Mol has five points of articulation. This includes the ability of Mole's "nose/drill" to turn. Just rotate the gold piece on his neck and it rotates the drill bit. Mol's beast mode is nicely molded and has a great mix of colors.

Transformation to Drill Mode:
Begin by pointing Mol's head downwards which activates the spring based transformation. Turn the front beast mode arms to the back to balance the drill mode. Flip up the gold handles on the treads and Mol is in drill mode.

Drill Mode:
Mol is the same colors in drill mode as the beast mode. Articulation is not really a concern since he is meant to be a stable emplacement. However, you can turn the gold dial to turn the drill. The other action feature involves launching the saw on the back. Just press the gold button on the top of the drill and the disc launches a pretty good distance.

Added 2/14/01: As part of the effort to refresh the Beast Machines product line, Mol was going to be given a new deco and released as a different character: Burro. However, because of time constraints, the redeco was done, but not the new packaging, thus Burro just became a redeco of Mol on a Mol card.

Mol's new colors are radically different from the original. His primary colors are light green and blue. His head, legs and some parts of the main body (such as the saw blade) are all dark translucent blue. His arms, neck and rear main body section are light green. Like the original, the details on the main body are emphasized with black outlining. The "handles" on either leg are now a solid light blue color.

The design of this toy is pretty cool since it looks like something that other Beast Machines figures can interact with (mostly thanks to the handles). This toy is a really not much as an individual action figure, but rather is more of an accessory. Mildly recommended. B-