Beast Machines Transformers: Blast Punch Optimus Primal

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Beast Machines Transformers

Name: Optimus Primal
Function: Maximal Leader
Motto: "The true key to victory lies in the strength of the mind, not the fist."

Intelligence, experience, passion and skill are all crucial parts of what makes Optimus Primal the proven leader of the Maximal cause. His metaphysical views play a large role in the methods to defeat Megatron and the Vehicons. A master at the art of change and ability to actualize multiple mode potential in others. Easily the strongest of the Maximals. Can punch through most Vehicon alloys with his boastful fist. Capable of short flights while in Robot Mode, and Beast Mode provides him with formidable speed and strength on the ground. Will stop at nothing to save the techno-organic world of Cybertron and defeat Megatron.

Strength: 10 Intelligence: 10  Speed: 9.5  Endurance: 10
Rank: 10 Courage: 10 Firepower: 9.9 Skill: 10

When the original Beast Machines Deluxe Optimus Primal was released, many people were not quite satisfied. Whether or not they agreed that the toy was a good toy, fans agreed that the deluxe version of the toy was not a show accurate representation of the character. Now, a new Optimus Primal toy has been released, and fans can at last have a show accurate version of Optimus Primal.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Optimus Primal is a techno-organic gorilla. This is a very colorful figure. The primary colors are brown and orange. On his shoulders, the brown fur pattern is accented with metallic blue paint. The lower arms are a combination of metallic blue, metallic light brown, translucent orange and vacuume metallized copper. The chest is also metallic light brown along with parts of the face.

The main impression that Optimus Primal gives in the television show is a very physically imposing presence. This toy manages to do this as well. The arms are extremely bulky, giving the body a wide girth. The ends of the arms have vacuume metallized copper colored covers which hide the hands, just as Optimus has on the show. Also, the beast mode head is elongated, coming out from the main body. Not only that, it has the mechanical looking wires and half rings on either side of the head, just as Optimus has on the show.

Although the colors of his face are a bit off than the CGI model, it can snarl just like its television show counterpart. Press the blue button on the top of the head and the face changes from its calm appearance to a sharp, toothy growl. Overall, this is a very powerful looking beast mode.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin the transformation by extending the legs out. Flip the gold part of the beast mode feet around to switch to the robotic looking toes. Fold down the thumb on each hand. Fold the vacuume metallized hand covers over. Push in the rest of the fingers on each hand to reveal the robot fingers. Fold up the robotic thumb. Flip up the brown and blue shoulder pieces up. Now fold down the abdominal piece, and swing the chest halves to the sides. Move the beast mode head down and fold the chest pieces on top of it. Then rotate the mid section around to reveal the robot head. Fold the abdominal piece back up and Optimus Primal is now in robot mode.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Optimus' primary colors from the beast mode are still there, but translucent orange appears a lot more. The chest and arms are mostly translucent orange. The waist and lower legs are orange. The upper legs are brown and the robot face is a combination of colors including yellow, blue and red, just like the CGI model. The abdominal area is yellow with red outlines. In terms of colors, this toy comes close to the television show model, but it uses too many bright colors to be completely accurate. The brown should have been grey, and the arms did not need to have as much translucent orange plastic as they do. It looks good, but not entirely accurate.

In this form, Optimus Primal has forteen points of articulation. Movement on the elbow area is limited on the right arm, and non-existant on the left arm due to the action mechanism. In terms of articulation, these are the only drawbacks.

In terms of detail, this toy delivers in spades. Although not accurate, the translucent orange plastic is choc full of mechanical details and fur patterns molded right in. The translucent orange piece on the chest has the circular pattern shown on Optimus Primal's chest in the television show. Also, the pattern of detailing on the robot head is accurate to the show model as well.

Optimus' primary action feature relates to the name of the toy: Blast Punch Optimus Primal. Move the shoulder pad up and down to crank up the mechanism. Then press the Spark Crystal on the left arm and the lower arm piece will begin to rotate. Once it has reached the trigger mechanism, the fist punches outward and launches its missile at the same time. In its own way, this simulates the action of Optimus Primal firing energy from his arms in the television show. Very cool.

Although not an action feature, another nice touch in this toy are hidden boosters in his back. Just flip the panel on his back out and you will see two boosters inside.

Blast Punch Optimus Primal is a very cool toy and definitely worth picking up if you are a Beast Machines fan. The only drawback is that some of the colors are not entirely show accurate, but that is not enough to completely detract from the toy's quality. A