"Beast Machines" Dinobot Terranotron Toy Review

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Beast Machines Transformers

Terranotron General Information:
Release Date: 2001
Price Point: $9.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release
Accessories: Wings/weapons x 2

Call of the Primitives In a desperate attempt to combat Megatron's technoorganic virus on Cybertron, the Oracle supercomputer reformats a group of surviving Transformers, rendering them immune to the plague and extremely powerful. Using the DNA schematics of former Maximal Dinobot, each warrior emerges as a hybrid of savage prehistoric power and advanced Cybertronian robotics...the result, the fearsome Dinobots are born!

Tech Specs:
"The future of Cybertron resides in the skies."
Terranotron thinks very highly of himself, but he backs up his boasts when he's in battle. Loves it when the odds are against him. Takes on multiple squadrons of jet drones by himself, then follows it by plasma-bombing divisions of tank drones on the ground. Exterior Alloy coating makes him invisible to enemy detection. Convinced that aerial strategy is the key to defeating the Vehicons, and argues the point constantly with ground-based Maximals. The friction fades when they enter battle, though - he may be a hotshot, but he's always a team fighter in combat.

Strength: 9.8  |  Intelligence: 8.7  |  Speed: 9.5  |  Endurance: 7.7
Rank: 8.0  |  Courage: 7.4  |  Firepower: 8.5  |  Skill: 9.0

Terranotron is a repaint and slight retooling of the Beast Wars Transmetal Terrorsaur toy. This review details the changes made to the toy to make it part of the Dinobots line.

Beast Mode:
Terranotron looks like a feiry beast. He is a blend of several colors. The front of the beast mode head, neck, arms, hover fan covers and rear cockpit are all blue grey. The wings are also blue grey, but a red to gold spray op covers most of this on the top of the wings. The crest on the beast mode head, upper arms and most of the main body are vacuume metallized red. The rear of the beast mode looks very nice as the vacuume metallized red fades into vacuume metallized gold. The claws at the ends of the arms are red and the mechanical wing pieces are brown fading into gold. The beast mode legs are brown with gold details on the claws, knees and lower legs.

Flight mode:
The flight mode is essentially the beast mode, but it reveals the thrusters underneath the rear panels, all of which are molded in brown.

Robot mode:
Most of the beast mode colors carry over to the robot mode. The sides of the upper body are brown with faded red coloring in the middle. The robot head is brown with red used for the crest and face. The eyes are orange and the teeth are white.

The main retooling made to this toy can be seen in the toy's flight mode. The two main thrusters at the rear have been remolded slightly to be able to accomodate a green Dinobot Spark Crystal.

Last Thoughts:
Transmetal Terrorsaur was a cool toy. It's sleek and powerful looking. The new color scheme suits the mold well, and in many ways makes the toy look more fierce. If you did not get the chance to purchase Transmetal Terrorsaur the first time around, here's your chance to get the mold again. For completists and hard core fans, this is one repaint that is definitely worth picking up. A

Additional Thoughts (December 2017):
At the time of their original release, the Transmetals were an amazing callback to the vehicle modes of Generation One. Keep in mind how limited the "Transformers" toy line was back in the 90's. At most we had about 20ish figures a year and there was one main line, not several sub-lines like "Rescue Bots" and "Generations" occupying shelves at the same time. Even those enthusiastic for "Beast Wars" missed the vehicle modes of G1, so the Transmetals offered a nice middle ground. It also brought the Transformers characters back to their mechanical roots whereas the first year of "Beast Wars" leaned heavily into the organic look.

This sculpt has an amazing amount of detail, both mechanical and organic. The section with the rocket pack in the back is beautifully done and I've always loved the "wrinkles" and folds of skin on the legs and head. While the original Transmetal Terrorsaur sculpt looked great with its purple and gold colors, this color scheme has the extra punch of the gold/orange/red color blending that is just outstanding. Over a decade after its release, this figure still stands out as a beautiful sculpt and deco.