"Beast Machines" Dinobot Triceradon Toy Review

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Beast Machines Transformers

Triceradon General Information:
Release Date: 2000
Price Point: $9.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release
Accessories: Tail launcher, Missiles x 2

Call of the Primitives: In a desperate attempt to combat Megatron's technoorganic virus on Cybertron, the Oracle supercomputer reformats a group of surviving Transformers, rendering them immune to the plague and extremely powerful. Using the DNA schematics of former Maximal Dinobot, each warrior emerges as a hybrid of savage prehistoric power and advanced Cybertronian robotics...the result, the fearsome Dinobots are born!

Tech Specs
Function: Frontline Combat
"It's better to have stood your ground and lost than never to have stood at all."
Though not incredibly bright, Triceradon was chosen to be second-in-command based on his amiable nature and incredible strength in battle. As an iron-hided triceratops, Triceradon's horns generate reverse electro fields that render enemies paralyzed. Stores two reactonix grenades in his tail.
Strength: 9.0  |  Intelligence: 6.3  |  Speed: 5.9  |  Endurance: 6.8
Rank: 9.0  |  Courage: 9.6  |  Firepower:7.1  |   Skill: 8.5

Triceradon is a repaint and slight retooling of the "Beast Wars Neo" Guiledart toy. For a detailed description of the toy, please read the Guiledart review. This review details the changes made to the toy to make it part of the Dinobots line.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Guiledart was a striking yellow color. His horns were brown and there was a bit of brown shading on the back of the beast mode. Triceradon on the other hand goes to the other extreme, using a dark metallic brown as his primary color. His beast mode horns are dark yellow and his beak is dark silver. The tips of his claws are orange. Instead of a brown shading on his back, Triceradon has green shading on the back of his beast mode. The ribs on his sides are colored bone white and red, with slightly darker red detailing to accentuate molded flesh detailing.

Robot mode:
In robot mode, Guiledart was still primarily yellow, and thus in robot mode, Triceradon is primarily dark metallic brown. This includes his robot head. His robot face itself is red with green eyes and silver detailing used for his mouth. Many of Guiledart's part such as the hips, upper right arm and lower legs were gunmetal grey. Triceradon's corresponding parts are all a lighter metallic brown. The antannae on his left shoulder are now a metallic blue, along with the missiles used for his guns. This same blue is used on his upper body for minor details.

Triceradon feels just as sturdy as his Guiledart predecessor. It seems the same grade plastic was used and all his weapons are intact. The only difference is the Spark crystal on the gun. Guiledart utilized a "Destron/Predacon" symbol. This toy has the Dinobots symbol (see above).

Undocumented Features:
With limited space, it was difficult for the package designers to document every last detail of the toys. Here are the features they do not specify in the instructions: In beast mode, you can flip out the sides of the dinosaur to reveal his ribs as "battle damage" Technically, Triceradon has a third mode. This mode is meant to be a deceptive means to lure in enemies. Simply take Triceradon in beast mode, open up his "rib panels", sprawl his legs out to the sides, and then push back the horn on his beast mode head so his tongue sticks out and his eyes roll back. Now Triceradon is "playing dead"!

Last Thoughts:
A good job of bringing over a foreign mold. The toy is sturdy and offers fans a chance to own a toy they may not have been able to obtain when it was part of the Beast Wars Neo line.

Additional Thoughts/Notes (3/12):
Years after I wrote this review the Triceradon sculpt would appear again in the "Transformers" toyline. First he appeared in the Wal-Mart exclusive "Dinobots" line. Later he would pop up in the Universe line. More recently the sculpt was used as Dinobot Slug from "Age of Extinction" in a Wal-Mart exclusive two pack. This really shows the longevity of the sculpt. The Guiledart sculpt is fun and the deco used in this release is very different than any other incarnation. I also recall being very excited at Dinobots even being acknowledged back in the "Beast Machines" days no less using a Japanese mold! For those reasons this has always been a favorite release of mine from that era.