"Transformers: BotBots" Chilla Gorilla Toy Review

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Transformers: BotBots

General Information:
Release Date: November 2018
Price Point: $9.99 (depending on retailer, packaged with four other BotBots figures)
Retailer: General (Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None

The initial launch of Transformers: BotBots featured a total of 61 individual figures. They were released in both multi-packs and individual blind bags. One such release was the "Techie Team", released across a series of three carded sets featuring members of the Techie Team mixed in with other team members and a blind packaged member of the "Lost Tribe" team. Chilla Gorilla's name is a play on the Killer Gorilla trope but inverts it into a more fun (and chill) name.

Taking a cue from brands like Shopkins and The Grossery Gang, the packaging for the Transformers: BotBots features bright colors and a whimsical "BotBots" logo (with the "Transformers" logo de-emphasized above it). Chilla Gorilla is packaged in a "Techie Team" pack that also included Raddhaxx, Slapphappy, Pucksie and Bonz-Eye. Cute artwork for the characters is is found on both the card and on the insert. Each package includes a red plastic bubble that hides the "blind packed" figure in each set. In this set Bonz-Eye is the "blind packaged" figure (and part of the "Lost Bots" tribe).

The back of the packaging features the Techie Team's group artwork. The back also has a section you peel off before opening up the bubble to reveal the blind figure. There is a ton of legal information that fills up the card, so instructions and brief bios are printed ona full color set of instructions in the packaging. The other side of the instructions reveals a giant group scene of the BotBots inside an Autobot symbol shaped mall (presumably the one where they came to life). It also serves as a checklist, with check boxes next to each character (61 in total).

Headphones Mode
Chilla Gorilla is a pair of headphones in his alt-mode. These look a lot like some of the bigger headphones on the market nowadays (kind of like Beats by Dre). The top section is pretty thick, but since that is where a bulk of Chilla's body mass is located it makes perfect sense. I really love this alt-mode. There are not a lot of Transformers figures that become everyday objects like this so whenever they appear I automatically have an affection for them. Even better? The size of this mode makes it roughly just right for the heads of Leader Class and/or Masterpiece sized figures.

Chilla is cast in red plastic. This is not the hard plastic used on most Transformers, instead it is a softer plastic that flexes a bit more depending on the temperature. Silver is used for paint details on the sides, front and inside. My favorite detail are black outlines of Autobot symbols on the sides. I had wondered if BotBots would even acknowledge the Autobot/Decepticon factions but between the artwork in the instructions and this it confirms they do.

Transformation to Beast Mode

  1. Lift up the middle panel in the front.
  2. Swing the sides up.
  3. Push in the tabs to swing out the fists.

Beast Mode:
As his name implies, Chilla Gorilla is a robotic gorilla in beast mode. There are no techno-organic details here. His head looks fully mechanical, complete with a crest on his head and angled detailing at the top of his mouth. His torso has flat chest and "abdominal muscle" details and his feet have toes sculpted in. It's a fun sculpt that oddly looks like it fits right in with figures like the "Real Gear Robots" from 2007.

Silver paint is used to paint the fists, torso, thighs and part of the head. His face has black and light blue details.

Chilla has two points of articulation: the arms. They can move up and down. I was surprised to see that the figure stands well even with the arms raised.

Final Thoughts:
Chilla Gorilla is a fun little figure. I love both modes and there is a good amount of deco on the figure. Recommended!