Bot Shots Jump Shot Optimus Prime Toy Review

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Bot Shots

General Information:
Release Date: February 2013
fPrice Point: $5.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


*Images with asterisks and text below in italics are from the Official Transformers web site:

Optimus PrimeBot Shots are a game based expression of the Transformers brand that focuses on interactive game play between figures. Previous attempts at this such as "Attacktix" had relied on missile firing mechanisms and point systems as the primary elements of the gaming system. Bot Shots are much more action oriented and factor the transformation of the toy into the play pattern (which Attacktix did not).

In general, all Bot Shots figures have a vehicle mode and robot mode. The transformation is triggered by "bashing" the front of the vehicle into another Bot Shot (or a wall, book...any solid surface really) causing a spring loaded feature to activate and transform the figure. This generally means revealing the robot head, arms angled out to the sides and feet along with robot mode details.

The key to the game system is a three sided hinged mechanism built into the chest. On each side is a sticker with one of three icons: a fist, a sword and a blaster - each representing a different type of combat. Presumably without your opponent seeing your selection, you turn the panel on the chest and then crash the two Bot Shots together and when the robot mode is revealed each player will know what "weapon" the other chose. The way the game works:

  • Blaster beats fist
  • Fist beats sword
  • Sword beats blaster

In the case of two Bot Shots getting the same icon each icon has a number on it indicating that character's level of that skill. Whoever has the higher number wins. It's a simple and fun system clearly developed for kids who enjoy a game element to their action figures (such as lines like Bakugan).

In 2013, a new play pattern was introduced to the Bot Shots line: Jump Shots. Like the figures from the previous year, you "crash" the vehicle's front end into something to make it transform. In the case of Jump Shots however, the torso and legs of the robot mode are one piece that is set within a spring loaded mechanism. When you ram the front end, this section pops out from underneath the vehicle, causing the entire robot to "jump" as it transforms. At the same time, both arms (also spring loaded) swing forward, usually with a weapon pointed at their opponent!

Robot Mode:
Most iterations of Optimus Prime in the "Bot Shots" line so far took their influences from the Generation One and live action movie versions of the character. However this time around, the designers decided to throw a bit of a curveball instead and used Galaxy Convoy (aka "Cybertron" Optimus Prime) as the basis for the toy's design. It's a really unexpected and welcome choice as the Optimus from last year's Bot Shots line came out so many times I think most fans have gotten "mold fatigue" over it.

Several details in this mode firmly place Galaxy Convoy as its inspiration. These include:

  • The head design has a distinctive shape including a mouthplate with an opening in the middle revealing a mouth, a detail that Galaxy Convoy had.
  • The chest design shows angled windows similar to those on Galaxy Convoy.
  • On top of each half of the chest are two lights, just like the design of Galaxy Convoy's chest.
  • The grille and waist pieces are angled on the sides in the same style as Galaxy Convoy.
  • The legs, though short and stubby have details sculpted into them that are similar in shape to those on Galaxy Convoy's legs.

I absolutely love this sculpt, especially the gritty/angry face Optimus has and having a "cute" version of Galaxy Convoy is just pure awesome.

Optimus Prime is cast in red, black and silver plastic. This mode uses red on the arms and the black winds up forming the wheels. The center part is mostly silver in color. Blue paint is used on the head and legs while red paint is used on the chest section. His eyes are a neon yellow color which fits with the yellow color used on Galaxy Convoy.

There is no articulation to really discuss. The main fun in the figure itself is in the "crashing" play pattern and seeing how many of your friends you can defeat! For those curious, Optimus Prime's scores break down as follows:

  • Blaster: 625
  • Fist: 515
  • Sword: 475

While his sculpt indicates a powerful version of Optimus Prime, I was very surprised by these relatively low numbers. He's a good sculpted piece, but if you compare him to some of the other figures out right now like Shockwave, he really doesn't measure up very well. Sure overall his numbers are good, but they're spread across the three stats with nothing really standing out. Play using this guy at your own peril!

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing both arms back.
  2. Holding the arms, press the torso/head/legs section in, locking it into place.

The "Jump Shot" mechanism is quite strong, so when Optimus "crashes" and transforms, he often doesn't wind up landing on his feet. More often, mine winds up on his side but I'm okay with that. His spring is every bit as strong as Shockwave's, so it is nice to see some consistency across the line. With a figure this small and basic I don't expect "Jumpstarter" level balancing, and this largely depends on how much force you use in the initial "push" to begin with.

Vehicle Mode:
The robot mode has many details that reflect the design of Galaxy Convoy, but I really think this is the mode where the homage takes on its full glory. Unlike the other Bot Shots Optimus Prime designs, he's not a longnose truck or a flat "box" truck. Instead, this is a full fledged emergency vehicle firetruck/combat truck hybrid. Among the "Galaxy Convoy" details found on this sculpt are:

  • The front section has huge guards under the grille, direct carry over details from Galaxy Convoy.
  • Like Galaxy Convoy, this Optimus has an emergency "lightbar" on top of the cabin section.
  • On the sides/top of the vehicle are two huge cannons. Each one is shaped like the ones found on Galaxy Convoy, down to the "blaster" barrel from the robot mode being on the right side.
  • The sides feature a wealth of mechanical detailing borrowed from Galaxy Convoy including circular wheel like details.
  • The cab section feature thin windows, similar to those on Galaxy Convoy.

Overall I love this sculpt. It's highly detailed (which Bot Shots are hit and miss on) and acts as a perfect "cute" homage to Galaxy Convoy.

This mode shows off a lot more red plastic, making up most of the vehicle except for the black wheels. Silver paint is used for most of the detailing including the cannons, sides, front cage/grille and windows. Blue paint is used on the back and oddly, only one of the lights in the front. I think this is an error on my copy and may not be indicative of every copy of this figure in the line.

Final Thoughts:
I absolutely love this little guy. He's a fantastic homage to one of the best "Optimus Prime" toys in recent history. He remains faithful to the design of the figure while still managing to maintain the "Bot Shots" aesthetic. Highly recommended!