"Bumblebee" Power Plus Shatter Toy Review

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Energon Igniters

General Information:
Release Date: December 2018
Price Point: $12.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Target, Walmart, Amazon etc.)
Accessories: Energon Igniter Core (red)


*Images and text below from HasbroToyShop.com:
The lifeblood of Transformers robots, Energon fuels the epic battles on Earth and beyond.

Now, imagine harnessing the Transformers energy source with Energon Igniters figures. Convert this Energon Igniters Power Plus Series Shatter figure between robot and sports car modes in 4 steps. Then plug the Energon Igniters core included in pack into the vehicle and push down to unleash driving action. This Shatter figure stands at a 5-inch scale with eye-catching detailing. The Energon Igniters core unleashes the power in all Energon Igniters figures (each sold separately).

A relentless tracker with only one thing on her mind, Shatter kicks it into high gear when her prey is in sight. Hurtling forward, she won’t stop until she reaches her target. Harness Energon Igniters tech and unleash the power within.

  • Includes Transformers: Bumblebee -- Energon Igniters Power Plus Series Shatter figure, Energon Igniters core, and on-box instructions.
  • Transformers: Bumblebee -- Energon Igniters Power Plus Series Shatter figure
  • Energon Igniters core included in pack activates driving action
  • 5-inch-scale figure that features classic Transformers conversion
  • Converts between robot and sports car modes in 4 steps
  • Harness Energon Igniters tech and unleash the power within
  • Figure scale: 5 inches

In September of 2018 Hasbro launched its "Bumblebee" toy line based on the live action movie. Much of this toy line was aimed at a younger audience, relying on the "Energon Igniter" gimmick. More complex and detailed figures for the movie would be folded into the "Studio Series" and "Masterpiece" lines instead. The "Energon Igniter" gimmick was spread across several classes of figures including the "Power Plus Series" which consisted of figures that were roughly 5 inches (12.70cm) tall with very simple transformations.

Shatter is one of the main Decepticon characters in the "Bumblebee" movie. Partnered with Dropkick, she pursues Bumblebee on Earth. This figure is a redeco and retool of the basic sculpt that started as Hot Rod and then became Dropkick. Check out those reviews. This review will focus on the changes made to the sculpt for this release.

It would be very easy to mistake the Power Series figures for One Step Changer figures. They are roughly the same size (slightly bigger actually) and packaged on a wrap around card similar to the One Steps from previous lines. The front of the packaging has Bumblebee cross armed with the "Energon Igniters" and "Transformers" logos on the right. The wraparound part in front shows the figure in robot mode with the "Transformers Bumblebee" movie logo and the character's name. The figure itself is in vehicle mode resting on a plastic tray.

The back of the packaging has the four step instructions on the left with photos of the figure in both modes in the middle. On the right side the vehicle mode is shown off utilizing an Energon Igniter Core to activate its extra weapons. The packaging primarily utilizes yellow, beige and black colors, making it very distinctive from previous Transformers lines which tend to focus on more stark white and black colors for the background.

Vehicle Mode:
In the "Bumblebee" movie, Shatter transforms into a heavily customized Plymouth GTX. However, this vehicle is more of a "generic classic muscle car" that kind of substitutes for the GTX. This is just a redeco of Dropkick in this mode. From a structural standpoint, the vehicle kind of looks like the on-screen car in that it has a giant engine sticking out of the hood, a wide, flat body and a thin, rectangular front end. However, it is missing details such as the row of lights on top of the vehicle and the shape of the car (especially around the wheel wells) is completely different from the on-screen version. If you are a stickler for the on-screen vehicle mode, there is a "Studio Series" version coming out.

This mode features mostly red and black plastic. Paint colors are mostly done in black and silver. The black paint is found on the center of the hood as well as the top and back sections (similar to the real life vehicle). The engine and front end is painted silver. Silver is also used for the number "722" in the back with a Decepticon symbol next to it. The vehicle looks good, and with these colors it does look like the on-screen Shatter at first glance (until you notice the structural differences).

Like Dropkick and Hot Rod, you can insert an Energon Igniter Core into the back and the panels fold down and up to reveal giant boosters (or blasters). Push the silver button down on the Core and the vehicle rolls forward.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Flip the vehicle over.
  2. Swing the center panel up.
  3. Swing the sides out to form the robot arms.
  4. Swing the front ends of the car forward to form the feet.

Robot Mode:
The only new piece in this form is the torso/head panel that swings up during the transformation. Everything else is the same as Dropkick. This generally works out well since those parts have fairly generic machinery details (though they wind up hardly being screen accurate as a result). The torso/head panel looks fantastic. The details are heavily based on the on-screen model. This includes the design of the head, featuring a round helmet section and an antennae sticking up on the right as well as the "lights" from the vehicle mode folded into the sections on either side of the head.

This mode shows off a lot more black plastic than the vehicle mode via the legs. The panel in the middle is painted red, silver and gunmetal grey. It looks really good on its own.

Like the other versions of this sculpt there are six points of articulation on this figure, only four of which are particularly useful (the arms). I really wish the knees could have bent or the hips could move forward or something but this is pretty much par for the course with the Power Series.

Final Thoughts:
Truth be told, the only reason to get this are that you are really, really impressed by the figure somehow or that you're a completist. If you already have the Hot Rod or Dropkick versions of this sculpt, this does not offer anything particularly different or interesting. I do like the general design and I like the detailing, but for $12.99 it is a bit much. I would say if you really want this, try to get it on discount.


  • Cool vehicle mode.
  • Fun action feature.
  • Good sculpt for the torso/head panel.
  • Nice deco for a "simpler" figure.


  • Price is high for what the figure offers.
  • Third use of the same basic sculpt.
  • Limited articulation in robot mode.
  • Emphasis on a gimmick may turn some fans off.