"Bumblebee" Power Series Blitzwing Toy Review

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Energon Igniters

General Information:
Release Date: December 2018
Price Point: $9.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Target, Walmart, Amazon etc.)
Accessories: None


*Images and text below from Amazon.com:
The lifeblood of Transformers robots, Energon fuels the epic battles on Earth and beyond.

Now, imagine harnessing the Transformers energy source with Energon Igniters figures. Convert this Energon Igniters Power Series Blitzwing figure between robot and tank modes in 9 steps. Then plug the Energon Igniters core (not included) into the vehicle and push down to unleash driving action. This Blitzwing figure stands at a 5-inch scale with eye-catching detailing. Look for the Energon Igniters core sold with Power Plus Series and Nitro Series figures (each sold separately). Blitzwing plows into combat with brute tank force. Charging towards the Autobots with unrelenting speed, he unleashes his brash battle style on his opponents.

  • Includes Transformers: Bumblebee -- Energon Igniters Power Series Blitzwing figure and on-box instructions.
  • Transformers: Bumblebee -- Energon Igniters Power Series Blitzwing figure
  • Energon Igniters core (sold separately) activates driving action
  • 5-inch-scale figure that features classic Transformers conversion
  • Converts between robot and tank modes in 9 steps
  • Figure scale: 5 inches
  • Ages 6 and up
  • Warning: Choking Hazard - Small parts may be generated. Not for children under 3 years.

In September of 2018 Hasbro launched its "Bumblebee" toy line based on the live action movie. Much of this toy line was aimed at a younger audience, relying on the "Energon Igniter" gimmick. More complex and detailed figures for the movie would be folded into the "Studio Series" and "Masterpiece" lines instead. The "Energon Igniter" gimmick was spread across several classes of figures including the "Power Plus Series" which consisted of figures that were roughly 5 inches (12.70cm) tall with very simple transformations. Unlike the figures in the "Power Plus" series, the "Power Series" do not include the "Energon Igniter" accessory, meaning to utilize this figure's full potential you need to get the "Energon Igniter Core" accessory from another figure.

In the "Bumblebee" Movie, Bumblebee confronts the Decepticon Blitzwing. The name goes back to the days of Generation One. In that era, Blitzwing was a Triple Changer, capable of transforming into both a jet and a tank. However, in the "Bumblebee" Movie the character only transformed into a jet. To pad out this wave of figures, Hasbro decided to pay homage to G1 Blitzwing's tank form. To do this, Hasbro took the body of the Power Series Megatron figure and gave it a new head and deco as Blitzwing. Check out my Megatron review since this review will focus on the changes made to this figure for this release.

It would be very easy to mistake the Power Series figures for One Step Changer figures. They are roughly the same size (slightly bigger actually) and packaged on a wrap around card similar to the One Steps from previous lines. The front of the packaging has Bumblebee cross armed with the "Energon Igniters" and "Transformers" logos on the right. The wraparound part in front shows the figure in robot mode with the "Transformers Bumblebee" movie logo and the character's name. The figure itself is in vehicle mode resting on a plastic tray.

The back of the packaging has the four step instructions on the left with photos of the figure in both modes in the middle. On the right side the vehicle mode is shown off utilizing an Energon Igniter Core to activate its extra weapons. The packaging primarily utilizes yellow, beige and black colors, making it very distinctive from previous Transformers lines which tend to focus on more stark white and black colors for the background.

Vehicle Mode:
Normally you would have to wait until you saw a Transformer in robot mode, but with this particular sculpt the robot mode is front and center - literally. The robot head peeks out in the front of the tank, but this time out the sculpt is based on Blitzwing's appearance in the movie. The head design is a really interesting one, featuring a pointed "helmet" section, vents on the sides of the head and a mouth that looks like a breathing apparatus. It's a great sculpt and even though it is not Megatron's face it still looks really creepy. The rest of the tank is the same sculpt as Megatron.

Most of this mode is cast in dark grey, olive green and beige plastic. The dark grey makes up large chunks of the vehicle including the treads. The green is used for the turret and cannon. There are several paint colors used on this mode. This includes olive green, beige, silver and black. The green is used on the treads and armor. Beige overlaps the green armor sections in front. Silver is used on the head and the platform it rests on. Black is used for a small Decepticon symbol on the turret. I was surprised at the amount of paint on this mode and I think it looks nice and distinctive even though it does not really match the character's on screen colors at all.h

Like the Megatron figure, you can attach an Energon Igniter Core wings sprout out. In a weird way, this kind of pays homage to G1 Blitzwing by giving the tank an "aerial" form. It is a fun feature and I still find it super fun.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Disconnect the Igniter Core if attached.
  2. Swing the wings back if they are out to the sides.
  3. Swing all four tread sections out to the sides.
  4. Swing the section with the robot head up, then turn the head around.
  5. Straighten out the legs.
  6. Pull the tread/feet forward.
  7. Swing out each forearm/hand section on the arms.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode the head sculpt is pretty much the only part of this figure that says "Blitzwing". The body sculpt is so distinctly "Megatron" that there is no real way to tilt your head and wink your eye to see Blitzwing as he appeared in the movie. Given that this is a "filler" figure in the line, I don't mind but some fans may not be fond of that fact.

All the colors from the vehicle mode carry over here, but there are more beige parts showing. Specifically they are found on the torso panel and feet. This mode gives you a better look at the head and neck section which features silver and red paint. The right shoulder is painted green. While this is not a ton of deco the way the plastic colors are distributed on the figure help keep it from looking dull.

All 9 points of articulation on this figure are nice and tight. The hands have 5mm ports, allowing the figure to hold weapons from other figures.

Final Thoughts:
If you are looking for a screen accurate representation of Blitzwing, this is not it (aside from the head sculpt). This is a "filler" figure to pad out a wave and it is a fun one at that. However if you are looking for a more screen accurate version, the "Energon Igniters Nitro" version may be more appropriate. Recommended only has a fun toy to add to your army (or repurpose as some sort of generic troop).


  • A cool sculpt with good detailing.
  • Nice head sculpt that looks like the CG model from the film.
  • Fun play factor.


  • The body really is Megatron's and does not resemble Blitzwing from the film at all.