Beast Wars Neo Longrack Toy Review

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Beast Wars Neo

General Information:
Release Date: 1999
Retailer: Japanese Market, Import Shops
Accessories: Missiles x 2, Dagger


Name: Longrack
Beast Mode: Giraffe
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Deputy Commander

Longrack is the gabby, annoying class committee member of the group. He is quite serious about following rules to the letter, and will butt in and aggressively complain to others about it. His Arm Shot attack extends his right arm, while his Crush Arm grabs and mangles his enemies. Longrack also specializes in tinkering with machines.

Strength: 8.0 Intelligence: 10.0 Speed: 9.0 Endurance: 8.0
Rank: 8.0 Courage: 8.0 Firepower: 7.0 Skill: 7.0

Longrack is one of the more anticipated toys out of the Beast Wars Neo Transformers line. Not only is having a Beast Wars giraffe interesting in itself, but the size of this toy is also attractive.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Longrack is a large giraffe. Mostly brown, beige and black in color, Longrack is a great piece of work. Although one can see the lines and grooves that eventually seperate to allow Longrack to transform into robot mode, this mode is still very smooth looking and well made. In beast mode, Longrack has seven points of articulation, mostly focused in the legs. A neat feature of this mode is the little "tongue" mechanism. Normally, Longrack's tongue is sticking out, as if to eat some leaves off a high tree. Push that tongue in and his eyes roll back and he appears either like he's hurt or falling asleep. With the giraffe neck, Longrack stands almost as tall as an average ultra Beast Wars toy in robot mode. A very nicely made beast mode.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Longrack's transformation by pulling down the robot legs from the rear beast mode legs. Next, split the two halves of the front of the beast mode apart and then push up the giraffe head so it points upwards. Next fold down the flanks of the beast mode to reveal the upper robot body. Rotate the robot mode waist and then rotate the upper body piece. Flip open the back of the robot upper body and flip out the robot head. Rotate the giraffe flank pieces to the hips. Then lift up the panel on the back and then fold over the giraffe skin parts to cover the chest component where the "spark crystal" is. Fold up the front beast mode legs and reconnect them via the peg in hole system. Fold down the legs at the knees to reveal two launchers for the missiles included with Longrack. Straighten out the arms, fold out the left hand fist. Finally, detach the "saw" weapon from the left arm and place it into the left hand fist or the hole in the claw on the right arm. And now, Longrack's robot mode is set to sizzle!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Longrack stands as tall as an ultra sized Beast Wars toy. Most of his beige and brown color scheme from his beast mode carries over. However, some red, silver and black show through as well. The detail level on this toy is fantastic. The head does continue the theme of beast mode elements carrying into the robot mode. The crest on Longrack's head is extremely long, like the giraffe neck and the back of his robot head has giraffe markings and colors. Another nicely done detail is the robot chest, which holds his "spark crystal" and with the flip of the giraffe panel, reveals complex looking machinery.

In robot mode, Longrack's primary action feature is his right arm claw, which launches out to grab enemies with a press of the black button along the giraffe neck. Longrack may also fire missiles at enemies in the air using the missile launchers mounted on his back. In this mode, Longrack has twelve points of articulation. A cool robot mode.

Transformation to Weapon Mode:
The transformation to weapon mode is best started from Longrack's beast mode. Start by folding up the back of the beast mode and folding up the head. Next, pull down the flanks of the beast mode. Slide the panels above the rear beast mode legs over the upper robot chest back and front. Next, lift the rear beast mode legs up and rotate them around. Then move the middle portion of the body down and then fold out the robot legs from the rear beast mode legs. Pull out the robot legs so they are pointed straight towards the back. Lower the small "wheels" down and then fold the giraffe neck and head back. Finally, fold down the lower halves of the front beast mode legs and insert Longrack's two missiles, one in each slot. Look out Destrons, this Cybertron's now in weapon mode!

Weapon Mode:
In weapon mode, Longrack is a missile launching and grappling claw emplacement. Although it looks kind of odd to have the giraffe head sticking back as if the giraffe were beheaded, the mode does have a lot of potential play value from having Longrack cover a Cybertron retreat or having him rescue a friend with his grappling claw.

Longrack has a complex transformation, fantastic detail and great play value. All the things to look for in any Beast Wars toy. A+