Transformers Car Robots Gershark Toy Review

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Car Robots

Gershark joins Gaskunk as being a Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Maximal turned Transformers Car Robots Destronger. In this case, Gershark is a repaint of the Transmetals 2 Cybershark. For a more detailed review of this toy, please read the Transmetals 2 Cybershark review. This review will focus on the changes made to this toy.

Beast Mode
Gershark’s beast mode is a Transmetal 2 shark. His primary color is blue with grey and white shades. Green, yellow and red are used for detailing and vacume metallized silver appears on te back and sides. It is very surprising just how much detail is brought out by this paint scheme as opposed to that of the original toy. Look at the sides of the beast mode body and the silver, green, yellow and red details really show the extreme amount of detail including coils, lights, vents and wiring.

Gershark’s detailing is not all mechanical however. His fins are spray painted blue on one side, but white on the other. Look inside the beast mode mouth and you’ll find it is all pink.

Robot Mode
In robot mode, Gershark also differs a lot from the toy he is based on. His primary color is off white with a combination of blue, red, silver and yellow. His robot face, shoulder armor, gun and knee armor are all yellow with dark grey details. His lower arms and legs are off-white. His chest is a combination of metallic blue, yellow, offwhite, red and silver. The details on his chest which resemble eyes are red and dead center is his Destronger/Predacon Spark Crystal.

Aside from his gun weapon, the Japanese packaging shows off a weapon not promoted in the American version. Detach the two shark fins and place them into his right hand to form a double bladed weapon.

Usually I don’t recommend repaints unless you are a completist, but in this case the repaint is so superior to the original in appearance that I recommend this whether you own Transmetal 2 Cybershark or not. A.