Transformers Car Robots Mach Alert / Super Mach Alert Toy Review

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Car Robots


Mach Alert is one of the three Car Robot brothers. The three vehicular Transformers return to an aesthetic established by the original Generation One Autobot cars. Each is a realistic looking vehicle that transforms into a robot. The scale of the three Car Robot brothers are also very close to the scale of the original Autobot cars.

Vehicle Mode:
In vehicle mode, Mach Alert is a lambourgini police car. his primary colors are white and black. Orange details are used for his headlights and translucent red is used on the rear lights and siren. Look inside of Mach Alert's windshield and you will see grey bucket seats! These will later form the robot feet.
The way the black is applied to the vehicle mode is very reminscent of the original Autobot car Prowl who also had a blak detail forming at a point in the center of the hood.

detailing on this vehicle mode is fantastic. There are grooves and ridged details all over the vehicle making it appear much more robust in appearance than if it was smooth and plain white. Another detail to add are his robot mode's weapons. Flip up the sides of the rear spoiler and attach each weapon. This gives the appearance of boosters pushing the car to move faster! The translucent plastic and orange paint used on the . flames. is fantastic, and the angular fins on the weapons give this present day car a futuristic appearance.

Alert's car doors can be swung upwards like a real life labourgini. This combined with the detailing and . homage. color scheme make this one cool toy.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
If you
have the boosters attached, remove them and set them aside. Swing out the doors and lift up the windshield and hood section of the car. Swing out the bucket seats to reveal the robot legs. Turn the lower leg and feet pieces around. Push the waist section upwards. Now rotate the doors down so they act as . hip guards. . Now swing down the section with the tailpipes and push it into the chest component. Swing up the tailpipes. Separate the two halves of the rear section of the car. Straighten out the arms and rotate the shield piece on the left arm. Take the two boosters and attach them to the right arm. Mach Alert is now in robot mode.

Robot Mode:
Mach Alert's color scheme is black, white, clear translucent plastic and silver. Dark blue is used on the waist and lower legs. One of the nicest details is the Autobot/Cybertron symbol right in the middle of his chest. This symbol is molded in and colored with metallic red paint.

Mach Alert looks very sleek in robot mode. He is not bulky or out of proportion. The combination of the shield and arm mounted weapons is a cool idea. Other great details are the pipes that can be seen on the robot chest and mid body area.

Mach Alert is a fantastic toy. The only downside are the right arm mounted weapons. If you shake the toy around too much, the weapons will shake off. Other than that one flaw, the toy is definitely recommended. A

Super Mach Alert Review

As part of the later Transformers Car Robots storyline, each of the Car Robot brothers underwent a change enhancing their powers. This also meant that each of them received a new and exciting color scheme! Thus the three Car Robots brothers were re-released with new color schemes. For a more detailed review of this toy, read the Mach Alert review. This review will focus on the changes to the toy.

Vehicle Mode:
Super Mach Alert's color scheme is very different than the original version. His main color this time around is metallic blue. Black and white are used on the doors and mid-section of the car. Dark grey appears on the rear of the car and in the bucket seats. Like his fellow Super Car Robot brothers, Mach Alert has vacume metallized gold parts, this time on the hubcaps. Translucent red and blue is used for the siren component. Unlike the previous version of this toy which was a Japanese police car, Super Mach Alert has english writing. The front hood has the word . Police. on it and the doors each say . Police Mach Alert. .

Another interesting color change is in the boosters/weapons. Instead of the translucent yellow and orange of the original Mach Alert, this one. s flame component is a more solid orange and yellow. The weapons themselves are still white.

Robot Mode:
The metallic blue from the vehicle mode carries over to the robot mode. The grey and white parts offer sharp contrast to this metallic blue. More gold paint appears in this mode on his shoulders and chest (outline the Autobot/Cybertron symbol). In concert, these colors help make Mach Alert look dark, but not dull.

If you do not have Mach Alert yet, I would choose this version over the original. Its color scheme is very rich and the gold parts look great. If you have Mach Alert already, you may not want to spend $25-$35 on a toy you already own. A

Additional Thoughts (1/21/16):
After photographing this figure (and thus transforming it a few times) for this update I really have to say I still love this figure. The sculpt is fantastic, it pays homage wonderfully to the G1 cars that preceded it and it has realistic detailing that many Transformers lack nowadays (partly due to trademark reasons). Takara and Hasbro really skirted the edge legally speaking and the effort is much appreciated. The figure isn't perfect of course. There is no waist articulation and he's a tad top heavy but that doesn't subtract from how fun the transform is and the awesome design.