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Started by a group of fans, FansProject is one of many "third party" producers of Transformers inspired figures. Some of these are blatant uses of existing character designs and in other cases they are wholly original creations.

One of the members of the Glacialord team, Fangro transforms from a saber toothed tiger to robot and back. When united with his team members he can form an arm or leg of the powerful Glacialord giant!

Tailclub uses his powerful spiked club weapon to take down his enemies, but if they pour on the firepower he protects himself with his formidable shield. When the time comes he transforms into an arm or leg of Glacialord.

The leader of the Glacialord team becomes a majestic mammoth in beast mode, stomping any enemies that dare to get in his way. If he needs to transform, he can utilize an arsenal of missiles against his enemies!