Transformers Generation 2 1993 Toy Reviews: Skram

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Transformers Generation 2

General Information:
Retailer: General (Toys 'R' Us, Bradlees etc.)
Price: $5.99 (Depending on retailer)
Accessories: Gun/Engine


*Tech Specs courtesy of the Hartman brothers at The International Tech Specs Archive.

Generation 2 began with a slew of redecos and retools of Generation One toys, but that could only last for so long. By the time Generation 2 went into full swing, new molds had to be introduced. Sticking to convention, the first new set of Autobots were cars. Skram was one of these new warriors.

Vehicle Mode:
Skram is a corvette in vehicle mode, granted, a slightly modified one. While he has many of the Corvette's details such as the sloped front end, the low riding appearance etc. the designers did change just enough so that they wouldn't have to worry about licensing issues. For instance, it doesn't have the well known circular rear lights. And in this case, this car has an engine sticking out of its hood!

Skram is mostly blue (so for you history buffs, Tracks isn't the only blue Corvette Autobot - kinda). The engine is vacuum metallized silver and the windows are a dark, smokey translucent plastic. A G2 Autobot symbol sticker rests between the headlights, and the same symbol with the word "Autobot" is stamped onto the windshield (no robots in disguise here!). A most curious design are pink, squiggly lines running along the hood, the doors and the rear of the car. Against the blue, they make this car look more like something that came out of the mid 80's than the early 90's.

Overall, Skram's vehicle mode is probably the nicest looking out of the four Autobots in this subgroup. It has some nice, sleek lines and the details are nicely done, including the engine.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Push the engine down gently to detach it from the figure.
  2. Swing the rear of the vehicle back to form the robot legs.
  3. Swing the car doors out to the sides and down.
  4. Swing the robot head up.
  5. Fold the car hood down to form the chest.
  6. Attach the engine/gun into Skram's fist.

Robot Mode:
While Skram uses the archetypical "car hood becomes chest" design, I was pleased to find that the designers did not ignore sculpting detail into his central body and upper legs, despite the fact that from some angles, they're virtually hidden from view. From the mid section down, his main body has several layers, with lots of line details etched into the plastic, giving it a much more interesting appearance than simple blocky, flat shapes. I also really like Skram's head sculpt. The central crest with the two cylinders next to it look like sensors of some type, making for an interesting looking "helmet" piece.

Skram introduces orange into the color mix (sort of making him the opposite of Windbreaker). The orange makes up the central body to the upper legs. He actually has a few stickers just for this mode as well. On his waist is a pink/black outline sticker. His upper legs have metallic blue rectangular stickers while each arm has two stickers providing "tech" detail resembling wires.

I feel like a broken record typing this: but this group of Autobots was not known for high posability, and Skram is an example of that. His legs can swing back, and his lower arms can move up and down, that's it. I don't hold this against the designers in any way since, at the time, this was perfectly normal/standard Transformers design - and within a year, they would really begin making posability a standard part of their design schemes.

Final Thoughts:
Skram is a cool looking Autobot who looks like an updated version of the older Autobot designs such as Prowl or
Jazz. Recommended.