Transformers Generation 2 1994 Toy Reviews: Leadfoot

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Transformers Generation 2

General Information:
Retailer: General (Toys 'R' Us, K-Mart, Bradlees etc.)
Price: $6.99 (Depending on retailer)
Accessories: Rotor launcher, Rotor Blades x 2


*Tech Specs courtesy of the Hartman brothers at The International Tech Specs Archive.

As Generation 2 moved along, more and more new molds were introduced along with more new sub-groups of Transformers. One of these sub-groups were the Rotorforce, a small group of Transformers (two Autobots and two Decepticons) whose gimmick involved their weapons. Each weapon had a spinning disc that you could turn a few times, press a button and launch, spinning like a blade. Leadfoot was one of the Autobots in the Rotorforce.

Vehicle Mode:
Leadfoot is a race car in vehicle mode. He was hardly the first Autobot to have this form, and he won't be the last. As race car Transformers go, Leadfoot is pretty much average. He has the familiar sharp nose, four big tires and rear spoiler design. The front has the connections between the main body of the car and the front tires sculpted nicely, and it's neat to see a driver's seat and wheel at the center. Because of the position of the weapon, the blue disc (or "blade") takes up a good chunk of the rear of the vehicle, looking rather odd. It looks like some weird, oversized cooling system, which can be cool or not depending on your tastes.

Leadfoot's deco is rather nice however. His primary color is yellow, with blue on some parts on the sides and in the driver's section. Translucent red plastic makes up the windshield, a visual treat. As with most Generation 2 toys, Leadfoot has a combination of stickers and paint apps for designs. On the sides he has stickers saying "Rotor Motor 93", "93" presumably referring to the year the toy was made/designed. The 93 appears again on the nose of the car, and at the very front we see the words "Rotor" and "Motor" as separate stickers. On the sides of the spoiler are stickers saying "Autobot 93" (again, so much for robots in disguise). The car has orange striped details on the front, middle and spoiler which presumably indicate speed. Finally, the spoiler itself has the G2 Autobot logo with the word "Autobot" stamped next to it.

Leadfoot looks nice in vehicle mode. It's hardly something to write home about, but it's not bad either.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the disc.
  2. Flip the car over and you'll see Leadfoot's robot arms. Flip the lower arms out.
  3. Swing the arms out to the sides, and the weapon will separate from the main body of the toy.
  4. Swing down the front nose of the car, then turn it so you can flip down the blue sections of the car which become the robot legs.
  5. Flip the robot feet forward.
  6. Swing down the rear of the vehicle and adjust the arms.
  7. Attach the disc to the weapon, and place the weapon in Leadfoot's hand.

Robot Mode:
Leadfoot's robot mode is a cool looking one. The center of the car becomes his upper body while the legs are parts that really couldn't be seen in vehicle mode. The head design is relly cool, with a high crest and angled visor eyes leading to a mouthplate. The main body design angles upward on the sides, giving a very sleek appearance. While sleek looking Transformers usually appear physically unimposing, Leadfoot makes up for that with his wide shoulders and legs. His arms are wide enough apart that they look like a strongman rather than a weak 'bot. With the tires on the arms, they are a lot bigger than one would expect. The legs are in a wide stance and a bit wider than one would expect. They have some neat raised and line details on them as well.

Leadfoot's upper body is mostly yellow (with his car details carrying over) while his lower body is blue and black. The eyes are translucent red, a good choice to contrast with the yellow that makes up his entire head.

Leadfoot has only four points of articulation, two on each arm. Nope, this isn't a lot, but it's the bare minimum needed for both his transformation and the ability to hold his weapon forward. While I wish I could say "He should have had more articulation", the fact of the matter is, articulation simply wasn't in the design scheme for the Rotorforce.

The weapon's action feature is activated by turning the disc a few times, then pressing the spoiler and watching it fly. This works surprisingly well, and can be fun when your bots are battling.

Final Thoughts:
Leadfoot is a neat little Transformer. There's nothing particularly outstanding about him, but there's nothing particularly bad either. Mildly recommended.