Transformers Generation 2 1995 Toy Reviews: Sideswipe

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Transformers Generation 2

General Information:
Retailer: General (Toys 'R' Us, K-Mart, Kay Bee etc.)
Price: $3.99 (depending on retailer)
Accessories: Gun


In the year before the Beast Wars era would rise, Hasbro took the Go-Bots name it had acquired through its purchase of Tonka and used it in the Transformers line, effectively ending the "Who would win, Transformers or Gobots?" competition forever. The Go-Bots were a subgroup of Transformers who were constructed to be compatible with all 1:64 sized playsets, which was a roundabout way of saying "Use these with your Matchbox or Hot Wheels playsets!" It was an interesting and smart move on Hasbro's part.

The last gasp of the Go-Bots until years later appeared as a set of the six Go-Bots given new decos and named after classic characters. One of these was Sideswipe, who had previously been released as a redec of the G1 Sideswipe. Go-Bots Sideswipe is a redeco of Firecracker, so his review is worth a look.

Vehicle Mode:
Sideswipe is a Lambourghini once again, but this time a different model, specifically, a Diablo. No retooling was done to the toy, but he was given a new deco. The vehicle is now metallic blue, with black for the windows and tires. The metallic blue looks really nice, and it's a color I wish we saw more often with Transformers toys. For a Generation 2 toy, this vehicle mode is remarkably subdued, but that's made up for in the robot mode.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, we find that the inner part of the body is actually a solid blue, so the metallic blue is just a paint layer on top. The piece which makes up the robot head down to the upper legs is black, and the robot face has been painted silver. The standard garish G2 color comes in when you look at the panel
under the chest piece and the lower legs. There we have a light, neon green. Since the blue still makes up most of the robot form, this doesn't look as bad as it could have, but still, I would have preferred a less "in your face" color.

Final Thoughts:
At this point in time, I'd say that whether or not to buy this particular incarnation of this mold is entirely up to personal choice. There are literally almost a dozen different color schemes out there (between Japan and the US) for this mold, so it's not like if you don't get this one you won't have a shot at another version of it. Recommended primarily if you can't get any other version of this toy.