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KRE-O Transformers

There are Transformers, and then there are KRE-O Transformers! Each KRE-O TRANSFORMERS set features ‘MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE,’ with two types of builds: deconstruct a robot to create a vehicle, disassemble the vehicle to build a robot. Packed with play, most sets come complete with themed accessories and a poseable KREON figures in robot or human form.

The Kre-O line is introduced featuring sets where you could build characters and take them apart to reassemble them in alternate forms.

2012: Quest for Energon
Playsets and blind bagged figures are introduced, expanding the line.

2013: Beast Hunters
Focus of the boxed sets turns to the "Beast Hunters" series while Micro-Changer Combiners are introduced.

2014: "Age of Extinction"
The Kre-O line ties directly in with the live action movie while other segments take their inspiration from Generation One. Battle Changers are introduced, allowing a figure to be assembled and transform without being taken apart.

2015: "Robots in Disguise" & Kreon Warriors
"Robots in Disguise" based sets take center stage while Kreon Warriors are introduced representing classic Transformers in different time frames of Earth history.