KRE-O Energon Bumblebee Review

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KRE-O Transformers

General Information:
Release Date: October 2012
Price Point: Give-away
Retailer: Hasbro "Pre-New York Comic-Con 2012" Event Exclusive
Parts List:

  • Helmet
  • Head
  • Torso/arms
  • Waist/Legs
  • Blaster


Hasbro's presence at New York Comic-Con 2012 was much subdued compared to the huge display they had at New York Comic-Con 2011. Instead of being on the convention floor, they rented a nearby studio space and held an event the night before the convention. You can read my coverage of this event here. One of the give aways at the event was a KREON "Energon Bumblebee" figure. I hadn't started the KRE-O section of BWTF yet at the time, so I'm writing this review several months after I acquired the figure.

"Energon" Bumblebee is not a "Micro-Changer", so unlike a lot of my KRE-O reviews so far there's no alternate modes to speak of. Instead, this is more of an example of the type of KREON released for most of 2012 which was a standalone, non-transforming figure that was meant to be an "add on" to larger KRE-O sets. In this case the designers took the basic Bumblebee KREON and gave him a new deco.

Unlike many of the KREONs which use various parts to approximate the look of a character, this figure's most distinctive piece is the helmet, which is absolutely a "Bumblebee helmet". It has the crest in the center, horns on the side and distinctive beveled shape around the face. The rest of the body is a generic KREON body and he comes with a blaster.

Bumblebee is cast completely in translucent dark blue plastic. This gives him the look of a Transformer "powering up" on some potent type of Energon and it looks really nice. His face is painted with light blue eyes and a smile on his face. The torso's deco is what solidifies the figure as "Bumblebee". Around the edges of the torso are black details resembling his vehicle mode windows and right in the center is a red Autobot symbol. These details work great in adding deco and following G1 Bumblebee's design.

Final Thoughts:
While this figure doesn't have the functionality of a Micr-Changer, its status as an exclusive and its rather unique take on Bumblebee's appearance makes it a neat figure to own. I'm not sure you should chase it down for $50 a piece (which was the going rate shortly before I began this review). That will largely depend on how much of a KRE-O fan you are. I like it however and do recommend adding it to your KRE-O collection if you can do so at a reasonable price.