KRE-O Microchangers Scorponok Toy Review

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KRE-O Transformers

General Information:
Release Date: August 2012
Price Point: $2.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Parts List:

  • Helmet
  • Head
  • Torso/arms x 2
  • Torso cover
  • Waist/Legs
  • Forearms x 2
  • Claws x 2
  • Beast Mode legs x 2
  • Beast Mode leg base piece
  • Beast Mode leg hinge piece
  • Tail base
  • Circle piece
  • Tail
  • Stinger


*Images above with an asterisk(*) are from both the Official Hasbro KRE-O site and the Official Transformers web site.

One of the biggest demands made by fans after KRE-O was revealed was the chance to purchase the cute little KREON figures separate from the larger (and more pricey) playsets. Hasbro listened, and in 2012 the "Microchangers" sub-line of KRE-O was released. This sub-line focuses on the KREONs themselves instead of larger playsets. Assembling and reassembling is still part of the play factor, but these guys are a lot faster to convert from one form to the other given their small size and limited parts. For the most part, these are recycled parts from other figures in new colors and put together in creative ways to represent characters spanning different eras of "Transformers" history.

The first Micro Changers released were the "Preview" wave, a set of six characters who were "blind packed" in bags in a cardboard box case. On the surface, it appears you just have to keep buying these until yo have tons of extras, but in fact each KREON has a code printed on the bag that tells you just who is who. The codes for this assortment break down as follows:

  • Crankstart - A1010 (214510)
  • Galvatron - A1008 (214518)
  • Scorponok - A1011 (214511)
  • Spinister - A1007 (214517)
  • Sunstorm - A1009 (214519)
  • Waspinator - A1012 (214512)

This assortment of figures mixes up various types of characters and alternate forms for an ecclectic mix. Part of this mix is Scorponok, based off of the Generation One character who transformed into a city sized scorpion and base. This figure focuses on his scorpion and robot forms, making him unique in the set.

Beast Assembly:

  • Attach the purple circle piece to the base of the tail.
  • Attach the tail to the piece assembled in the last step.
  • Attach the stinger (made up of two pieces) to the tail.
  • Connect the assembled tail to the torso section.
  • Raise the arms so they are pointing up.
  • Slide the torso piece over the torso with the peg facing up.
  • Attach the head and helmet to the torso.
  • Attach the forearms to the claws, then attach these assembled pieces to each arm.
  • Slide the beast mode legs to the beast mode leg hinge piece, then connect that to the beast mode leg base piece.
  • Connect the leg base piece to the underside of the beast and swing it forward.

Beast Mode:
Vehicles and cute figures are one thing, but pulling off a convincing beast mode with minimal parts had me a tad worried when it came to KREONs, but Scorponok is really a nice piece of work. In every way he manages to evoke the original G1 character while looking very much like the creature his name is based on. His claws in front are (relatively) big and dangerous looking, his head's helmet is the right shape for the character (whose G1 counterpart also had its head in front) and the tail cinches the design. Sure he only has four "beast mode" legs and not the eight the original Scorponok had, but given what this figure is it totally works for me.

Scorponok is cast in grey, purple, translucent purple and bright green plastic. These are all colors that were found on G1 Scorponok (except his purple was not translucent). The use of translucent purple against the solid purple gives those parts a look as if they were glowing with energy.

There are nine points of articulation in this form including two in each arm and two in the tail. I wouldn't bash him (or any KREON really) around too much as parts tend to go flying.

My only regret with this form is that you wind up leaving the legs/waist section unattached. Now technically you can attach it and then connect the tail to one of the legs. The tail winds up being uneven, but you do use all the parts that way!

Robot Assembly:

  • Slide the torso cover over the torso with the peg in front.
  • Attach the head and helmet.
  • Connect the waist/legs section to the torso.
  • Connect to the claws to the forearms and attach to each arm.
  • Attach a scorpion leg to each arm.
  • Switch the translucent stinger piece to the other end of the tail.
  • Attach the base of the tail to the back of the figure.

Robot Mode:
Much like his beast mode, Scorponok's robot mode evokes a lot of the features of the G1 character including the claws on his arms and the stinger on his back. The helmet on this figure is a repurposed helmet from the Sideswipe KREON, but the shape works perfectly with sides protruding up resembling the antennae on G1 scorponok's head. The beast mode legs wind up on the arms instead of the back here, but if you get a bit creative with the one left out piece (where the beast mode legs attach in beast mode) you can actually have his beast mode legs on his back similar to the way they were in the G1 Scorponok design. To do this, connect the leg base piece to the back, then connect the stinger to it. Slide the legs on and not only does his configuration come closer to G1 Scorponok, but his tail winds up a bit higher over his head.

Like some other KREONs, Scorponok has a nice design printed on his torso based on the G1 character of the same name. This includes a Decepticon symbol in the center and vent like details, all in black. However, this gets covered up by the chest piece which has a superfluous peg sticking out in front. It's totally bizarre and I would have preferred an "L" shaped piece that left the torso exposed. The head has orange visor eyes and a mouth set with gritted teeth. The face design is based on his appearance in the G1 cartoon and looks great!

Scorponok has eight points of articulation, though I am including the ability for his claws to move independent of the forearms and his stinger tail.

Final Thoughts:
Scorponok is a neat little KREON. I dig his beast mode and the details that harken back to G1. I also like the way you can (with some playing around) use up all his parts in both forms. Recommended!