KRE-O Microchangers Warpath Toy Review

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KRE-O Transformers

General Information:
Release Date: December 2012
Price Point: $2.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Parts List:

  • Helmet
  • Head
  • Torso/arms x 2
  • Waist/Legs
  • Chest armor
  • Treads x 2
  • Turret base
  • Cannon barrel
  • Cannon end
  • KREO brick/Display Stand


One of the biggest demands made by fans after KRE-O was revealed was the chance to purchase the cute little KREON figures separate from the larger (and more pricey) playsets. Hasbro listened, and in 2012 the "Microchangers" sub-line of KRE-O was released. This sub-line focuses on the KREONs themselves instead of larger playsets. Assembling and reassembling is still part of the play factor, but these guys are a lot faster to convert from one form to the other given their small size and limited parts. For the most part, these are recycled parts from other figures in new colors and put together in creative ways to represent characters spanning different eras of "Transformers" history.

This "wave one" of Micro Changers was made up of a set of twelve characters who were "blind packed" in bags in a cardboard box case. On the surface, it appears you just have to keep buying these until yo have tons of extras, but in fact each KREON has a code printed on the bag that tells you just who is who. The codes for this assortment break down as follows:

  • Singe (22981 40)
  • Inferno (22981 41)
  • Autobot Springer (22981 42)
  • Warpath (22981 43)
  • Quickslinger (22981 44)
  • Rampage (22981 45)
  • Insecticon (22981 46)
  • Blast Off (22981 47)
  • Decepticon Hook (22981 48)
  • Dirge (22981 49)
  • Airachnid (22981 50)
  • Decepticon Bludgeon (22981 51)

One of the most enthusiastic and standout "Mini-Bots" of Generation One was Warpath. Unlike most of the other Mini-Bots who transformed into civilian vehicles, his alternate form was a tank, and he would go toe to toe with any Decepticon including bigger guys like the Triple Changer Blitzwing. Over the years, Warpath has popped up now and then in the "Transformers" toy line such as his most recent "Generations" release. Now the loud mouthed warrior joins the ranks of the Autobot KREON Microchangers.

Vehicle Assembly:

  • Attach the torso to the legs/waist.
  • Slide the chest armor on so the peg faces front/up.
  • Attach the head, then slide the helmet over the head so it covers the face.
  • Attach a tread piece to each arm.
  • Connect the cannon barrel to the cannon end piece.
  • Attach the turret base piece to the peg on the chest.
  • Attach the cannon barrel to the turret base piece.
  • Swing the legs down in front at an angle to form the front of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
Warpath's vehicle mode is a KREO style tank, and by that I mean it makes the best out of the parts at hand to form a shape that is roughly tank-like in design. I mean, if you look at it and scrutinize it too much, frankly it looks like a robot fell over on its back and took a nap. However, the treads on the sides, the turret on top and even angling the legs down in front really does give it the appearance of a tank, albeit a relatively cute one. A lot of this line is about imagination, and I think this is a good example of something that "works" if you let yourself believe the illusion.

Like his G1 counterpart, Warpath is mostly red in color with some light and dark grey parts. The end of the cannon and the treads are cast in black. There's no real painted detail to speak of in this form, but the colors are broken up enough that he still looks cool and immediately identifiable as Warpath.

Thanks to the way the turret attaches, you can actually turn it in a circle. Mind you, it can just pop off instead of smoothly turning, but it's still fun to reposition it as if he were targeting something to the side or behind him. The tread pieces are not actual working treads, but instead are pieces shaped like treads and they do the job well.

Robot Assembly:

  • Connect the torso and leg sections.
  • Slide the chest armor over the torso with the peg pointed forward.
  • Attach the head to the neck, then slice the helmet over the head.
  • Attach the treads to the arms.
  • Attach the cannon (sans turret base) to the peg on the torso.

Robot Mode:
One of the most distinct design elements on G1 Warpath (and subsequent versions of the character) is the tank turret forming the top part of his torso section, with the cannon pointing forward. This KREON incarnation of the character uses that as the primary visual cue as to just who this guy is. He reuses the helmet from Ironhide, but the design works for Warpath who also had a curved helmet section with a crest in the center. With the treads on his arms, it really completes the picture of this guy being the Autobot tank warrior.

Warpath is mostly red in color, with a few parts cast in grey such as the head/face piece and his hands. His eyes are painted black, similar to the original G1 Warpath figure. Instead of a mouthplate, he's been given a mouth set in a bit of a grin which matches the personality of the character. Like many of the figures in this line, you will find tampographed details on his torso piece if you remove the chest armor. These details are in dark red with black outlines and what you get is a drawing of G1 Warpath's chest and mid-body area complete with a tank turret and cannon. It looks great and makes me wish once again that the chest pieces were clear or something. In this case however, since Warpath has a cannon on his chest, the design is simulated well enough that the figure doesn't look boring at all.

Final Thoughts:
Warpath is one of my favorite figures out of this wave. I've always had a great affection for the character, and the design of this figure makes him quite different from a lot of the other figures in the set. Highly recommended!