"Legends" Magna Convoy Toy Review

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General Information:
Release Date: June 5, 2017
Price Point: ¥7,000 (Approximately $62 USD)
Retailer: Takara Tomy Mall Exclusive
Accessories: Smokestacks/laser cannon, wind vane/ion blaster, Matrix Sword, Large Gun, Shield

Magna Concoy

Product description from eHobby's web site as translated via Google Translate:
Once time the universe was a dark era, Aoki Corps had to protect the peace. They pay the wicked with the sword Aoki, the universe was once again regained the light. But in the battle, the leader by one of the betrayal of comrades killed, proof serving Aoki sword "matrix Sword" of the leader is deprived corps was destroyed. However, the Blue intention had not disappeared. The will and the force has been entrusted to the new warrior through when several thousands of. His name is "Magna Convoy". Originally with the intention defunct robot that was created as a combat support robot, but a New Aoki warrior got a life had been wrecked in the past of fighting abandoned at the end of the power of the leader. The figure dressed in Aoki metal night chloride was leaving vestiges of somewhere leader. And the recapture of the matrix Sword his purpose is deprived, is the revenge of the traitor "Sutorakusasu".

Profile Translation below by Doug Dlin:
His name is Magna Convoy. This new, inexperienced warrior was originally an insentient robot manufactured as a combat support drone. He'd been heavily damaged in a past battle and abandoned, but his leader used the last of his power to grant Magna Convoy life. His body is coated in the azure metal nightonium, and vestiges of his leader remain here and there in his form. His purpose is to recover the stolen Matrix Sword and to have revenge on the traitor Straxus.

Back in 2006, Hasbro launched a new sub-line of Transformers toys known as "Classics". The idea was to reintroduce classic G1 characters in modern forms. Over the past thirteen years, this line would take several forms leading to the current "Generations" line. In "Classics", a Voyager Class Optimus Prime was released and this sculpt would go on to be repainted several times for various releases. These included:

As you can see from the list above, this mold has seen quite a lot of use. It is a good design and a fun toy, so this is hardly surprising. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

Aside from the original two accessories included with "Classics" Optimus Prime, Magna Convoy is outfitted with two additional pieces.

The first is the "Matrix Sword". This is actually a reused piece from "Titans Return" Alpha Trion. The sword has a very ornate design so it works in the context of being a sacred artifact of sorts. The sword is cast in translucent blue plastic and the handle has been painted gold. Both of these colors serve as callbacks to the G1 Autobot Matrix of Leadership. This piece fits nice and snug into either hand.

The second additional accessory is a shield/claw weapon borrowed from "Titans Return" Mindwipe! Why this piece? Because Mindwipe was given a new deco and accesories and released as Convobat, part of the team formed by Blue Big Convoy and Magna Convoy. While Magna Convoy can use this accessory, it can also be used to "complete" Convobat. This piece is cast in blue and black plastic with red and silver paint detailing on it. Magna can hold this piece in his fist so it can act as a claw weapon or shield.

Robot Mode:
Magna Convoy's deco may seem to just be based on the "blue energy" of the Matrix at first, but in reality this deco is a homage going back to the pre-G1 Diaclone days. Before the Transformers toy line was fully formed and released, many of the toys we came to know as Autobots or Decepticons were part of a line of toys in Japan called Diaclone. Among the figures in this line was "Powered Convoy", which we would eventually be given a new deco and released in the Transformers line as Ultra Magnus! Powered Convoy's cab section was a blue, silver and black version of the G1 Optimus Prime figure and that is the figure this deco is based on! For those interested, you can see my review of the Italian release of Powered Convoy in Ben's Toy Box.

They key to this color homage is the combination of colors on this figure. Magna Convoy is cast in dark blue, black and translucent grey plastic. These are similar base colors to Powered Convoy. Then on top of that are several silver, yellow and light blue paint applications. These pay homage to Powered Convoy as well, who used these colors in both paint applications and stickers. The deco is done beautifully here. Among my favorite details is the yellow paint over the silver waist area and the light blue on the legs. Not only do these colors pay homage to Powered Convoy but they look fantastic. A nice finishing touch are two Autobot symbols, one on each shoulder.

All the joints on my copy of this figure are surprisingly tight. Compared to say, my copy of Nemesis Prime or even the "Age of Extinction" version of this sculpt, each joint is super tight. I would guess after so many uses the tooling has been cleaned up a bit to ensure the sculpt is still viable for the future.

While Magna Convoy does include two accessories he did not have before, you can technically attach all his accessories at one time. Just combine his smokestacks and wind vane into his "shoulder cannons" and attach them to the back, then the hands are free to hold the claw weapon/shield and sword.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the weapons.
  2. Push the back of the black rifle down. Split it and swing its halves out. Swing the panels from the bottom of the barrel in to form the smokestacks.
  3. On the larger weapon, swing the end of the barrel down and back. Then swing the front half of the barrel up and back. Swing each half of the wind vane out to the sides.
  4. Push the robot legs together.
  5. Point the feet down.
  6. Swing the knee armor pieces down.
  7. Swing each arm up out to the sides.
  8. Rotate the chest section around.
  9. Swing the blue panel behind the head down, then turn the head around and swing it down. Swing the middle to back section of the orange panel up.
  10. Swing the panel under the vehicle mode's grille up.
  11. On each arm swing out the vehicle mode panels and push the fists down.
  12. Rotate the shoulder pieces so the grey sections face out to the sides, then bend the arms at the elbows so they wind up on the back. You may have to swing the panels out to the sides to do this.
  13. Swing the side panels in to form the sides of the cab.
  14. Push the robot legs up to form the back of the vehicle.
  15. Swing the black panels on the sides of the legs forward to reveal the wheels.
  16. Attach the wind vane to the top of the vehicle.
  17. Attach the smokestacks to the sections that were the robot arms.

Vehicle Mode:
With no mold changes made to this figure, the designers were free to spend the budget on the deco, and boy does this truck mode have some nice paint on it! The base blue and black colors make up most of the vehicle, but there are lots of beautiful details painted onto the figure.

First, a lot of silver paint is used to provide detailing. Silver stripes run along the middle on the sides (a callback to his Diaclone-inspired roots) and the sides of the wheels are also painted silver. The top of the wind vane has a beautiful pattern painted onto it that looks like wings with a giant Autobot symbol in the middle. This symbolizes the Vanguard he is a part of and looks fantastic. The smokestacks, grille and front bumper are all vacuum metallized silver, adding an extra shiny layer to the deco pattern. Blue paint is used to color the lights above the windshield and the headlights. There is also yellow deco on the front lights. The result of all this color is a vehicle that pays homage to the Diaclone Powered Convoy while also looking unique among the many redecos of this mold.

Final Thoughts:
Magna Convoy is a really cool redeco of "Classics" Optimus Prime, and I love the homage to Powered Convoy. That said, this sculpt has been used a lot over the years. Odds are if you are a long time collector, you already own a couple versions of this figure. If you want the entire "Prime Vanguard" trio or you want a Powered Convoy homage, this figure is for you. Be warned however, on the secondary market the prices can go over $100 USD. Recommended, but to a very specific audience.


  • Joints are nice and tight despite the age of the tooling.
  • Extra accessories are both cool (and link him to Convobat).
  • Cool Diaclone homage.


  • At a potential $100 USD price point, this figure is rather pricey for the size class.
  • This figure has been released many times so some fans may feel "mold fatigue".