Mighty Muggs Bumblebee Figure Review

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Mighty Muggs

General Information:
Release Date: 2009
Price Point: $9.99 (varied depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Kay Bee Toys etc.)
Accessories: None


*Images with asterisks refer to images supplied through official Hasbro press releases.

Unlike most traditional "Transformers" reviews on this site, the "Mighty Muggs" all share the same basic body type with modifications in some cases. The basic body is of a "super deformed" style, with a large, sphere shaped head, rounded torso, tube shaped arms and legs with flat bottoms so the figure can stand. The figures are articulated at three points: the head (which can turn around in a full circle) and the arms which can move up and down. It's a basic style of vinyl figure but very much along the lines of a lot of the exaggerated designs seen in a lot of vinyl figure collections. It's also a smart basic design that can be easily adapted for a wide variety of licenses.

Bumblebee's deco focuses on his key colors of yellow and black. While many incarnations use these as the main colors for Bumblebee, this one is based on the Generation One version. Bumblebee's base color is a bright "canary" yellow with black used to section off parts like his upper arms, fists and thighs. Additional details are done in dark yellow, silver, blue and black. These include the crest on the top of his head and the outline of the car parts on his body and feet. The round shape of the torso is especially appropriate for Bumblebee since his torso was made up of the cabin section of the vehicle form. here, the round shape works nicely with the curved details to recreate the feel of his vehicle mode's cabin section. Right in the center of the body is a large, red Autobot symbol. His feet also have car "parts" painted on them including the headlights and front wheels of his vehicle form (painted in blue, black and silver respectively).

I think my favorite set of details on this figure is his face. Bumblebee has a big smile painted in black set against a silver face. His eyes are big and blue with white "pupils" in them. The whole look resembles a cute, animated character trying to look terribly adorable, and amusingly enough it succeeds.

Look on the bottom of Bumblebee's left foot and you'll find the official "Mighty Muggs" symbol in silver.

Bumblebee is heavily modified from the "base" Mighty Muggs figure. The head is not the standard "round" Mighty Muggs head. Instead, it is slightly oval in shape with horns sticking up on the sides. I'm really happy the designers went with this choice instead of just painting faux horns onto the head. The other parts that are "non-standard" are his legs. They are much shorter than the standard Might Muggs legs, emphasizing Bumblebee's distinction of being the "smallest" Autobot in Generation One. This actually works well and adds to his "cute" look.

Final Thoughts
Bumblebee is one cute little guy and he looks great. Clearly the designers were playing up the "Cute little pal" role he played in G1 and it comes through brilliantly. Recommended!