Mighty Muggs Autobot Jazz Figure Review

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Mighty Muggs

General Information:
Release Date: 2009
Price Point: $9.99 (varied depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Kay Bee Toys etc.)
Accessories: Blaster


Unlike most traditional "Transformers" reviews on this site, the "Mighty Muggs" all share the same basic body type with modifications in some cases. The basic body is of a "super deformed" style, with a large, sphere shaped head, rounded torso, tube shaped arms and legs with flat bottoms so the figure can stand. The figures are articulated at three points: the head (which can turn around in a full circle) and the arms which can move up and down. It's a basic style of vinyl figure but very much along the lines of a lot of the exaggerated designs seen in a lot of vinyl figure collections. It's also a smart basic design that can be easily adapted for a wide variety of licenses.

I've always liked Jazz's design. He may have been one of the many "Autobot Cars" but he was a distinctive design. Like his G1 action figure, Mighty Muggs' Jazz figure is rather distinct from other Mighty Muggs figures. This figure focuses on using the G1 toy as its design inspiration. The base figure is the black "Mighty Muggs" body. These parts are most apparent on the heads and arms which show quite a bit of black. More appears on the waist area. This works out well since black was one of the key colors of the original Jazz.

The main paint colors on this figure are white, off-white, grey, silver, red and two shades of blue. That sounds like a lot of colors, and it is. It's largely due to the intricate details inherent on the figure. Some of the details are ones you'd expect such as blue visor eyes, a smile done in dark silver and vent details on either side of his face. The white acts as a base for key sections on his chest, forearms, legs and the door/wings on the back. On top of the white are details like the blue stripes on his chest (with an Autobot symbol on top). What's interesting about this design is the way the Autobot symbol is skewed at an angle, making it look like this chest section is sticking out slightly as it did in the original toy. His chest also features blue headlights (a carry over design from the G1 toy) and a grille with a grid design in the center. Other neat details carried over are the number 4 on his chest and doors along with a red circle and a black stripe through it. This is based on a sticker used on the original figure (minus licensing information). Another detail I really like are the wheels on the sides of his feet along with red and blue stripe details curving over the wheel well. On the bottom of his left foot is the Mighty Muggs symbol in red.

The back of the figure features a rich amount of additional detail. The center of his back has red and blue stripes running down the center, based on stickers seen on the G1 figure. There's also black and white details indicating where the windshield is located in vehicle mode. There's also a black strip with the words "Agent Meister" in silver, a reference to his Japanese name. A really fun detail is found on the back of the wings/doors, a strip of silver with two circles in the middle. This is a visual reference to the small piece of metal that held the doors to the rest of the figure. I love these little touches on the Mighty Muggs. Even though they don't transform, they still reference their "source material", the original toys.

Autobot Jazz is one of the more heavily modified figures in this line. The head uses the same design as the Bumblebee figure, with two horns sticking up on the sides. The back has been modified with slots carved out that allow the doors to be attached. He also includes a blaster accessory modeled after the weapon that came with the G1 toy, including an angled back section and a circular section on the sides. The weapon is silver with darker silver lines serving as detail outlines. Overall it looks great and I'm very happy with the modifications.

Final Thoughts
Jazz is one of my favorite figures in this line. Not only is he heavily modified from the "base" Mighty Muggs figure but he includes a weapon as well. The deco is super fun and looks great. Highly recommended!