Mighty Muggs Shockwave Figure Review

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Mighty Muggs

General Information:
Release Date: 2009
Price Point: $9.99 (varied depending on retailer)
Retailer: Diamond Select and Toys R Us Exclusive
Accessories: None


*Images with asterisks from official Hasbro press releases.

Unlike most traditional "Transformers" reviews on this site, the "Mighty Muggs" all share the same basic body type with modifications in some cases. The basic body is of a "super deformed" style, with a large, sphere shaped head, rounded torso, tube shaped arms and legs with flat bottoms so the figure can stand. The figures are articulated at three points: the head (which can turn around in a full circle) and the arms which can move up and down. It's a basic style of vinyl figure but very much along the lines of a lot of the exaggerated designs seen in a lot of vinyl figure collections. It's also a smart basic design that can be easily adapted for a wide variety of licenses.

Shockwave is one of the most distinctive looking Generation One characters out there. He uses the black Mighty Muggs figure as the base, but most of the figure winds up getting covered up by a ton of purple, lavender and silver paint (in various shades). Purple is the most dominant color, with silver used in two shades offering up additional details such as his thighs, feet and the "gun grips" on the sides of his legs. Silver is also used for the "ears" on the sides of the head. I really like the way silver and black are used to simulate the various contours of parts such as the lines on the arms and back. Shockwave also features a single gold eye with white "pupil" details. Lavender is used along with purple details on key parts such as his fist, "gun arm" and chest.

Some of the parts painted on the top of the chest and towards the bottom of the chest are set at angles (including a Decepticon symbol), simulating the shape of Shockwave's chest from the Generation One figure. He also has silver details on his waist that are an equivalent to the trigger found on the G1 action figure. The bottom of his left foot as the Mighty Muggs logo printed in silver.

Overall the deco on Shockwave does a great job of conveying the creepiness of the character while looking kind of cute at the same time thanks to the big head and "cutesy" limbs.

Shockwave is a heavily modified Mighty Mugg. The left arm has been retooled to feature Shockwave's "gun arm" at the end, featuring a six sided base with a wide round base connected to it and then a narrow tube leading to a wider barrel. Even better? The 'gun arm" is actually connected to his back by a flexible silver tube, just like the G1 figure had (though on the toy it was black). The tube is flexible, allowing you to move the "gun arm" up and down.

Final Thoughts
Shockwave is an awesome Mighty Mugg, easily one of my favorites. It would have been enough to just modify the left arm, but going the extra step to include the tube does a great job of paying homage to the classic character. Highly recommended!