Toy Review: Mighty Muggs Starscream

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Mighty Muggs

General Information:
Release Date: 2009
Price Point: $9.99 (varied depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Kay Bee Toys etc.)
Accessories: Wings x 2


Unlike most traditional "Transformers" reviews on this site, the "Mighty Muggs" all share the same basic body type with modifications in some cases. The basic body is of a "super deformed" style, with a large, sphere shaped head, rounded torso, tube shaped arms and legs with flat bottoms so the figure can stand. The figures are articulated at three points: the head (which can turn around in a full circle) and the arms which can move up and down. It's a basic style of vinyl figure but very much along the lines of a lot of the exaggerated designs seen in a lot of vinyl figure collections. It's also a smart basic design that can be easily adapted for a wide variety of licenses.

Unlike many other Mighty Muggs Transformers figures, Starscream's deco seems largely based on his animated counterpart from Generation One. It appears that the black Mighty Muggs "blank" figure was used as the base figure for the devious Decepticon. The black plastic is most evident on the head, which is mostly black with grey paint filling in the "helmet" details and two different shades of silver making up the face details. A sly smirk is painted in black and his eyes are a nice shade of red that practically glows against the darker colors.

Starscream's torso is mostly painted red in front and back, using silver to fill out details such as the edges of the nosecone and edges on his back. The cockpit window itself is yellow while other details such as the air intakes on his chest are black. A purple Decepticon symbol sits on the top of the chest. His arms are painted white, grey and blue with a dark blue color helping to give detailing on parts like his fingers. Overlaying the sides of each arm are white silouettes of his classic "Null Ray" weapons.

Starscream's legs are painted white, with grey, blue and black details helping to recreate some of his key parts including the feet, the thrusters above his feet and the thrusters on his heels. Silver paint is used to create the "Mighty Muggs logo" on the bottom of his left leg.

Rather than being whimsical, this paint job is a straight up interpretation of Starscream but the look on his face definitely gives him some character. It's definitely loyal to the source material, that's for sure.

The Starscream figure has a unique modification involving the back. There, two slots have been carved out allowing you to attach his two wing accessories. Each of the wings has been cast in a soft plastic, allowing the designers to give it sharp looking points at each end. The wings are painted white with red lines following the angled shape of the wing and Decepticon symbols on both sides. I'd be careful not to leave the figure any place too hot as I could see these wings warping rather easily.

Final Thoughts
In retrospect it's a shame this line didn't do better because it would've been neat to see redecos of this particular Mighty Mugg as Skywarp and Thundercracker. The figure looks great but doesn't quite have the quirky charm of some of the other figures.