Transformers Movie (2007) Decepticon Brawl (Leader Class) Review

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Transformers Live Action Movie

Brawl Box Art
General Information:
Release Year: September 2007
Retailer: General release (Wal-Mart, Target, Toys 'R' Us etc.)
Price: $39.99 (Depending on retailer)
Accessories: None



Tech Specs:
DECEPTICON BRAWL is proud to be a big, mean destruction-dealing machine. He's a one-robot wrecking crew, a mobile mass of mayhem, and a serious problem for AUTOBOTS and humans alike. His armored skin is thick enough to shrug off almost anything short of a point-blank blast from a fusion cannon, and his built-in weapon systems are more than adequate to bring down even the toughest enemy. He lives for the thudding roar of his shells bursting among a cluster of enemies and the shrill crackle of his lasers cutting through the armor of an AUTOBOT warrior. He is a fighter through and through, bored and moody during his standby cycles, but happy as can be as soon as he rolls into battle.

Strength: 8  Intelligence:Speed:Endurance: 9
Rank: 5  Courage: 9  Firepower: 9  Skill: 3

During the final battle in Mission City we get to see the Decepticons attack in full force. One of their primary weapons in this battle is the Decepticon known as Devastator in the movie. Of course, fans are more than familiar with the name oddity of this character being named Brawl in the toy world. Either way, Brawl showed an awesome display of firepower and his considerable size made him a fearsome sight on the battlefield. The first wave deluxe sized figure was a good representation of the character, but he lacked the sheer threatening size compared to other figures. Filling in that niche is Leader Class Decepticon Brawl.

Robot Mode:
Brawl stands at an impressive 10.5 inches. This is an approximate, not counting the cannon turrets that stick up on his back. Count those and you're talking about a 'bot that stands just about 12 inches. He is also rather wide, almost 5 inches shoulder to shoulder. With increased size comes more canvas for designers to work with. He retains the basic features of the Brawl design such as the turret mounted on his back, weaponry on his arms, tread sections on either side of his head and the mine catchers wind up on his chest. However, there is a lot more minute detail worked into the figure and the arrangement of his arm mounted weapons is much closer to what was seen in the CGI model than the deluxe version.

I really love the sculpt for this figure. I was already a big fan of the detailed work on the deluxe figure, but this version kicks things up a notch. In the larger size, the detail work on his face is awesome, down to small circles representing rivets on his brow and "nose". His arms each have lots of smooth and angled parts sculpted to look like his armor. His claws each have quite a bit of detail, with each digit's armor plating shown as separate pieces and circles in the middle showing where the finger joints would bend. I also love the design of his legs. There is a wonderful combination of angled and rounded pieces coming together at unusual angles for a Transformer.

One of Brawl's defining features is his massive array of weaponry, and it is here that this version of the character resembles the CGI renderings more than the deluxe version. Mounted on his turret are two quad-barreled weapons swung up to the sides. On his right arm is another quad-barreled weapon, just like the one he is seen using in the film. This version is very detailed, with a targeting scope and telescoping barrels. Proportionally speaking it is larger than the one on the deluxe figure when compared to the rest of his arm. On his left arm is a dual purpose weapon. The obvious weapon is his gatling gun which sits on top of a platform. However, slide it back and twin blades swing forward. It's not all about ballistic weaponry of course. Built into each leg is a blade that can swing out and point at various angles to give Brawl one vicious kick! Add in the main tank cannon on his right side hip and Brawl is armed to the teeth. However, there is one bad bit of design that surprises me. The blades on his left arm have a tendency to pop off very easily, so be careful. They look great, but they really should have been connected more securely to avoid lost parts and breakage.

Connected to his weaponry are lights and sounds. Push the grey piece on his chest down and the quad-blasters on his back light up with green lights and make a series of noises. The other noise comes from his tank cannon barrel. Press it in and the end lights up red and makes a blasting sound. It definitely adds a fun dimension to the figure.

Brawl has an awesome twenty seven points of articulation. This is thanks in part to each finger having individual articulaton and a lot of articulation built into each arm. I've read some reports online that he is not particularly stable to support different poses, but I've found his bulk is more of an issue than loose parts. All the joints on my Brawl are very tight including the blades inside his legs.

As one would expect, Brawl's primary plastic colors are military green, black and grey. The paint colors are relatively few in this form, but he really doesn't need them since the three primary colors work together so well to give him a military appearance. Dark green, silver, gold, black and light grey are the colors used to fill in details. They are used rather sparingly. The biggest cluster of colors is his head, where gold, light grey and black work in concert to bring emphasis to the details on his face. The silver and gold are used to fill in details like angles on his shoulders and the lines on the outer edge of his lower legs. The light grey breaks up the potential monotony of his green plastic by filling in lines on his legs and even his weaponry. It is a very effective color scheme in its simplicity.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:
Be warned, because of the way they connect to his turret, his twin tank cannons detach very easily. Be careful as they may go flying during the transformation. They snap back on easily enough however so I would not worry too much about breakage.

  1. Swing the tank turret back.
  2. Rotate the quad-cannons on his back back, then swing each arm they rest on against the turret.
  3. Collapse the barrels of his weapon on the right arm in and swing the weapon out and forward.
  4. Swing the gatling gun to the side.
  5. Swing the blades back on his left arm by sliding the gatling gun down and swing the weapon out and forward.
  6. Curl the two longer claws against the shorter third one.
  7. Fold the middle sections on the sides of each foot together into the middle.
  8. Swing the front claws on each foot back, then swing the heel pieces forward.
  9. Rotate the lower legs so the front of each lower leg faces each other, then snap them together.
  10. Lift the turret piece off the back.
  11. Swing the left side of the turret outwards, then move the main turret into the slot in the center and slide the side piece back into place.
  12. Rotate the turret around.
  13. Swing Brawl's chest piece upward.
  14. Swing the tread sections on his legs outward.
  15. Swing the inner-tread piece on each leg out.
  16. Rotate the mid-arms around so the weapons on his arms can tuck into the slots in his lower legs.
  17. Swing each arm against the main body, tuck the weapons into the slots and then swing the treads on his lower legs up against the sides.
  18. Swing down the treads fro the chest piece and connect them to the tread pieces you just moved forward.
  19. Push the silver U shaped section on the chest forward and lock it into place. This will Automorph the robot head back.
  20. Swing the center U shaped piece down, then move the side pieces of the mine sifter towards the middle and angle them forward.
  21. Swing the green armor sections from the lower leg forward and lock them into place (this is the most difficult part to get right, make sure the arms are in the right position or the plates won't lock into place properly).

Vehicle Mode:
While the deluxe Brawl's figure has a great looking vehicle mode that does the movie vehicle justice, this larger vehicle does a better job of conveying the awesome power of the vehicle thanks to its size. Having a large scale tank and cannons just looks awesome, especially relative to other figures such as deluxe sized Autobots.

The larger size of this figure has allowed the designers to add in parts and designs that were absent from the deluxe figure. For instance, mounted on his top, double barreled turret is a smaller gun mounted in between the two larger cannons. Running along the front section of the vehicle are raised bars/tubes and on the turret itself are extra layers/angles as well as vent lines that were absent on the smaller figure. The main cannon on the tank is also more detailed, with extra notches on it and an end designed to look like a real tank end (unlike the empty tube that served as a missile launcher on the deluxe version). Smaller details that could be found on the deluxe figure are present as well such as the raised circles representing rivents, a hatch on the top of the two turrets and tubes coming out of the sides of the turret at angles. There's also some great detail that would normally be hidden by the turret. Turn it and you'll see panels, vents and cross hatching detail on the back section.

The larger turret can turn around almost completely to the back if you turn it to the right, but turn it to the left and it can point straight back. The secondary turret turns as well, but it also activates sounds as well. Turn it to the right and it makes a sound like several blasts being fired one after another. Turn it to the left and a rapid fire noise repeats itself until you move the turret out of that position. Both of these sound effects can be heard in the robot mode when you press the silver tab on his chest. You can also activate his sounds independently by pressing the buttons on either side of the small machine gun on the turret.

Brawl retains the same primary colors from the robotmode, but here you see no gold or silver but rather the colors focus on using dark green to create a camoflage pattern. It is interesting to note that this pattern is not the same one used on the deluxe figure. For instance, on the deluxe figure there is no deco on the mine catchers whereas here they both have camoflage details painted onto them.

Final Thoughts:
Leader Class Brawn is a near perfect representation of the character. Between his large size, excellent sculpting and fun action features he is definitely fun. I'm just not fond of how easily some parts (like his arm blades) pop off. Recommended with some reservations.