Transformers Movie (2007) Cyberslammer Decepticon Brawl Review

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Transformers Live Action Movie

General Information:
Release Year: August 2007
Retailer: General release (Wal-Mart, Target, Toys 'R' Us etc.)
Price: $7.99 (Depending on retailer)
Accessories: None
Skill Level: 1


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Team up with the heroic AUTOBOT character as you pretend to battle the evil DECEPTICONS for the All Spark! Slam this robot down and watch it go in full tank vehicle mode. As it rolls along, the robot pops up!

Vehicle Mode:
Brawl's vehicle mode is a very compact version of his tank mode. The main body of the vehicle is rather large in comparison to everything else, but the front minesweepers and the turret are all shrunk down quite a bit. The turret has been compressed into one solid piece and it doesn't turn. The main barrel is shrunk down so that it does not actually extend over the front of the tank. The smaller turret on top and the guns on the sides are pressed up against the turret as well.

Even though all the parts are compressed there are a lot of details sculpted into the figure. Each turret has the barrel and the vertical end pieces. The smaller turret has its own hatch in addition to the larger one. There are vents and cross hatch details just like the other versions of this figure. On the main body you'll find the barrel like details on the back and the headlights in the front. For a simplified version of the tank, this definitely works.

The tank is cast primarily in dark green plastic (with black wheels on the underside). Black camo details are painted on the turret and the main body of the tank. Black is used again for the treads. Some silver is used on the ends of the mine sweepers on the front as well. While this sounds very simple, it works for the tank since those are the basic colors.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
There is a switch on the bottom of each Cyber Slammer figure that controls what mode the figure stays in. To keep him in vehicle mode you keep the switch pushed forward. If you push it back, then let the vehicle go it automatically rolls forward and the back and sides swing up to reveal the robot parts. The front section slides in a bit as well. The treads are plastic, but inside them are four wheels, two of which have a have a rubber strip around them that help provide traction for the vehicle to roll forward. You really don't need to slam the figure hard. Really if you just flip the switch and let the vehicle roll forward it will do the same thing.

Robot Mode:
Part of the idea behind the Cyberslammers are to make rather cutesy versions of existing characters. As characters go, Brawl is not exactly one of the most cuddly looking ones. Creepy looking, bristling with weaponry and dominating, I imagine it was a challenge to fit him into this aesthetic, but the designers did it. The head design is surprisingly unchanged from the larger versions. It has the angled, rectangular shape with the insectoid type mandible mouth design of the larger figures and the movie model. His chest and waist have several layers of details, hinting at the layered armor look of the movie. His arms are the most fun part for me. Each shoulder has four missile tubes on them. On his right lower arm is a cannon barrel sculpted over his fist. On the left are two claws (not pointing forward, but rather curved) over his left fist. In keeping with the look of the movie model, each fist only has three claws, with the "thumb claw" distinctly sharp in shape. Another nice design are tread like parts behind his shoulders, a bit of a homage to the tread pieces that would normally be on his chest. I like these touches as they could have easily been glossed over but they were included. They also probably make Brawl the most heavily armed Cyberslammer to date!

Like the vehicle mode, the robot mode is cast in green plastic. Black, silver, gold and red paint colors are used on the arms and main body to provide detail. The head is perhaps the most intricate part, with silver outlines on his mouth/nose area and gold on the mouth and crest. His eyes are painted black with red dots, giving him a more complicated pattern than just simple red or black eyes. Gold details are used on the shoulders as well, for the missile tube details. Black is found on the main body as both a camo pattern and a straight pattern on his waist. Silver can be found outlining the black section his waist and on the claws on his fist.

Like the other Cyberslammers, Brawl can turn his head and his arms are spring loaded so you can lift them up and then swing back down.

Final Thoughts:
Cyberslammers Decepticon Brawl is a very well done figure. He looks great and he has all the fun of the other Cyberslammers. Recommended for completists or younger Transformers fans.