Transformers Movie (2007) Cyberslammers Concept Camaro Bumblebee Review

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Transformers Live Action Movie

Cyber Slammer Bumblebee
General Information:
Release Year: August 2007
Retailer: General release (Wal-Mart, Target, Toys 'R' Us etc.)
Price: $7.99 (Depending on retailer)
Accessories: None


Bumblebee is carded with a bubble that wraps the sides around to the back of the card, similar to the rest of the movie line so far. The front has the figure in robot mode with a cardboard insert that tells you to "Slam it down and watch it go!", indicating the play pattern of the figure. Bumblebee does have box art of the full figure that evokes memories of the artwork from the Throttlebot packaging of Generation One. Interestingly enough, his art represents the reverse of the toy, with Bumblebee's weapon on his left arm instead of the right. On the back of the card Bumblebee's play pattern is shown again and the following text is off in the corner: "Robot warriors from the other side of the galaxy are here! Team up with the heroic Autobots or race into action with the evil Decepticons as both sides battle for the Allspark!" The GM logo is listed along with Hasbro, the Transformers Collector's Club and Dreamworks pictures.

Vehicle Mode:
Bumblebee gets a second Cyber Slammer treatment, this time in his 2009 Camaro Concept form. As with the other Cyber Slammers he has a squat appearance with exaggerated proportions that give him a chunky look. The front end has most of the trademark Camaro details including the circular headlights on the front, the Chevrolet logo in the center of the grille and the raised section in the center of the hood. On the sides you'll find more details carried over from the real life vehicle on the wheels. The rims are nicely sculpted versions of the five spoked wheels with layers of detail inside the wheels. Honestly I was pleasantly surprised just how detailed the wheels were. The back has details suggesting twin exhaust pipes and the Camaro styled rear lights.

Bumblebee is primarily cast in yellow and black plastic. The yellow is a deeper color than the one used on the first Cyber Slammer Bumblebee. Black, silver and red paint are used for detailing. The front grille is black with silver used for the Chevrolet logo and headlights. The rear lights are painted red. The sides of the wheels are painted silver. It's a very simple color scheme but it captures the critical essence of the vehicle and works very well.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
There is a switch on the bottom of each Cyber Slammer figure that controls what mode the figure stays in. To keep him in vehicle mode you keep the switch pushed forward. If you push it back, then let the car go it automatically rolls forward and the cabin and doors swing up to reveal the robot parts. The front section slides in a bit as well. The rear tires are plastic, but they have a rubber strip around them that help provide traction for the vehicle to roll forward. You really don't need to slam the figure hard. Really if you just flip the switch and let the vehicle roll forward it will do the same thing.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode Bumblebee is a whole new sculpt. The designers didn't cheat at all by reusing the head from the first Cyber Slammer Bumblebee or anything. The new head resembles the first with its antennae on the top of the head, the large round eyes and the "rebreather" type mouth. The eyes are set a bit wider apart and the mouth section extends out a bit more. His chest has a V shape with layered details based on the front end of the Camaro Concept vehicle. His right arm is actually a "Cyber Slammer squat" version of the cannon he used in the movie while the left arm is a regular fist. His waist section has more detail than the first Cyber Slammer Bumblebee, but it carries over the circular piece that figured into Bumblebee's famous (or perhaps infamous) "lubricating" scene in the movie. Interestingly, thanks to the high tires at the base of the vehicle, this Bumblebee actually winds up being slightly taller than his predecessor. Like most Cyber Slammers, Bumblebee has three points of articulation: his arms and his head.

Bumblebee's robot mode parts are cast in yellow plastic, matching the yellow of the car. Black paint is used on the waist, lower arms, chest and face. His eyes are painted blue in a pattern with lines inside the circles, making them look more like the human-like eyes from the movie. An Autobot symbol is painted onto his chest and you can still find silver on his chest on the parts that are meant to represent the front of the car. Silver is also used for trim around his mouthpiece.

Final Thoughts:
Just as the first Bumblebee Cyber Slammer was a great cutesy version of the 70's Camaro, this toy takes some of the most critical design elements of the "updated" Bumblebee and works them into a stylized figure. Giving him a weapon arm instead of just two fists was also very cool to see. Highly recommended.