Transformers Movie (2007) Cyberslammers Cliffjumper Review

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Transformers Live Action Movie

Cyber Slammer Cliffjumper
General Information:
Release Year: November 2007
Retailer: General release (Wal-Mart, Target, Toys 'R' Us etc.)
Price: $7.99 (Depending on retailer)
Accessories: None


The recent trend for the character of Cliffjumper has been to be created from a redeco of some Bumblebee figure. The movie Cyber Slammers line is no exception. Taking the Concept Camaro version of Bumblebee, the designers have given him a new deco as Cliffjumper. This review will focus on the color changes made to this figure.

Cliffjumper is carded with a bubble that wraps the sides around to the back of the card, similar to the rest of the movie line. The front has the figure in robot mode with a cardboard insert that tells you to "Slam it down and watch it go!", indicating the play pattern of the figure. Surprisingly, Hasbro did not do the simple thing and just recolor Bumblebee's art but rather they sprung for new art for Cliffjumper. His cosells on the bottom are Decepticon Brawl, Autobot Jazz and Autobot Ratchet. On the back of the card the play pattern is shown again and the following text is off in the corner: "Robot warriors from the other side of the galaxy are here! Team up with the heroic Autobots or race into action with the evil Decepticons as both sides battle for the Allspark!" The GM logo is listed along with Hasbro, the Transformers Collector's Club and Dreamworks pictures.

Vehicle Mode:
Cliffjumper swaps out Bumblebee's yellow for red. The black parts remain the same. For the most part he uses similar colors as Bumblebee for paint detail. Like Bumblebee his headlights, wheels and Chevrolet symbols are silver. However, his paint pattern does differ from Bumblebee in some ways as well. Silver is used on two stripes on the hood. They are not the same exact stripes as Bumblebee's. They differ in length, width and they have black borders. The door handles have been painted silver and a silver Chevrolet symbol has been added to the back fo the vehicle. His windows are a darker metallic blue than the windows on Bumblebee. Considering the design limitations of this simplified vehicle mode, I'm glad to see the designers found ways to distinguish the design from Bumblebee and not just transplant his color patterns with a different color.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
There is a switch on the bottom of each Cyber Slammer figure that controls what mode the figure stays in. To keep him in vehicle mode you keep the switch pushed forward. If you push it back, then let the car go it automatically rolls forward and the cabin and doors swing up to reveal the robot parts. The front section slides in a bit as well. The rear tires are plastic, but they have a rubber strip around them that help provide traction for the vehicle to roll forward. You really don't need to slam the figure hard. Really if you just flip the switch and let the vehicle roll forward it will do the same thing.

Robot Mode:
The robot mode parts on Cliffjumper share several of the same characteristics as Bumblebee's color scheme while having a couple unique details all his own. He uses a combination of silver, black and blue for his details. Like Bumblebee his fists, headlights, Chevrolety symbol and Autobot symbol are all painted onto his main body. Instead of black, they are painted silver. The color patterns differ on the lower body and the head. Whereas Bumblebee had his entire lower body pained black, here only the center section resembling a headlight is painted silver. The head does not use as much black on the lower jaw portion, instead using it on two small details on the sides with the center "rebreather" like piece painted silver. His eyes are painted blue, but instead of having a full circle eye his are only painted on the lower half, giving him a somewhat sleepy eyed appearance. Look on the sides of his head and you'll find small details painted silver, another detail not found on Bumblebee.

Final Thoughts:
I'm certainly happy that this redeco uses a slightly different pattern than Bumblebee, but it is a shame there was no type of retooling at all. As a straight forward redeco this figure is nice and looks great, but if you already have Cyber Slammer Bumblebee you can skip this figure.