Transformers Movie (2007) Autobot Jazz (G1 Deco) Review

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General Information:
Release Year: September 2007
Retailer: Target Exclusive
Price: $10.99
Accessories: Weapon, Shield


Tech Specs:
During the long process of being rebuilt by AUTOBOT RATCHET, there was a lot of time to think. AUTOBOT JAZZ digs his Earth vehicle form, but the
silver paint job got scratched too easily, and dust stuck to it like cyberflies on old oil. Also, it wasn't nearly eye-catching enough. Just
because he's supposed to be in disguise doesn't mean he can't be noticed. With help from BUMBLEBEE and AUTOBOT RATCHET, he picked this color scheme as
the one most likely to get him appreciative looks from all the humans he passes on the freeway.

Strength: 6  Intelligence:Speed:Endurance: 7
Rank: 8  Courage: 9  Firepower: 6  Skill: 5

In one of the pivotal moments of the Transformers movie, Jazz takes on Decepticon leader Megatron in battle, only to meet a grisly fate. The end of the film pretty much showed that Jazz was a goner, but in the world of toys, anything is possible and thanks to this Target exclusive, we know in some variant of the movie-verse Jazz was brought back with a snazzy G1 inspired deco. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release. For a more detailed look at the sculpt check out Jazz's original review.

Autobot Jazz is packaged in a bubble on a card of the same design as the first release. The artwork has been changed to reflect the colors of this figure and the photos on the back show the figure in the card (nice to see they didn't go lazy on the packaging and just reuse the original). Aside from the weapons notes, they also note "Exclusive G1 deco!" On top of the bubble is a sticker saying "Only at Target", just like all the other Target exclusives released so far.

Vehicle Mode:
The way the licensing deals for the movie worked out, the only appearance Porches made in the film were as part of a joke played on Sam Witwicky by his father (seen in the beginning of the trailer for the movie). When it came to picking a vehicle form for Jazz, the Pontiac Solstice was chosen instead. While it's not a Porche, it has a lot of similarities in appearance. It has curved, rounded edges, a spoiler in the back and it is not a large car. These very superficial similarities are enough to justify giving Jazz a G1 inspired deco treatment that fits the body very well.

The silver plastic on Jazz has been replaced with white. the black plastic remains the same and the translucent blue plastic is still blue, but it is a much lighter shade, allowing you to see th einside of the vehicle more. The true fun of this figure comes with the paint applications however. Styled after G1 Jazz's unique design, this Jazz looks incredible with his G1 predecessor's deco.

Most striking out of all the designs is the series of stripes running down the center of the vehicle from the front to the back. Just like G1 Jazz, this strip of lines has a dark blue background, with two light blue stripes on either side of a red stripe in the center. The number "4" is written in blue outline on the hood right over the stripe, just like G1 Jazz. His headlights and the sides of his wheels are painted silver. However, the lights on the front of the vehicle that are inset are painted powder blue, just like the headlights on G1 Jazz. On the doors you'll find another "4", this time larger and in dark blue. Next to that is a symbol taken from the G1 Jazz toy stickers. The symbol is a rectangle with a circle in the middle. Originally this had the word "Martini" in it, a reference to a real life brand. However, to avoid any legal infringement, this now says "Jazz" instead. On the front of the car, look at the bottom edge and you'll see it is painted bright orange. The same goes for the rear lights. This is very similar to the color used on G1 Jazz in the same area on the front of the car.

What amazes me is how well this deco works on the vehicle. I think this owes a lot to the aforementioned shape similarities between this vehicle and Jazz's G1 Porche form. The white color is also a lot more eye catching than the silver of the previous version. With the colors running right down the middle and on the sides, it grabs your attention with ease.

Robot Mode:
While movie Jazz's robot mode does have some similarities to the classic "car hood becomes the chest" design for Autobots, the parts don't all quite lay out the same way, so a homage deco is a bit tougher to do. This time around, all the parts on the chest and head section are black. The head cast in translucent blue, so the top is painted black and the mouth is painted silver, giving him a very G1 Jazz look. While the stripes are no longer on the top portion of his chest, the front section of the chest still has a bit of that blue line right where the Pontiac symbol sits.

Jazz's arms and legs are mostly white, with the joints cast in black. You can tell the designers did their best to work in color influences from G1 where they could. For instance, the area around his waist is painted silver with an Autobot symbol tampograph in the middle. This is a lot like the stickers on G1 Jazz which were also silver. G1 Jazz also had an Autobot symbol in the same place. Silver is also used for smaller details on the waist. His sword weapon is cast in black and white plastic, with the handle being white and the telescoping portion cast in black.

The G1 influences are of course, more obvious in the vehicle mode, but that does not keep the robot mode from looking really nice. The sharp contrast between the black of the head/chest section and the joints really work well against the white that makes up most of his body. There are no joint issues with this figure and even the weapon's telescoping feature is fairly tight.

Final Thoughts:
I'm an old school fan of Transformers so I'm very biased when it comes to these homages. I generally like them and Jazz is no exception. It's more than that however, I also think this color scheme simply looks a lot better than the silver color of the last one. While the silver there is movie-accurate, this is much more in spirit with G1 and its more colorful characters. Highly recommended!