Transformers Movie (2007) Robot Replicas Optimus Prime Review

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Transformers Live Action Movie

General Information:
Release Year: September 2007
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Price: $9.99
Accessories: Arm cannon


Tech Specs:
OPTIMUS PRIME sometimes gives the impression of grimness. Command weighs heavily on him; though he has never hesitated in the fight to recover the AllSpark and restore CYBERTRON, he feels every soldier lost like a blow. Eons of war have left him steeped in memories of lost friends and comrades long gone. It is their memory that drives him on, and keeps him always dedicated to his principle of preserving freedom not just for the inhabitants of CYBERTRON, but for all creatures across the cosmos.

Robot Replicas are a line of non-transformable Transformers PVC figures. The joint system used on them allows for high posability, and resembles the system used in the Japanese "Revoltech" line. These figures however are not part of Revoltech, but were independently developed by Hasbro. Since the figures do not transform, the designers also had greater flexibility in the sculpting of the figures, allowing for more movie accurate designs.

Optimus Prime has one of those forms that is difficult to replicate in a transformable toy due to the bulk of the vehicle mode and the relatively thin form he has in robot mode. When you're asking a somewhat boxy and rectangular shape to suddenly become a humanoid form with little baggage hanging off the back, it's a tall order and one that the designers at Hasbro did an excellent job with on the various transformable versions of Optimus Prime so far. However, without the need for transformation, this is perhaps the most lithe Optimus Prime figure out of the lot.

The figure stands about six inches tall and has Prime standing in a relatively neutral position. Thanks to the joint system used in this figure, he is not locked into any one pose. His arms do come out rather wide from the torso, but this is to be expected since his chest section is not only wider but actually extends over the waist area quite a bit. The result is his arms angling outward a bit which gives him a dynamic look just standing still. Following the lines of his arms, his legs also angle outwards a bit from the center, adding to a striking appearance even if he is just standing there.

A lot of the larger scale details on the movie CGI model are present here. The chest section has several panels folded on top of each other, making up his trademark windshield windows chest. The head is based on the movie head with the mouthplate closed and his smokestacks protrude from the area near his back. His arms have segments like the CGI model including a circle on the hsoulder with two triangular sections under it and large forearms with circlular and rectangular pieces near the elbow. His waist section is a modern take on his famous grille from the G1 series being on his mid-body section. The legs are quite distinct, with wheels mounted on the thighs and large vertical panels forming out armor against the inner mechanisms that make up the more fucntional parts of his legs. One of the nicer details the designers worked in are vertical tubes that stick out of prime's feet. These are present on the movie CGI model but really don't appear on the Leader Class figure (and frankly, what purpose they serve is a mystery so that's not surprising).

Looking at the back, there are no truck parts to hide or large components hanging off his back. Instead, the details there come straight from the movie model with panels on the back along with the drums from the side of the vehicle mode. The back of his legs continue the open panel look with tubes and machinery in the middle. Overall, this is a great sculpting job.

Optimus is cast in two primary colors of soft plastic: silver and blue. The rest of his color details are all painted on. His head is cast in silver with dark blue for the helmet section and metallic silver paint on his mouth plate. The arms are a combination of silver, metallic light blue, red and dark blue. His trademark flame patterns are seen on the area right below his shoulders. The windshield pieces on his chest are painted metallic bue, with red and dark blue making up the surrounding armor plating. His waist is a combination of dark blue and red flame patterns with metallic silver and light blue details. The legs use a gunmetal silver and lighter metallic silver to color the machine parts such as his toes and the inside workings of his legs. A really nice yellow to red fade pattern is used on the sides of the legs for his key flame patterns. On the back you'll find more of the same colors used in slightly different ways. For instance on the panels on his back are straight red lines against dark blue sections that look like they could connect to part of the flame sections on his arms.

Optimus has twenty two points of articulation. The head rests on a ball joint while the other joints primarily use a ball joint with a peg. This is the joint with a similar design to the "Revoltech" joints. His upper body can rotate but it's not quite waist articulation, it's more of a "chest articulation". Overall, this allows Prime a lot of flexibility in how he can move. In terms of posing without hand support, there is only a limited amount of poses you can strike since Optimus' legs are rather heavy compared to the rest of the figure. I tried to pose him kicking up into the air, but while he can achieve the post, he can't hold it without support. Still, the figure is meant to be played with so that's not such a bad thing.

Both of Optimus' forearms can detach, and in their place you can attach his gun to replace the forearm. What's interesting is that this seems to have been an earlier design concept that was later abandoned for the movie. In the movie, Optimus actually grabs his rifle from his back and holds it in his hand. Here it looks like it morphs out of his arm like Bumblebee's. The piece is pretty simple, looking like his forearms but with a cannon barrel and scope replacing his fist. It's an interesting design bit since it shows something that we could have seen in the movie at one point. The only thing I would have liked to see is the ability for the gun arm to mount on his back the way it did in the movie. Not only would it look cool, but it would also allow for you to stow away the weapon somewhere.

Final Thoughts:
This is a cool PVc figure. It really goes beyond the old "Heroes of Cybertron" format and does it successfully. The non-transformable nature of the figure may turn some people off, but if you're into figures that are fun, well sculpted and posable, this one's for you. Recommended.