Transformers Movie (2007) Signal Flare Review

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Transformers Live Action Movie

General Information:
Release Year: June 2007
Retailer: Target Exclusive
Price: $6.99
Accessories: Disc, Shield halves x 2 and Energon Star
Difficulty Level: 2


Tech Specs:
Wired more for hard work than the heat of combat, SIGNAL FLARE prefers to remain hidden in the background, rather than on the front lines with OPTIMUS PRIME. On Earth, he stays in his vehicle mode and works secretly with humans to construct buildings capable of resisting even the mighty weapons of the TRANSFORMERS. When duty calls, however, he uses his powerful radar dish to transmit information between hidden AUTOBOT cells in preparation for the coming battle over the AllSpark.

Strength: 8  Intelligence:Speed:Endurance: 7
Rank: 5  Courage: 5  Firepower: 5  Skill: 9

In an effort to offer an expanded set of figures for retailer exclusives Hasbro has released a wave of Scout Class Transformers as Target exclusives
coinciding with the release of the Transformers Movie figures. One of these figures is Signal Flare, a redeco of Energon
Signal Flare
and Energon Offshoot. Signal Flare hasn't popped up in any Transformers Movie fiction just yet, but the scifi military aspect of the vehicle is an interesting addition to the Movie universe. Check out the Energon Signal Flare review for details on this figure. This review will cover the changes made for this release.

Signal Flare is packaged on a card matching the design and size of those used to package the "Real Gear Robots". It is a small card with a wrap around blister around the figure itself. He is packaged in vehicle mode and an "Only at Target" sticker is stuck onto the bubble. The back pictures Signal Flare in robot and vehicle form. His weapons are described as combining into the "Ultimate Energon Weapon".

Each of these Target exclusive figures features a "Robovision" decoder. When you use the decoder on the Optimus Prime face in the back, a text code is revealed that you enter at the official Target Transformers site to gain access to information and images. In this case the code is "Bullseye" and entering that code gives you this screen first. Pressing the download button then gives you this PDF file featuring the bios, images and color charts of the three Scout Class Target exclusive figures.

Vehicle Mode:
The idea behind this redeco is to give a scifi vehicle a more real world feel by giving it darker color tones than its predecessors. The light blue plastic on Energon Signal Flare has been replaced with military green, the blue plastic has been replaced with black and the beige plastic has been replaced with brown plastic. The wheels are now grey instead of black and the translucent red plastic has been replaced with silver. This includes the Energon weapon pieces, which are all now silver. I have to admit the whole look of the silver weapons is a little odd after seeing translucent Energon weapons for so long. It doesn't look bad, just very different.

The paint decos on this figure are done in yellow, black, silver and brown. The brown colors are used for camo patterns from the front to the back. A carry over deco pattern from the first use of this sculpt can be found on the treads which have a brown wash over them, giving them an almost dirty appearance. Silver is used for more mechanical details such as the wires on the main cannon. The robot arm sticking out the is painted silver with the Sector 7 symbol on it and the letter and number "S7" above it. Black can be found on the section near the Spark Crystal and the front has yellow coloring on the headlights.

This is definitely a nice color scheme for this figure. It actually looks more like the vehicles seen in the Godzilla movies that inspired this figure.

Robot Mode:
The only new part revealed in this figure is the head, which is cast in black plastic now. The face is painted the same as Energon Signal Flare's, with silver and red eyes. The robot mode does not use the same paint scheme as Energon Signal Flare, which is always welcome in a redeco. The wires and machinery on the right arm painted silver really helps bring out the details. On the legs he has the trapezoid shapes on his knees and the U shaped pieces near his feet painted silver, but instead of the lower legs being painted he has brown camo patterns. The chest isn't painted except for the camo patterns either.

No sculpt degradation seems to have occurred here. Every joint is tight and the Energon weapons still attach just fine.

Final Thoughts:
If you already own Signal Flare and Offshoot, it's a bit redundant to pick this up. It's a good sculpt with a nice deco pattern, but really only recommended for hardcore collectors.