Transformers Movie (2007) Speed Dial 800 Review

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Transformers Live Action Movie

General Information:
Release Year: May 2007
Retailer: General release (Wal-Mart, Target, Toys 'R' Us etc.)
Price: $6.99 (Depending on retailer)
Accessories: None


Tech Specs:
Your new robotic companion SPEED DIAL 800 is a hyperactive fast-talker, the sort of guy who just can't help but be friendly to everyone. Superior hypersonics allow him to piggyback a signal on local wireless connections in order to transmit sensitive info to his allies. Be sure you've got a lot of time if you go online at night though; he's sure to text you with a lot to say.

Strength: 4  Intelligence:Speed:Endurance: 6
Rank: 5  Courage: 5  Firepower: 5  Skill: 8

Speed Dial 800 is a carded figure, with the "Real Gear Robots" logo in a semi-circle around the edge of the bubble interior. Like all Real Gear figures, he has three words naming the function of the character. In this case his function is to: "Connect. Record. Inform." A small note on the front indicates "Not a working phone". The background uses the silver, metal look of the movie logo with an Autobot symbol behind it. There is no package art, just a photo of the figure. On the back right above the tech specs is the following text: "Congratulations on purchasing this fine Real Gear Robots product! You've uncovered one of the most closely held secrets on Earth, known only to very few humans. The power of the Allspark has been unleashed, and machines all over the world have come alive. Unlock their secrets and join the battle!" It's kind of neat since tis is akin to the type of message you would find in a manual when you purchase an electronic device (minus the stuff about your device coming to life of course).

There's something to be said about the longevity of the Transformers line when a character becomes an "every day" item that did not even exist when the line began. Speed Dial 800 (a funny name referring to both a phone function and the prefix for free phone numbers in the US) transforms into a cell phone, adding a unique member to the Real Gear line.

Cell Phone Mode:
In his alternate form, Speed Dial 800 is based on a standard flip phone offered by most cell phone providers nowadays. The shape is rectangular but it starts wide at top and curves downward to the bottom. In the center is a circle with a fake LCD display inside with a sticker that has "reflection" details on it with a blue "glowing" Autobot symbol and the time "7:47" in it, a recurring theme in the Real Gear line referring to the opening date of the Transformers movie in the US.

Turn the phone around and you will find a series of details etched into the plastic. On top is a translucent clear lens with a hook on top. The lens is a really nice touch, representing where a camera phone would focus on its target. The hook on top is reminscent of similar hooks on real phones where people often tie strings or cords with cute character items on them such as Hello Kitty and so on.

The sides have nice "real life" details as well. On the right side is an oval with a circle in the middle, presumably where one would plug in a headset. On the right is another oval shape but with indentations on the top and bottom, most likely meant to represent volume control.

Flip the phone open and you'll find a fake LCD screen at the top with a sticker. The sticker incorporates many real life cell phone elements including an signal reception indicator, battery indicator, alarm clock indicator, time (7:47 of course), Menu and Select options. On the keypad are all the requisite cell phone buttons including the menu select buttons, on/off buttons and keypad buttons. In the center is a scroll bar. In the center is an Autobot symbol in a circle. I really love the attention to detail and realism here. It would have been easy to "make up" icons to put on the LCD sticker display, but this makes it feel much more like a 'real' robot in disguise.

The figure is mostly cast in dark grey plastic. On the front section the middle is painted metallic blue and the circle inside is painted silver. Inside the control keys are painted metallic blue-silver. The edges around the LCD's are silver. Each key has the requisite letters and numbers printed on them in blue.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing the top of the cell phone up and swivel it around to the back.
  2. Swing down each half of the keypad.
  3. Turn the lower halves of the legs around and swing out the feet.
  4. Pull out the arms from the sides.
  5. Swing down the cell phone cover onto the back.
  6. Swing out the panels under the lens.

Robot Mode:
Speed Dial 800's robot mode is rather ungainly looking. His head is just a huge eye lens with a lower face. The chest and waist are made up of details from the phone buttons and the lower legs have no detailing other than the buttons and some details carried over from the back of the phone. The arms are perhaps the most detailed portions, which lots of tech and robotic details. His hands are claws instead of fists as well.

The only new color revealed is blue on the lower robot arms. The rest of the colors are all carried over from the parts of the cell phone.

Speed Dial has twelve points of articulation, focused in the arms and legs. More really would not have been possible considering the way this guy transforms.

Final Thoughts:
Speed Dial 800 has a strong alternate mode, but his robot mode leaves a lot to be desired. He's cute, but considering how strong some of the other figures from this line were, this was a disappointment. Not recommended.