Transformers Movie 2007 Storm Surge Review

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Transformers Live Action Movie

General Information:
Release Date: First Quarter 2008
Price Point: $5.99
Retailer: Target Exclusive
Accessories: Gun, Cyber-Key


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Storm SurgeAt the beginning of 2008, Hasbro launched its final group of redecos from various lines that formed a Target exclusive set of Scout Class figures. This line was comprised of an assortment of characters such as Skyblast and Hardtop. In this group the unique Cybertron Shortround figure was given a new deco and identity as Storm Surge. Check out Shortround's review for a thorough look at this figure. This review will focus on the changes made to this figure for this release.

Vehicle Mode:
While Shortround utilized a very pastel type color scheme, Storm Surge was designed to look more like a vehicle you would find in real life. This resulted in more conventional colors being used on this figure. The grey color from Shortround has been replaced with a bright white, and the pastel blue parts replaced with a slightly metallic grey. The lower edge remains black however.

Storm Surge amuses me in vehicle mode because his colors are those used by some U.S. Coast Guard vehicles. Paint applications are done in blue, light blue, orange and silver. The top part is mostly painted blue with smaller details such as the fan covers and an angled stripe on the side colored orange. The fans themselves are painted silver and his windows are light blue. Black paint is used for smaller details such as a "S7" and cube Sector 7 logo on the side. His gun has been cast in grey and has an orange stripe painted onto the front end. The total irony of this is that Storm Surge is a Decepticon, and I'm sure the last thing he cares about is saving anyone!

Storm Surge has been given the Decepticon Cyber Key with the sharp edges and crest in the center. The key is cast in translucent blue plastic. The Decepticon symbol in the center and the edges of the key have been painted silver, which looks fantastic. Insert the key and his weapons flip out just as fast as Shortround's. The edges of the missiles have been painted orange, matching the look of his gun.

Robot Mode:
Storm Surge's robot mode introduces a new plastic color into the mix while showing more of another. More grey parts appear on his head, lower claws and his mid-body. Blue plastic is used for his upper legs, giving color continuity between his upper legs and the parts painted blue on the lower legs. The blue plastic is also used for his joints such as the shoulders and elbows. This is a different pattern than Shortround, who used black for the mid-body (matching the lower portion of the vehicle mode).

Storm Surge's paint scheme is different than Shortround's in this mode as well. The blue paint on the white portion of the vehicle mode winds up getting distributed here between the upper body and legs. The same light blue paint used on the windows of the vehicle mode now appears on the robot eyes, chest and mid-body, where it forms a series of very nice looking outlines. Black paint is used to paint details on the head's "helmet" section.

All of the figures' joints are still tight and the gun attaches to his claw hands just fine.

Final Thoughts:
I've often said that if you must do a redeco, make it as different in pattern and colors from the original release as you can. This figure manages to do that and introduce a touch of irony into its color scheme as well. This is a super cool redeco and a neat addition to the Movie universe. Recommended!