Machine Wars Transformers Toy Review: Hubcap

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Machine Wars Transformers


Name: Hubcap
Motto: "You smash'em, I'll trash'em!"
Transformation: Tow Truck
After a fellow Autobot defeats a Decepticon in battle, Hubcap races in to haul the enemy away. He takes the debris back to Autobot headquarters where he salvages what he can from any surviving circuitry or undamaged armor. The rest of the parts he either recycles for scrap, or uses of his favorite hobby: target practice!

Strength: 4  Intelligence:Speed:Endurance: 7
Rank: 5  Courage: 8  Firepower: 5  Skill: 4

Hubcap is another Generation One name plucked from obscurity by Machine Wars. However, Transformers named Hubcap has been released twice before. The first time, he was a mini car in Generation One. Later, he would appear in Generation Two with the same mold, but a different deco. From his tech specs however it is unclear whether this is the G1 character or not since their personalities don't match at all.

For Hubcap's Machine Wars release, the same mold as Hoist was used. Please read that review for a more detailed look at the toy. This review will focus on the changes made to this mold for its release as Hubcap. Note: Please ignore the silver coloring on his fender and grille as I added that myself.

Vehicle Mode:
In vehicle mode, Hubcap is a tow truck. His primary color is bright yellow. His wheels and towing mechanism are black. Unlike Hoist, the yellow that Hasbro used for Hubcap really allows you to see the details etched into the sculpt. Among the details that are nice to see are the horns above the window, the vents on the hood, headlights on the front of the vehicle and the cross hatching in the back of the vehicle. Although I would have liked a better paint job, the light color was a good choice to show off the work that went into the toy. Stickers showing an angled orange and black pattern run along the sides of the vehicle, a nice touch.

Robot Mode:
Hubcap bursts out with more yellow in robot mode. His robot arms and legs are yellow (except for the mid point of the arms which is black). His robot head gets a tiny bit more detailing than Hoist's in the form of red filling in the for circles on his helmet and the sides of his helmet near the mouth plate. As with Hoist, silver is used for the eyes, which is a shame since the piece was obviously designed for translucent plastic.

Hubcap, like Hoist is fun, and the fact that you can see more details with the brigher color is great. If you can get this toy at a reasonable $5-$10 price tag, I recommend it, but if not, go for the current incarnation of this mold, Tow-Line instead. B+