Arms Micron Frenzy with Dago (F) Toy Review

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Transformers Arms Micron

General Information:
Release Date: April 2013
Price Point: $40 (Import Stores, prices may vary)
Retailer: Japanese Exclusive
Accessories: "Dago (R)" Micron figure/weapon

General Images:

One of the challenges in having a toy line that exists in multiple countries is making those toys unique somehow between countries. This is especially true between the United States and Japan, which traditionally take different tracks on marketing their figures. In the case of "Transformers Prime", Takara has engineered an entire campaign that centers around Microns (a.k.a. Mini-Cons) being included with each figure. Unlike traditional Mini-Con figures, these Microns are being included as small model kits that the buyer assembles. Another interesting feature is the use of stickers for details instead of paint, which is almost the antithesis of the current Generation One "Encore" series where old details that used to be stickers are tampographed onto G1 figures.

Frenzy Packaging Translations (courtesy of Doug Dlin):
AM31 Special Demolitions

[main section, clockwise from upper right]
Arms Micron Dago (R)
*Comes with AM30 Rumble (sold separately)

Arms-Up Frenzy (Double Hammer Mode)
Like Rumble and Frenzy, their Arms Microns, Dago (R) and Dago (F), are brothers. When one equips Dago (R) and (F), transformed into pile drivers, on both arms, they turn into their completed mode. He then toys with the enemy by shaking the ground.

Double Hammer Arm
A special Arms-up for the brothers Rumble and Frenzy. Not a combo weapon, but by equipping them on both arms, he is able to make powerful vibration attacks.

Arms Micron Dago (F)
[from "tako" ("octopus"), with consonants vocalized]

["Arms-Up example" text omitted]

[lower left block]
Frenzy Profile
Frenzy always follows Soundwave's orders, but is so talkative and brazen that one would never think he was a subordinate of the taciturn intelligence officer. He has a habit of flying into a rage when he is mistaken for his brother Rumble, whom he resembles in both form and temperament. The sound waves he fires from his machine gun barrels disrupt enemy circuitry. He employs these in coordinated attacks with Rumble or Laserbeak. By transforming into a small car that has no dependence on Soundwave, he is capable of even more autonomous activity.

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Arms Micron
Dago (F)

Energon Crystal

Dago (F) Micron Review

Dago (R) Images:

The Micron included with Rumble is Dago (R). Unlike a lot of the Microns included with the Autobots, Dago (using the letter F to designate him as Frenzy's partner) has a beast mode instead of a humanoid robot mode. Now, it bears noting that the Microns are very much like traditional small model kits with stickers for detailing.

Beast Mode:
Dago's beast mode is an octopus, but a very robotic looking one. He has an octogon shaped head and a wider base to match. On the base are four thin, blade like protrusions that serve as four of the octopus-bot's "arms". The other four are more tentacle like and attached to the top section of the body. There are some nice details on the sides of the figure including ridges running horizontally at the upper part of the head, beveled vertical sections on the angled portions of the lower half and small circles worked into the "tentacles", analagous to suction cups. Another design element is a Micron styled peg right under the single eye on the head. This has the double effect of giving Dago a rather "cute" appearance while also giving him a "beak" of sorts.

Dago is cast in gold plastic. The front of the figure has a four sided blue "jewel/crystal" over a Decepticon symbol sticker. The sides of the head and the tentacles each have metallic blue stickers with yellow line details on them. A red sticker is also used on the single eye in the middle of the head.

Each of the upper four tentacles can swing up and down (a function of the transformation). Dago has seven pegs that you can connect weapons to and one hole in front. However, these are more useful in the weapon mode than this one.

Transformation to Weapon Mode:

  1. Swing each of the upper tentacles up against the head.
  2. Pull on the head portion to extend the weapon out.

Weapon Mode:
If you look at the "piledriver" weapons included with "Robots in Disguise" Rumble, they clearly share design elements with Dago's weapon mode. Both look like blasters for sure, but they also look like piledrivers as well, a detail harkening back to G1 Rumble's piledriver weapons. The front end of the weapon has five barrel ends and the back part has one hole that looks almost like a thruster. Dago has a ton of connection points. There is a long peg on the bottom of the weapon to allow Rumble to hold it. Along the sides are two pegs and the end of the barrel has one on top and another on the bottom. The base has a hole as well. With all these points it makes Dago fairly ideal to be a "central" weapon for others to connect to when forming a larger weapon.

Final Thoughts on Dago:
I'm a sucker for "beast" based Microns. An octopus is a fairly unusual mode for any Transformer and I like its execution. From a practical standpoint, the weapon mode is very useful to act as a centerpiece for other weapons.

Rumble Review

Rumble Images:

FrenzyTwo of the early 2013 releases in the "Arms Micron" toy line are the Decepticon pair of Rumble and Frenzy. Traditionally linked due to sharing the same body type, these characters have popped up here and there in the "Transformers" toy line over the years. Most recently, the "Transformers Prime: Robots in Disguise" toy line released its own version of Rumble. This same sculpt was used as the base for this release. Check out my original Rumble review for reference. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

Vehicle Mode:
In Generation One, Frenzy was mostly made up of two shades of blue, and once again blue becomes the dominant color for this version of the character. The shade of blue here is a dark, metallic blue, much richer than the "Robots in Disguise" Rumble. The windows are cast in a translucent red plastic and the wheels are cast in black. The red is a really deep color and looks great. Dark blue paint is used on the top of the cabin section to provide color continuity between the top of the car and the other sections like the front, back and sides. The sides of the wheels are painted silver, a detail that used to be common but has largely fallen by the wayside in recent years.

Like most of the "Arms Micron" figures, Frenzy uses stickers for a lot of his details. Silver stickers with line details are used for the front and rear lights. A bit of orange is found on the edges of the headlight stickers. The center of the grille has a small Decepticon sticker in purple and silver. The figure includes a sticker that looks like half of Soundwave's face in purple against a silver background. The name "Frenzy" is printed on the sticker. This sticker is interesting in that it is the mirror image of the "Soundwave" sticker included with Rumble. Frenzy also comes with the same "Team Soundwave" sticker that Rumble has. I decided to put this on his right side door, but it can just as easily fit on the other.

Overall, Frenzy looks great in this mode. He doesn't have the most super cool vehicle mode in the world, but these colors are simply more rich and striking than the one used on "Robots in Disguise" Rumble.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the weapons if attached.
  2. Pull out the side panels, which will bring half of the doors and the rear wheel wells out.
  3. Rotate the panels from the step above around.
  4. Push the front end of the car down.
  5. Pull the robot feet up.
  6. Push the halves of the grille/headlights sections to the sides of the legs.
  7. Straighten out each leg.
  8. Swing the cabin section of the vehicle up.
  9. Split the cabin section into its two halves.
  10. Swing the cabin section halves down.
  11. Push the panels on the back together.
  12. Swing the window sections on each arm up.
  13. Attach the weapons to one of the hands.

Robot Mode:
Like Generation One Frenzy, this iteration of the character also uses two shades of blue plastic to make up most of the figure. In this case however, it's the dark blue seen in vehicle mode and a lighter blue color. The light blue is used on parts like the shoulder joints, parts of the arms, thighs and feet. This mode uses a lot of translucent red plastic. It of course appears on the arms, but also inside the chest and the light piping eyes on his head. The rest of the head is cast in black. While not the same shades of blue used on Generation One Frenzy, the colors evoke the character very well.

Frenzy has a couple paint applications. The face has silver on the section from the nose to the chin. His hands and waist section are painted dark grey. The stickers used on the figure are mostly the same colors as the ones included with Rumble. This includes the stickers around the chest panels, which are gold foil in color. In between the two sides of the chest is a blue sticker with gold lines that evokes a similar design on Generation One Frenzy. His knees also have gold stickers on them, giving the lower body some needed color.

The head sculpt used on this figure is the same as the one used for "Arms Micron" Rumble. This head design is a stylized interpretation of the Generation One head design including a central crest, panels on the sides and visor eyes over a nose and mouth. All the joints on the figure are still nice and tight and he can hold Dago in his hand without a problem.

Final Thoughts:
Frenzy is a cool "Arms Micron" figure and definitely has a superior deco to the Rumble released outside Japan. Highly recommended!