Arms Micron Megatron Cannon Toy Review

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Transformers Prime

General Information:
Release Date: Q3 2012
Price Point: $10 (Estimated based on retailer)
Retailer: Japanese Exclusive / Import Stores
Accessories: None


When "Transformers Prime" was released in Japan, a huge part of the line was the inclusion of Mini-Cons aka Microns who served as weapons and accessories for the larger figures. Many of these figures were sold separate from larger figures in various ways. One of them was via "Gacha", or as we know them in the US, those toys you get in vending machines generally inside a plastic bubble. Unlike most of their Micron brethren, the ones that came in this form were already preassembled and had painted deco as opposed to stickers for detailing.

The second wave of these toys featured a few Microns who had taken on the distinct form of larger Transformers, as if they were paying homage to them. There's also the thought that perhaps these Microns actually represent the characters themselves, but their names and the fat that they're called "Microns" and not regular Transformers puts that theory to rest in my mind.

One of the Decepticon Microns in this set is what I would call an ego booster for someone who doesn't need any boost at all: Megatron!

Robot Mode:
Using the "Transformers Prime" Megatron as his template, "Megatron Cannon" has many of his namesake's key design elements. This includes his distinctive head with the helmet and a face with a prominent chin. He even has the very distinct, wide eyebrows of his larger counterpart. His shoulder armor comes up to sharp points in a layered fashion leading to forearms with sharp looking armor on them. His chest panels are wide, leading to smaller panels on the rest of his torso. His lower legs have the distinctive "gun grip" pattern on them carried over from Generation One Megatron as well as feet with two long, pointed "claws" in the front. The figure is instantly recognizable as "a Megatron' from first sight and it looks great.

Megatron cannon is cast in light grey plastic. The distinctive "Spark Crystal" on his right arm is grey in color and underneath it is a Decepticon symbol sticker. Other details are painted in metallic lavender. This includes the "gun grip" details on his legs, the center of his chest and mid-body as well as parts of his arms. This is a really nice color, especially if you shine it in the sun where it reflects the light really nicely. It's also unusual for these Microns to come painted. Most rely on stickers to fill out their details and coloring.

Megatron Cannon has six points of articulation. His shoulders and hips are ball joined and his knees can bend as well (unusual for Microns). His left arm has a hole on the side that allows you to attach 5mm peg weapons. You can also attach weapons to the holes on the sides of his hips, making him one potentially deadly Micron even in robot form!

Transformation to Weapon Mode:

  1. Swing each of the "claws"/feet up (be careful as those pieces can come off if too much pressure is applied).
  2. Connect the two lower legs together.
  3. Swing the robot arms over the torso.

Weapon Mode:
In his cannon mode, Megatron Cannon is a dual barreled blaster. The new detail focus this time out are the two cannon barrels formed by his legs, which end in a thruster-like section at the front. A 5mm peg is set underneath the weapon to allow a Transformer to hold him, and the peg is long enough that you can fit onto most Transformers even if they have kibble around their hands/forearms. The connection points for other weapons are all still accessible, giving you the chance to turn Megatron Cannon into an even more formidable weapon!

Not a lot of parts move in transformation, so no "new" details or paint decos emerge in this form. He still looks great however, and enough of the "Megatron-esque" details appear that you can tell this weapon was meant to go with the Decepticon leader.

Final Thoughts:
Unlike some of the "special" Microns in Japan, "Megatron Cannon" is relatively easy to get on the Import market and usually at a reasonable price (under $20) so I think he's totally worth it if you want a distinctive weapon or if you're really into Microns. You could even view him as a "Micromaster" version of the Decepticon leader if you wanted. Highly recommended!