Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Optimus Prime vs Predaking

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Predacons Rising

General Information:
Release Date: August 2013
Price Point: $14.99
Retailer: Target Exclusive
Accessories: Tail/missile launcher "Cybervenom Missile Launcher", Missile, Sword, Missile launcher, Missile

General Images:

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Optimus Prime Review


Robot Mode:
Optimus PrimeOriginally released as the first "Beast Hunters" Commander Class Optimus Prime, this sculpt has been given a new deco to represent Optimus Prime during the "Predacons Rising" campaign. The deco is both "new" and familiar at the same time to any long time fan of "Transformers". It is inspired by the character of Thunderclash, who originally appeared as a European exclusive in the 90's. The character would later be revived as a Botcon 2009 exclusive as part of the "Wings of Honor" boxed set. However, the designers have done a nice job of still making the color scheme unique in its own way.

This time out, Optimus is cast in four primary plastic colors: two shades of silver (dark and light), blue, red and dark grey. hese are iconic Optimus Prime colors sure, but the red is actually a lighter red than we usually see on Optimus Prime figures. The red is used for the lower legs. The blue is found on the head. The two shades of silver are used on the rest of the body parts including his chest, thighs and arms. The wheels of the vehicle utilize the dark grey color. All this metallic plastic coloring gives Optimus a very industrial look, especially if taken in concert with his silver weaponry.

Usually Commander Class figures only have a very basic amount of paint applications, basically enough to "get by" in representing the character. Not so with this redeco! Virtually every section of this figure has deco on it, and quite a bit in some cases. Dark blue is heavily used on the arms for instance, matching the head. Not only is there some on the shoulder armor, but almost the entire forearm section is painted that color. Blue is also used on the area round the windows on his chest. Blue was a color featured on G1 Thunderclash, so this works out very nicely. A teal color also shows up on the eyes, grille and shoulder armor. Teal was another featured color from G1 Thunderclash. The windows on his chest are painted a light red color, about one shade lighter than what you see on the robot legs. Gold paint is used for detailing on the head (inside the crest) and on the forearms. Gold was another main color found on G1 Thunderclash. Finally, a ton of silver paint is used for the "cage" pieces that wrap around the robot legs. The finishing touch is a symbol tampographed on top of the chest. This features a black Autobot symbol with wing designs coming out at the sides in teal with a black outline. This resembles a similar design seen on both previous versions of Thunderclash. I'm very impressed by this deco. There's far more paint on this figure than I had expected to see, and the use of the the Thunderclash-inspired colors really does make this one of the more unique Optimus Prime redecos.

All the joints on this figure are nice and tight. His weapons also hold nice and firm in his fists. I'm very happy with this robot mode.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the weapons and set them aside for now.
  2. Swing the robot feet down.
  3. Swing the robot chest up.
  4. Rotate around the section with the robot arms and head attached to it.
  5. Swing the robot head back.
  6. Rotate the forearms around, then fold it against the shoulder armor so the smokestacks are facing outward.
  7. Push the arms up and together to form the front part of the vehicle.
  8. On each leg, swing up the "cage" halves.
  9. Connect the legs and cage halves together.
  10. Swing the hip section forward, bringing the leg sections up against the robot arms, condensing the vehicle.
  11. Each weapon can attach to one of the holes on the sides of the "cage".

Vehicle Mode:
Like G1 Thunderclash, Optimus Prime has a powerful looking truck mode. No sculpt changes were made here, but the colors are so different that he looks almost like a whole new toy. The front end is mostly dark silver with the rear section being red. The "cage" section shines brilliantly since it's painted silver along with the smokestacks. I was also very pleased to see the side windows painted red and even the sides of the wheels painted metallic blue, something I didn't expect with a redeco. This mode also shows off the "wing" symbol brilliantly and in a similar place as G1 Thunderclash.

In terms of functionality, Optimus can store his weapons on the sides of the "cage" which holds the weapons in place securely. He rolls along on his wheels nicely.

Predaking Review


PredakingThe Predaking figure in this two pack is a redeco of the Commander Class Predaking figure. No tooling changes were made for this release. The review below focuses on the changes made to the figure for this release.

Robot Mode:
For his "Predacons Rising" appearance in the Cyberverse, Predaking has taken on a very different look in this new incarnation. While much of the plastic on the figure remains black like the previous version, the color of parts like his arms and wings has been changed to purple. These dark colors are contrasted by a red-orange plastic, used on parts like his feet, thighs and upper arms. Combined, these colors give the Predacon leader a very different appearance from the previous Commander Class version.

There is slightly more paint on this version of the figure than the last (a luxury granted by it being a redeco with no retooling I'm sure). The actual paint pattern is almost the same. The sides of the chest are painted purple while gold and silver make up most of the rest of the detail on his torso, waist, head and legs. The "extra" bit of detailing comes from silver paint on his waist, which was left unpainted on the previous version of the figure. Like the Commander Class Predaking from the main line, this version has a black Predacon symbol stamped onto its left shoulder. The metallic gold and silver colors are very striking against the dark backdrop of the plastic colors and I think they look fantastic. The colors also evoke (for me at least) the colors of Generation One Iguanus, who also sported many of the same colors on a backdrop of purple.

All of Predaking's joints are nice and tight. The pressure missile firing systen in his launcher works fine as well.

Transformation to Beast Mode:

  1. Detach the weapon and set it aside for now.
  2. Turn the robot head around.
  3. Swing each of the robot hands out to reveal the front beast mode claws, then rotate the forearms so the claws face forward.
  4. Swing each of the shoulder panels down.
  5. Swing the back piece up, then rotate the dragon neck/head halves and connect them together before swinging the entire piece forward, covering part of the robot head.
  6. Swing the wings up.
  7. Rotate the robot arms/front legs so the claws face forward.
  8. On each robot leg, swing out the beast mode legs.
  9. Swing each robot foot so it points down.
  10. Swing the lower legs up.
  11. Using the tab on the top of the missile launcher, create the tail by attaching that tab to the open rectangular gap in between the two legs.

Beast Mode:
The balance of colors in the beast mode does not really change from the robot mode. The black and purple still serve as the primary backdrop for the brighter red-orange plastic and paint colors. The wings, and legs are mostly purple while the rest is mostly black. The red-orange is less visible in this form since many of those parts get folded up, but you can definitely still see them here and there.

The focus of the paint scheme here is on the beast mode head, which has a mixture of silver, gold and purple paint all aorund the top of the head area. The end of the tail has some silver on the sides, and thanks to the gold details from the lower legs in robot mode, there's a splash of color on the rear section of the dragon as well. Overall this form looks every bit as cool as the previous one.

The tail/weapon manages to tab into its slot and hold securely in this form. The joints are stiff enough that you should be careful when you're rotating the beast mode head sections as they can pop off the ball joints (but if they do so, just snap them back into place).

Final Thoughts:
This is a really fantastic two pack. I love the decos and homages on both figures. They look very distinctive from the original releases. Even better? The price! $14.99 for both of these figures (which averaged $9.99 individually in their first run) is a bargain. Highly recommended!