Transformers Prime Cyberverse Bulkhead Toy Review

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Transformers Prime

General Information:
Release Date: March 2012
Price Point: $7.99
Retailer: General release (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Mace weapon


*Images with asterisks* and text below in italics from The Official Transformers web site:
BULKHEAD means well, but being destructive is his nature. Everywhere he goes, he manages to crush something delicate under his huge feet. Of course, when he turns his destructive nature on the DECEPTICONS, it’s all over for the evil robots.

Fight on the side of good with this awesome Commander Class BULKHEAD robot-to-vehicle figure! In robot mode, your brave BULKHEAD figure’s huge battle mace will make the difference in hand-to-hand combat against the DECEPTICONS. But if the battle calls for speed and power, you can convert him in a hurry to armored truck mode and mount the mace on the truck’s roof! Keep converting him back and forth so he can handle whatever his enemies throw at him!

Includes figure. Commander Class Series 2 002 BULKHEAD. Ages 5 and up.

BulkheadIt seems since the motley ensemble of the "Beast Wars" days, most small groups of Autobots need at least one guy who's a big lug with lots of heart. In the case of "Transformers Prime", that job has fallen to the tough but loveable Bulkhead. To line up properly with the scale of the Cyberverse, Bulkhead has taken on the form of a Commander Class figure released in early 2012. Interestingly, there are two releases listed for this figure. One has a "mini-DVD" with it that includes an episode of the "Transformers Prime" series. The other did not have this. Also, the non-DVD version just has Bulkhead listed as himself while the other lists a function as "Heavy Munitions". At the time I'm writing this, I've only seen the DVD version online, and not in stores but it's not listed as an exclusive on the Hasbro web site so I'm assuming it's a running change in the release.

Robot Mode:
As soon as you look at Bulkhead it makes perfect sense for him to have been a Commander Class figure. His large, round form lends itself to a larger figure size and the Legion Class would have not done him justice at all. Here, his odd proportions work very well, with his torso and arms looking almost ridiculously large compared to his smaller waist and legs. Most of the details you'd expect from the CGI model and larger versions of the characters are intact. These include:

  • Bulkhead's distinctive oval shaped head complete with a gigantic lower jaw are nicely sculpted on the figure's head.
  • The headlights of the vehicle mode wind up on his chest, though they don't curve around quite as much as they do on the CGI model.
  • Each forearm has a six sided flat armor piece on the outside of the arm.
  • Each hand has four fingers instead of five.
  • The lower body has a curved waist/hip area leading to squat, but wide thighs and lower legs.
  • There are wheels hanging off the area near Bulkhead's shoulders, similiar to the TV show model.

While there's a lot of accuracy with the sculpt, there's no way the designers could duplicate everything, especially at this scale. Some design compromises were made to facilitate the price point and transformation. For one, his shoulder armor has parts that stick up in a very distinctive shape. I think it looks cool, but it doesn't match the flatter armor seen on the TV show. Another detail that doesn't match exactly is the chest panel, which is the front of the vehicle slid up over the chest piece underneath. To be more accurate, this piece should flatten out against the torso more, but I really don't see any of these details signficantly detracting from the figure. He is still distinctively Bulkhead in design and appearance.

Bulkhead is cast in green, gunmetal and translcuent blue plastic. The green makes up a bulk (heh) of the color on this figure of course, but the gunmetal color gets some pretty good distribution. From his shoulder joints to his waist to the feet the color meshes very well with the green. The translucent blue color is used on his chest panel and for his mace weapon. The chest panel is no arbitrary choice of colors. Upcoming playsets will have light up features that can be plugged into this figure, making him appear to glow with infused energy. I'm really looking forward to it!

The paint decos in this mode go across the color spectrum: light blue, silver, dark grey, dark green and red all appear in this form. The light blue is used for his eyes, which are not translucent plastic at all (no light piping here). The silver is used on his chest panel and the face. Dark grey can be found on his hands and on Autobot symbols painted onto his forearms. The dark green color is used sparingly. You'll mostly find it on the shoulder armor. Red colors his rear vehicle mode lights, which contrast heavily against the dark colors on his shoulder armor. Overall it's a great deco that looks fantastic.

Bulkhead has nine points of articulation. That isn't a ton numerically speaking, but six of those joints are ball joints, so he has a good range of motion. Also, he actually has head articulation, which is not something most Commander Class figures have, so I'm quite happy with it. The weapon included with Bulkhead is a translucent blue version of his mace weapon that he uses on the show. This wrecking ball doesn't replace his hand as it does on the show. Instead, it attaches to his forearm and the ball part of the weapon partly fits over his fist, but the fist is still clear to hold additional Cyberverse weapons. Indeed, Bulkhead can load up on weaponry like crazy if you want. He has two holes on the sides of each forearm, holes on his shoulders and even one on his back, all of which can serve as weapon attachment points. Then there's the mace weapon itself, which has two pegs on the sides and three holes (one on top, one on the bottom and a third in the middle). Combined with an additional peg at the back of the weapon and you can really load up Bulkhead with weapons! I really appreciate the way his weapon was designed to accomodate even more weaponry, and I think he looks super cool with an extra gun mounted on his back.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the weapon if attached and set it aside for now.
  2. Rotate each foot so it points down.
  3. Swing the wheels on his back up.
  4. Swing the upper body back, separating it from the vehicle mode's front panel.
  5. Swing the shoulders up and connect them together.
  6. Swing the panels on the shoulders down to cover the robot head.
  7. Swing the robot legs up, bending them at the knees and tucking them under the panel that forms the front of the vehicle mode.
  8. Swing the forearms down and tuck them into the underside of the vehicle.
  9. The weapon can be attached to the hole on the top of the vehicle or on the sides.

Vehicle Mode:
Bulkhead's vehicle mode is one of the most formidable looking ones around. Like his robot mode, there's a powreful quality to it. It is wide, long and just thick looking, like nothing could turn it over or beat it in battle. There's also a ton of wonderfully sculpted detail from front to back. On the front you have the headlights/grille section which simply looks fantastic. The top of the vehicle has bars and rails sculpted in while the doors have a lot of line detail and even small side view mirrors sticking out! The back section has his familiar, angled rear lights along with some layered details near where the rear windows would be. His wheels are large and ridged, looking rough and tough, just as they should. Some fans may get turned off a bit by how obvious his robot feet sections are on the front end, but nuts to that I say. This vehicle mode looks fantastic in my book.

In this form, Bulkhead mostly shows off his green color. A metallic grey color is used for his wheels, which is distinctly different from the gunmetal used on his robot mode parts. The translucent blue plastic from the robot chest panel shows off prominently on the hood section of the vehicle and winds up giving him a cool futuristic appearance. In this form you see how his various dark green paint details come together to form a pattern around his side windows. Also, this mode shows off some more dark grey paint on his windows and front bumper. As you'd expect, the red on the rear lights really grabs the eye in this form, contrasting sharply against the green that makes up most of the vehicle.

I've already mentioned the various connection points on Bulkhead's weapon and the hole on top of the vehicle to attach weapons. In addition, he has a hole on either side over the rear wheel well (these were on his shoulders in robot mode). Like his robot form, you can really load him up with weaponry in vehicle mode as well!

Final Thoughts:
Commander Class Bulkhead is an awesome figure. He is true to his CGI counterpart in appearance and between his sculpt, articulation and weaponry he has a lot of potential for fun play. Highly recommended!