Transformers Prime Cyberverse Ironhide Toy Review

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Transformers Prime

General Information:
Release Date: May 2012
Price Point: $9.99
Retailer: General release (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Cannons x 2


*Images with asterisks* and text below in italics from The Official Transformers web site:
IRONHIDE is always ready for anything, as long as “anything” involves a fight. Surly, tough, and spoiling for battle, IRONHIDE has made a career out of blasting DECEPTICONS to pieces. His laser-proof armor makes him a tough opponent for even the most powerful warriors.

Add an AUTOBOT hero to your TRANSFORMERS adventures with this intense Commander Class IRONHIDE robot-to-vehicle figure! In robot mode, your brave IRONHIDE figure’s snap-on cannons will make serious trouble for the DECEPTICONS. But when they’ve got him on the run, convert him to pickup truck mode to keep him one step ahead! Keep converting him back and forth so he can handle whatever his enemies throw at him!

Includes 1 figure. Commander Class Series 2 006 IRONHIDE Ages 5 and up.

IronhideEarly in the development of "Transformers Prime", there was thought given to including the character of Ironhide in the cast of Autobots on the show. However, as development went along, Hasbro decided not to confuse audiences by having the live action film Ironhide on the big screen while a different one was on the small screen (especially given is fate in "Dark of the Moon") so the idea was scrapped. However, designs for the character did exist and it was decided to make him part of the "Transformers Prime" toy line. His first appearance in the line came in Summer of 2012 as a Commander Class figure in the Cyberverse sub-line of figures!

Robot Mode:
Taking a cue from the design of "Transformers Prime" Optimus Prime, Ironhide's sculpt takes elements of his G1 and movie counterparts and combines them into one design. The fusion is really well done. First, let's look at the Generation One design elements:

  • The head sculpt is right out of the G1 television series (and many subsequent designs in comics and toys). This includes a curved helmet section with a high crest in the center and circles on either side. His face is a regular one with no mouthplates. The design does have a few more line designs in it than he had in the cartoon, but it only enhances the apearance, making him look more layered and complicated.
  • The top part of Ironhide's chest is mad eup of the vehicle mode windshield, a feature shared with G1 Ironhide.
  • Ironhide's legs are rather wide and blocky in design. That's not to say they look bad, but between the knee armor that protrudes forward and his angled feet, these designs definitely echo the look of his G1 counterpart.

Mixing the movie era design elements in is a bit tricky, but this design shows that they can integrate well with G1 inspired designs. The parts that take influence from his movie design include:

  • Each of Ironhide's arms are big and bulky with attachment points for his cannons. These cannons are cylinder shaped and have designs reminscent of the cannons held by Ironhide in the live action films.
  • The area right under the windshield on his chest leading down to the legs is all taken from the movie design. This includes a fairly intricate set of designs including vertical armor panels overlaid on horizontal line designs. His hip/waist area has a "V" shaped piece of armor that resembles a design on the movie Ironhide.
  • Ironhide's thighs have a triple layered design, with three armor panels overlapping in a pattern leading down to the lower legs. This layered looks was very much part of the movie aesthetic.

Overall, the mixed design of this figure looks fantastic. It's a dual homage that shows how G1 elements could work on a movie universe inspired design. While I did love Ironhide's appearance in the feature films, I think this particular design would have appealed to G1 fans a bit more while still looking complex and intricate.

Aside from the above mentioned details, Ironhide has a lot of small details that are easily overlooked. This includes wires and rows of lines etched into his weapons and tube designs on his shoulder joints. Look on the red panels on his forearms and you'll find a pattern of shapes and raised designs on the inside of each panel.

Ironhide's colors are also a combination of his movie and G1 counterparts. His sculpt is a mixture of black and red plastic with some translucent blue tossed in for good measure. The translucent blue plastic is used on the chest, back and for his cannons. The black and red alternate quite a bit, especially on the arms where the shoulders are red, leading to black arms that have a red panel and red paint on them. Indeed, red paint plays a key role in echoing G1 Ironhide. It's used on the outline of his windshield on the chest and on the legs, breaking up the black color in a visually appealing way. Red is also used on his chest for a small Autobot symbol in the center and on the "V" shaped design on his waist area. Silver is used for additional detail including the face and the headlights which wind up flanking his head in this form. While not a very comnplex color scheme, this deco, like the sculpt, pays proper homage to previous Ironhides and looks great.

There are ten points of articulation in this form. This includes six ball joints on the arms and hips. His forearms are designed to hold weapons eithe rin his fists or attached to the sides (like the movie Ironhide). Each weapon has three pegs on it: one on the bottom, one on the back and another on the side. The barrel ends have holes as well, allowing you to combine the two cannons into one "super" cannon and offers a lot of different ways you can attach them to other Cyberverse toys. If you want to combine the weapons into a two barreled cannon, you can do that via the holes on the sides of the cannons. These are probably some of the most useful weapons to come out of the Cyberverse in terms of mixing and matching and they look good to boot! If you want to load up Ironhide with additional weaponry, he has a peg on his back that will allow you to attach an additional weapon. Overall the functionality of the figure and weapons makes it super fun and its character appropriate to boot!

My only complaint about this figure as to do with the wheels on his arms. The wheels are attached to a joint designed to look like a spring. However, this piece isn't attached to the arm securely. Instead, it's clipped on with a C shaped piece, meaning it can come off relatively easily. You'd have to yank on it a bit, but it doesn't take much. I would have preferred this piece be attached more securely. It doesn't fall off a lot, but it is a point worth noting.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Remove the cannons for now and set them aside.
  2. Swing the red panels on the arms out.
  3. On each arm, rotate the wheels so they are facing out to the sides.
  4. Swing the headlight panels on either side of the head up.
  5. Move the arms out to the sides and up.
  6. Rotate the upper body section around.
  7. Push each arm in, forming the top and front of the vehicle.
  8. Swing the headlight sections down.
  9. Push the robot feet up, then swing them inward.
  10. Connect the two legs together.
  11. Swing the legs in.
  12. Attach the weapons to the back or sides.

Vehicle Mode:
Ironhide's vehicle mode is one tough looking four door pickup truck. Its front end has curved and angled panels, complete with cage designs over the headlight section and a large bumper in front. Thhis is clearly a vehicle meant to take down some bad guys! On the top of the cabin section is a row of lights, but not only small ones, but also four larger, circle shaped lights for extra lighting. If you look at the proportions of his wheels to where the windows on the sides are, it becomes clear this is a rather large pickup truck as wel! Other small details include side view mirrors and handles on each door. A triangular pattern of circles apears on the top of his hood air intake and on the back near the rear lights. I really dig this vehicle mode for Ironhide. It's appropriate and pays homage to the movie Ironhide nicely.

Where the G1 influence comes in this mode is the deco. Most of the truck winds up red in fthe front and middle with the back and the wheels primarily cast in black. Silver is used to paint the row of lights, grille, headlights, front cage and front bumper, giving them a nice contrast with the red plastic. Black paint is used on the top of the air intake on the hod and the sideview mirrors. Metallic blue paint appears on the side windows. In a bit of a homage to G1 Ironhide, red is used to paint a line that runs down the side all the way to the back of the vehicle. This echoes a similar design on G1 Ironhide (though that one was in yellow). Like the robot mode, the vehicle mode manages to combine elements of G1 and movie Ironhides very well, though here it leans towards the movie version for sure.

Ironhide is cast with holes on the sides and the truck bed. You can attach the weapons to either spot and they look cool. Put them on the back and he looks like either he is transporting weaponry or he has enormous rocket boosters! Put them on the sides and he looks like he's ready to do some serious damage. The extra connection points allow you to attach other Cyberverse weapons as well, making it extra fun!

Final Thoughts:
I'm really loving this design (as if you didn't know that by now) and I really enjoy seeing the mash up of G1 and movie elements in a figure. For a character as iconic as this, I'm really happy to see many of his original design elments intact. My only quibble is with the wheels on the arms in robot mode, but other than that, this figure is definitely recommended!