Transformers Prime Entertainment Pack Toy Reviews

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Transformers Prime

General Information:
Release Date: 2011
Price Point: $19.99
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Fusion Cannon, Optimus Prime's blaster, Raf figure (with base), Jack figure (with base), Miko figure (with base), DVD

Packaging Images:

The Transformers Prime "Entertainment Pack" continues a long tradition of Transformers figures packaged with episodes of the television show, a perfect combination if you want kids (or older fans) to watch the program and use the toys to pretend they are part of the adventure! This boxed set is in a window box that features Optimus Prime on the left and Megatron on the right. In between them are the three kids from the show: Jack, Miko and Raf. Centered in the back is a really nice DVD case with an episode on DVD inside. The cardboard insert is a desert like background that resembles the area around the Autobot base in the "Transformers Prime" television show. Even before you take it out, it's very clear from the way this is packaged that this is a great way to introduce the "Transformers Prime" universe to any fan.

Human Figure Images

Jack Darby
Jack Darby was one of the first characters we met in the "Transformers Prime" cartoon, so it's very appropriate for him to get a figure as part of this line. Partly due to cost concerns, the humans in "Transformers Prime" generally suffer from the old cartoon cliche of often wearing the same clothes unless the story demands they change. Jack is no exception. Dressed as a typical high school student, he sports a brown short sleeve shirt over a long sleeved one underneath. He wears jeans with a pair of shoes that may or may not be sneakers (depending on how you paint them). This figure represents Jack very well, using this exact outfit and giving him the long face that he has on the show complete with a big mop of hair sitting on the top of his head. He's stuck in a static pose, with his left hand on his hip and right hand hanging off his paints. His legs are spread out in a casual fashion and the figure has a base that looks like a piece of the desert floor, a setting the characters have been shown in several times during the run of the show. The base is removable, however there's not much you can do with the figure as it's pretty much stuck in one pose. The head can turn however, which gives Jack a look of someone mugging for a camera at a photoshoot. It's actually kind of funny!

Interestingly, if you look at the picture of Jack on his Official Profile, you'll find the colors on that profile differ from the colors on this figure. The top is abou tright. The head is cast in light flesh colored plastic with black hair and eyes painted on. The short sleeved shirt is brown and his sleeves are grey with hands painted to match his face. So far so good, but then his entire lower body is cast in a weird shade of blue that's almost purple. I think this half should have been molded in a brighter shade of blue to make it look like the blue jeans he wears in the show. This isn't a huge deal however if you consider this is in essence an accessory for the two actual Transformers figures in the set.

Miko Nakadai
Miko offers a female presence to the human portion of the Autobot team, a trail blazed by such characters as Carly in G1 and Alexis in "Armada" and "Energon". This scrappy student has perhaps, the most unconventional outfit of the the three kids on the show. This figure manages to replicate animation model very well. She has her signature hairstyle which flares out in two directions. Her top is made up of two parts, one that rests across her collarbone and shoulders and the rest covering the torso. Her belt is set at an angle with a weird anime looking like critter hanging off her belt and her legs have a combination of jeans shorts, striped tights and knee high boots. I was really pleased to see how well the model translated into plastic and didn't get simplified for the sake of mass production since it is "just" a human figure.

Miko is set up to look like she's not happy about something. Her hands are on her hips and her face has a rather perturbed expression on it, which depending on the episode is about right for the character. Her colors are done perfectly to match up to the animation model down to the blue critter on her belt and the purple laces on her boots. Also kudos to the designers for ensuring that the red streak in her hair is present and that her skin tone is lighter than Jack's (as it is in the show).

Like the Jack figure, Miko can only turn her head. She too has a base that looks like the desert floor, and it can be detached. The base is a different design than Jack's however, featuring a smaller platform for the figure to stand on.

Rafael "Raf" Esquivel
"Raf" is the youngest member of the kids on "Prime" and thus winds up being the smallest of the three human figures. The sculpt for this figure is almost exactly the design used for his official picture with the young genius standing casually with his hands set to his sides. His outfit is what you could call contemporary geek wear complete with a sweater, long sleeved shirt, baggy jeans and high top sneakers. His head sculpt has the big, backswept, spiked hair from the animation model and his glasses have been sculpted into the head as well. Like the other human figures, only his head can turn and he comes on a removable base.

Raf is painted very close to the official picture colors. His skin tone is a bit lighter than Jack's and his hair is painted brown. His sweater is a bold orange with the shirt under it painted in yellow. His jeans are dark blue and his shoes are painted grey. This differs a bit form the official model, but it still looks great regardless. I'll take 90% accuracy any day.

Overall, I think it's really cool having some figure representing the human characters in the show. Part of why I love "Human Alliance" is that it shows the humans are an active part of the story, but they don't overwhelm it. The same applies to these three. I also like the fact that the figures are rather small, so even with Deluxe scale figures the Transformers look quite large. I think these will look even better with larger scale Transformers figures down the road!

Megatron Review

Megatron Images

MegatronMegatron is one of the key characters in most Transformers tales. For many years, the name Megatron was taken by several characters who were not Generation One Megatron, but alternate universe allegories of the character or in the case of "Beast Wars", a descendent of sorts. In "Transformers Prime", we have a Megatron who is in effect, the newest incarnation of a "Generation One" based Megatron as this show takes place in the current "united" continuity that began with "War for Cybertron".

Robot Mode:
At first glance, it would be very easy to look at Megatron and mistake him for a live aciton Movie Megatron figure. He has a lot of elements of the movie character, most of which center around having some curved parts and some sharp/jagged looking sections, both of which were signature design elements of Megatron in his movie appearances. The most prominant curved sections are found on his chest, which is rounded and extends out a bit. In concert with his huge shoulder armor (with pointed details set at angles) his upper body looks extremaly powerful. The hip/waist area also has several pointy looking parts including an armor piece that resembles the crest of the Decepticon symbol. This type of armor extends to his knees where the armor looks like the top section of the Decepticon symbol. It is easy to see how Megatron's very form incorporates the Decepticon symbol into its design, and it is very appropriate and looks fantastic.

The live action movies are not the only source of design elements for this figure. Since his form is the "evolved" version of Cybertronian Megatron it makes sense to incorporate some "Generation One" style elements into the figure. These are most apparent in his head, weapon and his leg design. The "helmet" on his head takes the "bucket" shape of the G1 head and then stretches it out, adding some extrea details and sharpened points to have its style match the rest of the figure better. The legs differ quite a bit from the rest in that they're much more angular than his arms or chest. There's a definite curve in the front, but if you look at the sides, the shape very much resembles the design of G1 Megatron's legs, down to having ridged details on the sides that were originally the grips on the handle of his weapon mode. I love the fact that such a distinctive element of the original character worked its way into this figure over two decades later. Unlike the live action movie Megatron, this version of the character uses a very classic weapon: an arm mounted fusion cannon. This was one of G1 Megatron's most distinctive features and this time out he has one again. The cannon itself does not really resemble a giant targeting scope anymore, but instead is much more subdued and is actually slightly smaller than his forearm. Still, it has three distinct sections and its barrel is wide open and round with raised details running around the edge, reminscent of some of the design elements of G1 Megatron's cannon. Overall, Megatron has a very cool looking sculpt and it is highly accurate to the CGI model.

Megatron is cast in four plastic colors: dark silver, light silver, purple and translucent purple. These are iconic colors for Decepticons and Megatron in particular. The combination of the dark and light silvers echo both G1 Megatron and the live action movie Megatron. The lighter silver color is the dominant one with the darker silver making up small parts like his thighs and hands. Each of the silver colors are metallic in nature, giving the figure a really nice shine. Purple plastic is used for smaller parts such as the insides of his forearms, his fusion cannon and part of the area around his neck. As you've probably guessed, the translucent purple part is found on his head, allowing light piping for his eyes. It doesn't work that great unless you shine a light directly into it but it does look cool just on its own.

The paint colors used on this figure are almost the same as the plastic colors, but it still manages to work. The colors are a dark and light silver and metallic purple. The light silver is used to paint larger sections such as his chest and the sides of his forearms as well as small parts of his waist and hip armor. The darker silver is found on the waist and hip armor, alternating with the lighter silver. The metallic purple color fills in details under his chest, his hip joints and the "grip" details on his legs. He also has a purple Decepticon symbol on his chest. The colors may sound redundant, but in fact they work well because they help keep any of the plastic colors form becoming redundant. In addition, these are the classic Megatron colors and it is great to see them used so boldly without an attempt to add any other wacky colors into the mix.

Megatron has nineteen points of articulation in robot mode. This includes five points in each leg and four in each arm. The shoulder and hip joints are on ball joints, allowing for a good range of motion. Megatron's fusion cannon can be attached to the right arm by attaching the tab on his forearm to a slot in the cannon. In addition, you can swing out a handle on the bottom of the cannon and place it in his hands. Megatron's hands are designed to fit standard 5mm peg weapons, allowing you to arm Megatron to the teeth if you choose. The weapon can also be stowed away on his back panel. There, you'll find a small tab which the front part of the cannon can clip on to.

Megatron has a solid looking robot mode that has good articulation and represents the animated character well. I'm very happy with the robot mode.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the Fusion Cannon if attached and set it aside for now.
  2. Swing the two halves of the feet together.
  3. Swing the two curved chest panels down.
  4. Swing the panel on the back up.
  5. Pull out each of the two panels on the back to the side.
  6. Pull the central panel forward, fitting the robot head into the circle at the center of thta panel.
  7. Swing the robot arms back.
  8. Rotate the forearms around so the tab on the right arm can connect to the slot on the left.
  9. Swing the waist back and attach the ankles using the angled tabs on the back of the vehicle and the tabs on the robot shoulders.
  10. Split the lower leg sections in half and swing out the lower halves to form wings.
  11. Each wing attaches to a tab near the vents on either side of the vehicle towards the middle.
  12. On the end of each wing, swing out the points of the wings (they resemble claws).
  13. On the front, pull the waist armor forward and then swing the chest panels to form the sides of the "nosecone" of the vehicle.
  14. Attach the Fusion Cannon to the tab on the top of the vehicle.

It is important to note that the official transformation instructions omit the step where you form the wings of the vehicle mode. Indeed, the "end" picture of the vehicle mode shows it without the wings deployed.

Vehicle Mode:
Megatron's transformation to the vehicle mode is really nicely done. I'm kind of amazed how well the very humanoid robot mode turns into a rather unusual vehicle mode. This vehicle mode is inspired in part by the vehicle mode that the live action movie Megatron had in the first movie, a Cybertronian jet. The overall shape resembles that vehicle from its front end with sharpened points leading to a wide center section with vents on it and wings coming out at angles on the sides. This mode really uses the movie aesthetic to the extreme.

Unlike that particular vehicle, this vehicle has a few more curves and focuses less on looking sharp and jagged everywhere. The front has points on the side panels, but they're still curved at the edges. His wings have "claw" ends, but their shape is curved and sleek looking. Flip the figure over and you'll see some fantastic detail on the inside of the legs, revealed by the formation of the wings. These details resemble wires, bars and other mechanical details. It's a really nice touch since the top of the vehicle shows more smooth and sleek panel details as opposed to mechanical ones.

In terms of fidelity to the CGI model, the designers did a bang up job on this figure. In almost every detail, this figure carries over details of the CGI model. This goes from the front end with its curved sides with sharpened ends, to an "X" pattern on the "neck" of the vehicle and Megatron's robot head peeking out slightly in the center of the vehicle. Other significant details carried over from the CGI model are the "gun grip" line details from the robot legs now showing on the wings and the Fusion Cannon being mounted on the back of the figure.

This mode reveals a few new details and colors. For instance, on the top of the vehicle there are vents with metallic purple paint in front of them. Here you also get to see the leg panel details in a new light, complete with a dark silver claw at the end. The aforementioned detailed panels on the underside of the vehicle are cast in purple plastic. Overall, the theme of the two shades of silver and purple continue here and it looks great.

Final Thoughts on Megatron:
Megatron is a fantastic representation of the animated character and a solid Deluxe Scale figure to boot. Both modes look great and the transformation is really well done. I'm very impressed.

Optimus Prime Images

This portion of the review will be brief since I already reviewed the sculpt in my review of San Diego Comic-Con Optimus Prime. The plastic color distribution for this figure is the same as the Comic-Con version of the figure, and the sculpt has not been changed. So what's different? This version adds many paint applications that were not present on the previous version.

Vehicle Mode:
The plastic color distribution in this mode is the same, however a few details have been added that help give the vehicle a bit more life:

  • On the wind vane at the top of the vehicle, a line of silver has been added to the top on the "U" shaped detail.
  • The row of lights above the windshield has yellow paint on the individual lights, a detail missing from the SDCC version of the figure.
  • The headlights are painted the same yellow as the lights above the windshield.

Functionally the vehicle holds together nicely and the weapon still attaches to the back without a problem.

Robot Mode:
Like the vehicle mode, the plastic color distribution is the same between this version and the SDCC version, however the color differences are significantly different in many areas:

  • On the head, the crest is painted silver on this version whereas it was left unpainted on the SDCC version.
  • The yellow lights mentioned in the vehicle mode portion show here on the top of the chest, giving a bit more bright color to the chest.
  • The "window" panels on the chest are painted light blue in this version rather than grey, aligning this figure with the CGI model in appearance.
  • The dark silver details are lightened up a bit on the mid-body.
  • The two circles under the chest section are painted yellow.

Functionally speaking the figure is the same, with the joints tight and the weapon fitting without a problem.

Final Thoughts:
Putting the two leaders of the Transformers factions was a perfect way to set up an introductory set of figures for the "Transformers Prime" toy line. Adding in the DVD and the human figures really helps make it a worthwhile buy. Kids and older fans alike will get something out of this set and the Megatron figure is awesome. Again, I would wait for a domestic release to pick it up (whatever that means to you) but this set is definitely highly recommended!