Transformers Prime Cyberverse Breakdown Toy Review

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Transformers Prime

General Information:
Release Date: July 2012
Price Point: $7.99
Retailer: General release (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Blaster


*Images with asterisks* and text below in italics from The Official Transformers web site:
BREAKDOWN is more than happy to take any mission MEGATRON assigns him – especially if it means a chance to take on BULKHEAD. The two big bruisers have had a beef for a long time, but BREAKDOWN means for it to end on Earth, once and for all.

CYBERVERSE brings all the incredible, converting action of TRANSFORMERS robots to the collectible world of action figures! Awesome transparent weapons come in every pack, and can be used by any other CYBERVERSE figure, or plugged into CYBERVERSE vehicles to reveal an incredible ENERGON glow. Plus, quick conversion keeps the action going, no matter your skill level!

Snap-on blaster included! Armored truck mode! File card included! Includes converting BREAKDOWN action figure and snap-on blaster. Legion Class Series 2 006 BREAKDOWN. Ages 5 and up.

BreakdownWhen you have a television show like "Transformers Prime" with a relatively small cast, it is easy to set up rivalries between characters. One example of this is the constant struggle between the Autobot Bulkhead and the Decepticon Breakdown. Both are gigantic characters who look like bruisers, and making them fight each other makes perfect sense.

While Bulkhead has been fortunate enough to become a toy in the Voyager and Commander classes in "Transformers Prime", Breakdown has not been so fortunate. While a Voyager Class Breakdown does exist, at this time it is only available in Japan as part of the "Arms Micron" line. For now (unless Hasbro changes its mind), this Breakdown figure is the only toy of the character released for the main line outside Japan. To compound this, he is not a Commander Class figure, but is instead Legion Class, making him smaller than his Cyberverse rival. This is already a ding in the "grade" for this figure, but I'm going to take this figure for what it is: a Legion Class interpretation of Breakdown without trying to focus on what it's not, a Commander Class figure.

Robot Mode:
While his rival Bulkhead is rotund and gigantic, Breakdown is a blocky, angular visual counterpoint. While he does have some sleek and curved lines, he has several sections such as his chest which are rectangular and chunky, making him look almost like a character that came out of Generation One instead of the more stylized "Transformers Prime" era. However, he has many flourishes such as curved knee armor, pointed armor on his shoulders and curved armor on his forearms. All these details are worked into this figure with varying degrees of success. For instance, his shoulders have the pointed armor sculpted into them and look great, but the forearms are hollow on the inside, making it look less like armor and more like he's undergoing repairs or something and is missing pieces. The knee armor has the curved design of the CG model from the television show coming to a point on the top, which looks great. Giving him some nice massive size (for a Legion Class figure anyway) are his wide shoulders, broad chest and thick lower legs. Even his head sculpt is kind of wide and flattened, giving him a more tough appearance.

Breakdown is cast in dark blue and black plastic. The blue makes up most of his body, with black used on smaller parts like his thighs and knee armor. For a Legion Class figure, Breakdown has quite a few paint colors including: silver, orange, purple and yellow. The silver is the one used the most. It provides detailing on his shoulder armor, the middle of his body and on the head. His face is painted orange and his eyes are yellow (as they were on the show). The purple is used for a Decepticon symbol on his chest, a detail actually missing from his CG model, but wholly appropriate for the character and location. If I were to add any deco, I would have painted his thighs and knee armor silver as well. Here they're left unpainted but it hardly looks bad at all.

There are six points of articulation on this figure. This includes two on each arm and ball joints at the hips. While his legs can bend at the knees, they bend forward as part of his transformation and cannot bend back. Most unfortunate. Breakdown includes a translucent, rubbery plastic blaster with a triangular barrel based on the weapon he wields in the television show. I appreciate him getting a weapon he actually comes with in the show and not just having a random sword or what have you inserted with the figure. Both of his hands can hold Cyberverse weapons and in an additional bit of functionality, you can attach a weapon to the "spare tire" on his back. Neat!

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach weapons if attached.
  2. Swing the robot chest down.
  3. Connect the robot legs together, then swing them back.
  4. Swing the robot arms forward and connect them at the shoulders, forming the front of the vehicle.
  5. Swing the lower arms back to complete the vehicle.
  6. Cyberverse weapons can be attached to the holes on the top of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
While many may have misgivings about Breakdown being "just" a Legion Class figure, one thing is for sure: his vehicle mode looks fantastic! I was very impressed by how much of the detail from the CG model made it into this small figure. This includes steps on the sides by each door, the panels "holding" the spare tire in place in the back, the way the front wheel wells are higher than the actual wheel and the beveled section of armor over each rear wheel well. The designers seemed to work really hard to be as faithful to the television show model as they could and they have done a bang up job.

In this form, Breakdown is mostly dark blue. His wheels (including the "spare tire") are black while the front end is painted silver. His windows are painted black and that's about it. Really, the only other details that you could've expected would be the lights being painted and that's a rarity in the Cyberverse. If you attach his weapon however, it really adds a nice splash of color and the purple color works well since that is the color the weapon "glows" in the show.

Breakdown can hold two weapons on the top of the vehicle and if you want to go nuts, you can add one more to the spare tire in the back. I'm actually glad they didn't add holes to the side of the vehicle as it would have detracted from its appearance.

Final Thoughts:
Is it unfortunate that Breakdown wasn't given the Commander Class treatment? No doubt. I owuld have loved one complete with a Hammer accessory. That said, for a Legion Class interpretation of the figure, this guy is very cool. Recommended!